Sunday, September 25, 2005

92 dollars more

I won the Blind Bet Poker forum freeroll on Doyles room last night..only 4 peeps showed up outta 13.... but still, the other 3 were very good players... so, I earned it...

Tonight is:

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
Next Episode:
Sunday, Sept. 25, 7/6c
"Rodriguez Family"
In the two-hour season premiere, the design team builds a new home for the family of an injured Iraq war veteran -- and helps him to stand once again.

Should be good...

My trip to Kinder Lousiana is still on... Rita didn't blow the casino away...

Now for some lunch, and then a nap..


Friday, September 23, 2005

No words

I am usually on the 'bad' end of this type of hand:

Stage #198547033: Holdem Single Tournament No Limit $200 [ 2005-09-23 13:43:42 ]
Seat 2 - BIGMIKEH1 $3700 in chips
Seat 4 - SLAYRE $4950 in chips
Seat 5 - BARTAYLBER $3050 in chips
Seat 6 - CHIMPO808 $3100 in chips
Seat 9 - JIGMAN_1 $3200 in chips
*** BLIND [dealer 9] ***
BIGMIKEH1 - Post small blind $200
SLAYRE - Post big blind $400
SLAYRE - Pocket [Qh,Ah]
BARTAYLBER - Calls $400
BIGMIKEH1 - Calls $200
SLAYRE - All-In(Raise) $0 to $4950
BARTAYLBER - All-In $2650
SLAYRE - returned ($1900) : not called
SLAYRE - returned ($0) : not called
*** RIVER [Qs,2h,Kd,Qd,Qc] ***
SLAYRE - Show cards [Qh,Ah]
BARTAYLBER - Show cards [Ks,Kh]
*** RESULT ***
Total Pot($6500)
Board [Qs,2h,Kd,Qd,Qc]
SLAYRE - Total ($6500) All-In HI:($6500)Four of a kind, queens [Qh,Ah - B:Qs,P:Qh,B:Qd,B:Qc,P:Ah]
BARTAYLBER - HI:Full house, kings full of queens [Ks,Kh - P:Ks,P:Kh,B:Kd,B:Qs,B:Qd]
CHIMPO808 - Folded on the POCKET CARDS
JIGMAN_1 - Folded on the POCKET CARDS

Too bad it was play money....


Rita, Rita, Rita.. The one-two punch of Katrina, Rita has much of the Gulf Coast scrambling... if not for the possible and likely devastation, destruction, and deaths, this could be funny.... It is truly unlike anything I have ever seen, in my humble 43 years of existance...

Traffic jams, if that is the correct term.. from Houston all the way to Austin, San Antonio and most of the way to Dallas.. stranded motorists who were prolly bettre off just staying put... now have to be 're-evacuated' from thier non functioning automobiles, on the interstate, not too terribly far from the main track of the storm..

Stores in Austin completely out of water, canned goods, batteries, diapers, bread, eggs.... Most gas stations out of gas, or darn near close.... not to mention the lines to get the gas, if they have any....

Your prolly not going to find a vacant hotel room in Austin, or perhaps, in any Texas city, this weekend.. as far as Austin, The Annual ACL festival pretty much had 80% of the rooms booked up months ago...

Alot of state employees, specifically, the indiviuals that handle cases, new and existing.. cases concerning people requiring benefits... became over whelmed with the 250,000 plus cases added to the already too heavy load, from Katrina refugees.. and now... the Governor has mandated that State employees are allowed to take off from work IF.. they have immediate family on the gulf coast.. this is reasonable.. several people did go, and did board up houses, family business, and pack up and move thier parents, sisters, grandparents.. next week, they will be allowed another day or two, to help return these same loved ones to thier Gulf Coast homes...

Rita and its outter tentrils may miss Austin completely...but, Austin is certainly be affected by the storm, as prolly most Texas cities...

Local poker tourneys are cancelled due to the need to accomodate family. HS football games being played on Thursday, not Friday, flight plans being cancelled, the list could go on and on and on...

I have a trip to Grand Coushatta, Oct 3,4,5... not too sure right now if we are still going to make that trip...

