Saturday, April 22, 2006

Tag Effect?

It was only $5.95. Two cans of body spray, a deck of cards, and some poker chips.... have no idea what the chips are made of, pretty sure its not clay, but, they are pretty heavy... ( definately not plastic ). I've tried the spray twice now... not sure what the 'Tag Effect' commercial is talking about...


Monday, April 17, 2006

No Way Out(s)

Winstar Casino(s)

So I made my way north to Thackerville Oklahoma this past Friday... the city closest to the Winstar Casino... the orginal plan was to take off early in the morning, hit the buffet for a nice lunch, then off to the poker tables to attempt to turn 200 bucks into 600 bucks or more....then head home back to Austin.. pulling over if and only if I got too tired to drive.... alas, not all good plans come to pass..

At the last minute.. a good friend wanted to come along.. it happened to be her birthday this day, and her having no plans, and no desire to sit home alone, she asked to come along... and I happily obliged....

This is where the plan changes.. my friend is not much a casino person, and I personally felt uncomfortable at the thought of her meandering around along, while I was sitting at a poker table, raking chips my way... so, I didn't play any poker at all.. just some penny and nickle slots..... cost me 28 bucks for about 3 hours of slot play enjoyment.... not too shabby, considering I prepared to fold 200 bucks if necessary...

So, we decided to stay the night, and spent a good part of Saturday checking out the historical town of Gainesville, TX, before heading back home to Austin...

What did I learn...?

Take the west side route around the Dallas/Ft Worth metro..

Also, I learned about Poker Pro Tables... pretty neat stuff.... I didn't see the tables until we were on our way out.. otherwise, I might have broke my rule and let her meander around while I checked out a SNG or two..

I plan to go back.. the buffet was pretty decent, and reasonably priced..bettre than some I saw in Vegas... the poker room looked spacious enuff, and the electronic waiting list board was big and easily viewable.. plus the electronic poker pro tables were way cool.. they have $5 min blackjack tables, and more than enuff penny slots...

We went on a weekend.. so the hotel was kinda high, and it was fairly crowded.... so, the next trip will prolly be during the week...

My brother is getting married on May 27th and is having a bachelor party 'at some casino' in Lousiana the weekend before that.. so, that is prolly my next casino get away...


Thursday, April 13, 2006

Still playing it safe

Cept for the 100 bucks I blew in a drunken tilt rage on Absolute the other night.... argh.. broke a major rule and played with money while seriously imbiding spirits.. no one to blame but myself.. interesting to note tho.. of the 5 $20 sng's played..

1 9th place finish
1 6th place finish
3 4th place finish ( bubble )

I got tilted on the play money tables no less... ( 100k SNG's ). Some silly players out there... heh..

Not even worried about the money as I had to drop 600 bucks into my car to bring it up to shape... tires, brakes, oil change, alignment, couple other minor details they didn't charge me for.... any excuse to lose 100 bucks playing poker is a good excuse, right?

Been volunteering at local festivals of late..

Did Spamarama this year.. first time.. my job was to check id's at the beer ticket booth... they bought the tickets if of age, and took the tickets to the beer vendor and traded for beer or soda... or water... its amazing how much difficulty some people have when it comes to showing an id. We were required to card everyone.. regardless of how old they looked.. as the TABC were there in force... we got a nice T-shirt and some free food.. and got to experience the festival for a few hours after our shift... was fun.

Next day.. I did The Austin Fine Arts Festival, which I shamelessly admit, was just so I could see Ruthie Foster live.. my job here was to sell beer at one of the many beverage booths.. also card, but, this time only those that looked young... I actually carded the Mayor of this fine city... didn't realize who it was with all the people jostling for position in the beer line... Had kids working the other side of the booth this day, selling the soda and the water.. no tickets required this time.. strictly cash... couple of the kids working needed to be spanked... ( to say the least ).. but, I was too busy having fun to let them bother me to terribly much.. worked all day cept for a 45 minute break to watch and listen to Ruthie.. damn fine live entertainment... gospel, soul, rock, jazz.. all rolled up into one lil wonderful bundle... highly recommended..

