Monday, September 05, 2005

The End

I do not like to be around imcompetent people for a prolonged period of time.. nor do I find myself comfortable when in the midst of idiots, for any length of time... and for that reason..

i quit..

There will be no more poker for me.. the gods, fates, ladies with one eye, karma, whatever. they have decided that no matter how good I get, luck will always prevail.

so fuck it.... ill go back to being a lazy fat old bald man....... least that didnt cost me anything..


Madroxxx said...

Wow that pretty harsh, I know that when poker kicks you in the junk it can get really discouraging. Just look at the emotional swings I go through on my blog. Have you done much book work? When I start to get feeling that way I try to dive back into studying the game while taking a break before diving back in.

ScottMcM said...

Sorry to hear that Slayre. Take a break for a few weeks. I have to echo Madroxxx on this one. Get away from the game for a few weeks even months and take a break, read some good books on strategy and come back with a new approach to the game. Give me a yell and we can go hit the golf course or something non - poker while I am on my hiatus

Ignatious said...

doh, allow me to echo the above comments. i think we've all been there - hell i'm just about there RIGHT NOW.

take a break. read a book or two. dig thru some old theory posts on rgp. reflect.

it will be fun again, i swear. and again, i hope you reconsider.

MrGoss said...

You'll be back. I read somewhere that poker is like herion without the needle. There is come chemical in the brain that gets some demented pleasure out of making that crying call or the monster lay down. Besides, all the tigers have been tamed. So what great battle is there left to fight if not on the battle field of the felt? Breathe deep, drink a guiness (in honor of Iggy), then dive back in when you're ready. See you on the field........