Played lil if any poker in the last few days.... watched:

SURVIVOR last nite, and let me tell you. I hope every challenge involves mud.. it was the most beautiful tug of war I have ever seen... Steph is still in it.. so, I'll keep watching..

I had thought Amazing Race premiered last night, but, it is actually next Tuesday night... all well...

Season Premier of CSI:The Original and the best. it was pretty good...

went to bed early, at 9pm.. gosh I'm old.....

Got a $200 free roll on Doyles Room this Saturday.. only about 11 people are invited... top 4 play... I may be able to cash by just folding every hand... but, I expect to be drinking a few beers, so, am pretty sure there will be few folds...


Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Much work, lil Poker

Thought if I just brought up the blogger editer sumtin would surface...

Appears this is not the case... well, I suppose I could talk about

Survivor looks to be good this season.. They brought back Stephanie... one of my favorites... the first episode showed her finally being on a team that can win immunity..

Amazing Race premiers this week.. it is a 'family edition'.. teams of 4.. I don't know much about any of the teams.. but, in one of the previews, they show this lil girl just falling over dead asleep, in the car.. this is the team I want to win..

Big Brother 6 is over.. I am glad Maggie took it..... I don't really make a point to watch this one, not like I do Survivor or AR... but, I found Maggie compelling for some reason... so, I followed the last few episodes..

I have missed the last couple episodes of Filthy Rich:Cattle Drive... not sure why. Seemed like everytime I turned on my tv, there it was.. oh well, I suppose I can catch it in the marathon they are sure to air....

*Been playing very lil poker of late...

I'll be heading to Kinder, LA.. on Oct 3rd...( Coushatta ) plan on playing in the MTT HE tourney they are having on the 4th... 1st half is limit, second half is no limit... has rebuys, and an add on.. should be interesting... this is all according to thier website... I plan on calling them tho.. before we get there. Will be traveling with my Dad... he goes there quite frequently.... often enough that during this stay, the rooms are comped....


Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I'm excited

Second Annual WPBT Winter Classic

I am going to make this one.

( Previous post posted by some part of my ugly mean hate the world side )

(( I personally would have added, 'for awhile', after 'the end' ))

Kind words appreciated.

Monday, September 05, 2005

The End

I do not like to be around imcompetent people for a prolonged period of time.. nor do I find myself comfortable when in the midst of idiots, for any length of time... and for that reason..

i quit..

There will be no more poker for me.. the gods, fates, ladies with one eye, karma, whatever. they have decided that no matter how good I get, luck will always prevail.

so fuck it.... ill go back to being a lazy fat old bald man....... least that didnt cost me anything..

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Latre that night a different Empire....

***** Hand History for Game 2650323416 ***** $5.00 + $1.00
50/100 Tourney Texas Hold'em Game Table (NL) (Tournament 15432960) - Sun Sep 04 02:27:23 EDT 2005
Table Table 12365 (Real Money) -- Seat 7 is the button
Total number of players : 6
Seat 2: SendIt111 (1320)
Seat 4: casey540 (1610)
Seat 5: fishbot (2045)
Seat 7: doncarta (85)
Seat 8: SootedAce (865) < -- this be me
Seat 9: tiltmykilt (2075)
SootedAce posts small blind (25)
tiltmykilt posts big blind (50)
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to SootedAce [ Kc, Ah ]
casey540: what luck
SendIt111 calls (50)
casey540 folds.
fishbot calls (50)
doncarta raises (85) to 85
doncarta is all-In.
SendIt111: skill
SootedAce calls (60)
tiltmykilt raises (85) to 135
casey540: but poker is luck gh
casey540: skill on a suckout ?
SendIt111 folds.
casey540: lol
fishbot calls (85)
SootedAce calls (50)
Creating Main Pot with $390 with doncarta
** Dealing Flop ** : [ 6s, 4h, 2c ]
SendIt111: there ya go
SootedAce checks.
tiltmykilt checks.
casey540: ok
fishbot bets (150)
casey540: skill
SootedAce raises (730) to 730
SootedAce is all-In.
tiltmykilt folds.
fishbot calls (580)
** Dealing Turn ** : [ Jd ]
** Dealing River ** : [ 3c ]
Creating Side Pot 1 with $1610 with SootedAce
** Summary **
Main Pot: 390 | Side Pot 1: 1610 |
Board: [ 6s 4h 2c Jd 3c ]
SendIt111 balance 1270, lost 50 (folded)
casey540 balance 1610, didn't bet (folded)
fishbot balance 3180, bet 865, collected 2000, net +1135 [ 8h 6h ] [ a pair of sixes -- Jd,8h,6h,6s,4h ]
doncarta balance 0, lost 85 [ As Th ] [ high card ace -- As,Jd,Th,6s,4h ]
SootedAce balance 0, lost 865 [ Kc Ah ] [ high card ace with king kicker -- Ah,Kc,Jd,6s,4h ]
tiltmykilt balance 1940, lost 135 (folded)