This upcoming Sunday.. will be working the Austin Reggae Festival, formally known as the Bob Marley Festival.. sponsored by the Capitol Area Food Bank. Not sure my duties... haven't received the volunteer info packet yet.. as admission is two cans of food, I imagine I will be loading a truck...gonna be more live music and more festival food... weather should be good and I am looking forward to this one..

Got some more data entry work for Texas Special Olympics coming up.. pretty boring stuff.. but, something to do.....aside from playing poker...

Been playing Dungeons and Dragons online... watching movies... Survivor and Amazing Race.. ( plus now I watch Unan1mas and The Unit, and sometimes Deal or No Deal (stupid greedy people). want Paris to win it all on American Idol, but, not really a big fan of the show... oh, and Prison Break on Mondays.. awesome show.. missed it this last Monday.. but, did record it...


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Especially for SCOTTMC

Stage #367339736 Tourney ID 928684 Holdem Single Tournament No Limit $10 - 2006-04-01 13:17:26 (ET)
Table: 6617813 (Play Money) Seat #6 is the dealer
Seat 1 - BETCHER ($1460 in chips)
Seat 3 - JAYKIZZLE ($1460 in chips)
Seat 4 - WHITNEYCAT ($2260 in chips)
Seat 5 - SLAYRE ($1480 in chips)
Seat 6 - GERBIL51 ($1460 in chips)
Seat 7 - LOWGEAR ($3420 in chips)
Seat 8 - MICK1111 ($1300 in chips)
Seat 9 - DJSMOOV1 ($660 in chips)
LOWGEAR - Posts small blind $10
MICK1111 - Posts big blind $20
Dealt to SLAYRE [4c 6c]
DJSMOOV1 - Calls $20
BETCHER - Calls $20
JAYKIZZLE - Calls $20
WHITNEYCAT - Calls $20
SLAYRE - Calls $20
GERBIL51 - Calls $20
LOWGEAR - Calls $10
MICK1111 - Checks
*** FLOP *** [3h 6d 4d]
LOWGEAR - Checks
MICK1111 - Checks
DJSMOOV1 - Checks
BETCHER - Checks
SLAYRE - Bets $120
GERBIL51 - Calls $120
LOWGEAR - Calls $120
MICK1111 - Folds
DJSMOOV1 - Calls $120
WHITNEYCAT - Calls $120
*** TURN *** [3h 6d 4d] [Jd]
LOWGEAR - Checks
DJSMOOV1 - Checks
SLAYRE - Bets $140
GERBIL51 - Raises $280 to $280
DJSMOOV1 - Folds
SLAYRE - Calls $140
*** RIVER *** [3h 6d 4d Jd] [4h]
SLAYRE - Checks
GERBIL51 - All-In $1040
SLAYRE - Calls $1040
*** SHOW DOWN ***
GERBIL51 - Shows [8d Kd] (Flush, king high)
SLAYRE - Shows [4c 6c] (Full house, fours full of sixes)
SLAYRE Collects $3400 from main pot
*** SUMMARY ***
Total Pot($3400)
Board [3h 6d 4d Jd 4h]
Seat 1: BETCHER Folded on the FLOP
Seat 3: JAYKIZZLE Folded on the FLOP
Seat 4: WHITNEYCAT Folded on the TURN
Seat 5: SLAYRE won Total ($3400) HI:($3400) with Full house, fours full of sixes [4c 6c - B:4h,B:4d,P:4c,B:6d,P:6c]
Seat 6: GERBIL51 (dealer) HI:lost with Flush, king high [8d Kd - P:Kd,B:Jd,P:8d,B:6d,B:4d]
Seat 7: LOWGEAR (small blind) Folded on the TURN
Seat 8: MICK1111 (big blind) Folded on the FLOP
Seat 9: DJSMOOV1 Folded on the TURN