haven't posted a hand history in awhile... two chances for me to push all in before the flop... passed both of them up.... was trying to be tricky.. junk still hurts a bit.... lets all clap for mr 86sooted.... clap clap clap..

Sorry about my report of the Austin Invitational.. I never did claim to be a good reporter... plus, with the ache in the head region and knowing April and others are certainly going to provide a much better report.... didn't seem like I need to type too much...


Saturday, September 03, 2005

How I went out 7th at the Ausint WPBT invitational

AQs vs AA vs 10

I had the AQs... got a Q on the turn, but, that was it...

I stayed up til 4 in the morning drinking beer and as a result, ended up at the tourney with a hangover that just got steadily worse... which is what caused me to use poor judgement and make a rookie mistake... I have one hell of a headache still, as it was only like 10 minutes ago I got beat....

The tourney was awesome... great people were there and Adam was/is such a gracious host.. it was great to see ScottMc and April again... couple people I work with were there, and I see them everyday, so, that wasn't special in the least... and met some fine people... Adam, Ryan, Linsey, Jeremy, Carl, and some others whose name I don't remember...

We had 3 tables to start... my table had, from my seat ( 5 ) going left, me, linsey, scottmc, ernie, ryan, russ, and another guy whose name I did not get...

I got crap cards for 3 orbits... literally.. nothing higher than an 8 high... and ryan came out gunning.... nothing too terribly special happened at this table.. I had two good hands that payed very lil.. AK and KK.. actually had a couple all-in vs Scottmc, which he won both of, severly crippling me and pretty much knocking the wind out of me... lost the guy to my right.. and then we went to two tables shortly after that...

second table, again from me, in seat 3 me, nice lady, nice young man, ernie, scottmc, linsey, jeremy, april... since scottmc had all my chips.. I had to wait for something decent, being cautious and cunning.. the cautious part was easy, cuz jeremy was raising pretty much every hand and I never or rarely anyway, had anything.. he was kind enuff to fold tho, when someone challenged him... for me it happened just once.. went over his 'mandatory' raise with AJ and he let me have it.. two big hands i recall from this table..

Linsey slowed played a flopped 4 of a kind (5's) to perfection.. and really took a big chunk out of jeremys stack....

other hand all i had been able to do, based on the cards i was getting, is make a steal or check while in bb.. well, had 73 in BB, and was able to check it...flop came 7 3 sumtin or the other... april was in and bet, i called.. turn was sumtin, she bet a lil bigger and i went over, all in, with about like 700... so the pot was like 2k maybe.... sumtin like that.. anyway, she flipped a str8 draw, and didnt get it on the river, so, now I am back in the game...

final table had.....

from me again, in seat 6 me, linsey, carl, adam, russ, guy i dont know, jeremy, april...

few hands went by before the one that put me out..

here is what i did wrong.. basically, i was not paying attention...

I was in the BB.. I saw jeremy go all in with 725, I already had 150 in, and had like 3500 in chips or so, so I called..... next thing I know, russ is raising me 500.... i didnt even frickin know he was in the hand...... i just went all in on instinct alone.. and he called... with AA.. jermey had 10 10, me, AQspades..

no more drinking before a tourney for me... I should have eithre just mucked, or at the very least, given it some thought for about 10 seconds..... ah well...

It was fun..... much much much fun... can't wait to do it again....

Thanks again Adam, and April, for setting it up and all that....