Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Like, 8 days

My plane takes off at 8pm, week from tomorrow.... arrives in Vega$ at 9pm, Nevada time... I like to pretend it is time traveling...

I accidently joined a (.10 + .01) turbo SNG on Doyles the other day, and actually won it.. .35 cents richer there..( meant to join a regular SNG ) but, how did I get the .11 cents to play in the first place.. since we all know I have no money on any site, pretty much... let me tell ya..

...I accidently joined a $5.00 TURBO FREEROLL MTT on Doyles, and took like 8th or 9th outta 199 entrants to cash .35 cents. The turbos they have, the blinds go up every minute or every three hands.. I really couldn't tell.. I played tight til I finally got a hand with 3/4 my original stack.. all in with 4 or so callers, I took the nice pot.. waited.. rinse.. repeat..

I really haven't played much poker worth blogging about.. lately.. seems like ever since I made the decision to make the Vegas trip, all my money is put aside.. for the trip... which is fine.. but this aspect makes me wish it was past the trip, so I can start building my bankroll again.. or at least, see if I want to get serious about it again... I am after all, having a perfectly good time playing with free money... and/or play money.... right now I have:

Empire - 7 bucks
PokerTime - 7 bucks
Doyles - .58 cents
Party Poker - .06 cents
UB - .03 cents
Pacific - .07 cents

I might have a few cents on PokerRoom as well...

Not sure which site I will attempt my rebuild at.. most likely, Full Tilt and Titan, since I have not really played at eithre of those sites.. and I hear and read positive things about both...

Steph is still in the Survivor game...
Prison Break is still a damn good show, and last night was the season finale.

Oh, I have a question... I am pretty sure drinks in Vegas are free if your gambling.. does this include gambling at the poker tables, and does water/coffee/coffee with Baileys count as a 'drink'?

Badugi is fun which reminds me.. I might put a bit of money in at Doyles to take advantage of the folks that play it without fully understanding the game, could easily make a few bucks there...

Got a live tourney coming up this friday.. and all I have to do is not go out first, to improve from how I did the last time.. :)

peace and happy holidays

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Turkey Day

I managed to make it into the Doyle's Room Thanksgiving $5000 thank you freeroll. Early this morning, I logged in to check out when the registration started.. and low and behold, it had already started.. there were 998 people and once I clicked the right buttons, I became number 999. Apparently, I made it in by the hair of my chinny chin chin...... only 999 entrants for this one... yay me..

27 places pay, with top prize being...$1350. 19th thru 27th get $50. Starts at 8pm CST tonight

I played in an Empire $500 freeroll, turbo type... yesterday.. cashed in 180th(bubble was 181) place for .40 cents....

Played in a $1.00 MTT, 117 people, I finished ITM for $1.30. Now, these results are no where near as good as CJ's, but, for me, they are as exciting.. heh...

Got the $10 free money from PokerTime up to $20.00. Gonna play bigger stakes now... I've been playing .05/.10 ring games, 6 max.. and pretty much folding 80% of the hands.. taking down the big pots with strong hands... seems to be working.. hopefully will work for me at the .10/.20 level.

Have you been watching Prison Break, on FOX? Its a pretty good show, and I think they might actually break out next Monday.. which is the day it airs.. It is one of the few shows I make a point to watch.. network shows anyway..

I quit watching Amazing Race whence the Gahgans were eliminated, and personal stuff has kept me from seeing the last couple Survivors, but, I am pretty sure Steph is still in it... Not sure if it is on tonight.. it being Gobble Gobble day and all....

Less than 2 weeks til the Vegas trip.. and I am getting burnt out on being so excited about it.. heh... imagine that...


Wednesday, November 23, 2005


i just wrote a very long entry, links and everything......

poof its gone.... last two times i actually made an effort to make an entry... they too... poof poof..

this makes three...

maybe latre, I will try again.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Won during bingo..

My friend won this as a door prize during a bingo game.. ( she didn't win any bingo money ). She is going with me to Vegas... we thought it was pretty cool, that this particular hat would be one of the door prizes.. and it was Church bingo no less. got to be some message there.. She also found me a t-shirt that has a pair of queens on the front, and it says 'ladies man'.


Friday, November 18, 2005


i figured out poker... at least for me.. unfortunately, it involves alcohol, and the is always a lose situation...

i also passed out at work today and they called the first responders.. ie, employees trained in the basic EMT stuff,,, my back is in perpetual pain and i believe the pain got so unbearable, my body gave out.. i went to the doctor and he pretty much said, it is possible..

i wrote some notes on these things i figured out about poker, but, I am drunk and I cant read them, or, i was drunk when I wrote them and i cant read my writing.. or a combination of the two.


Monday, November 14, 2005

So I went to a casino..

and won $5.00 on a slot machine. I was in the building for no more than 30 minutes.


Glad you asked...

Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino, Eagle Pass, Tx

The limits for holdem were too rich for my blood ( 3/6 and up ), and the blackjack tables were full...

I could not find a Video Poker machine, but, I was not going to leave there with out at least a lil gambling... I quickly gambooled one dollar away on a nickel slot... and then put $5.00 into another... called "BattleShip".

So, I had 100 credits.. each credit = .05cents, and on the first 'spin', playing 3 lines @ 1 credit each, I hit sumtin or the other for 70 credits. woo hoo, quick math tells me, that is $3.50. but, it is still too soon to leave, so, I keep playing this machine and get down to about 129 credits..when, I hit sumtin or the other that took me to the bonus round... I picked 1 of 5 flags to give me a multiplier of 100 vs my bet ( 1 credit ), and now I had 229 credits, or $11.45.

So, I took my cash and left...

Just ended up getting me more stoked for Vegas...

Friday, November 11, 2005

Less than a month

So, not much poker of late.... did finish my hand requirements on Empire.. they gave me 10 bucks to play with, could keep whatever was left after 300 raked hands.. I finished with 16 bucks... wasn't much in a mood to play.. was down to 3 bucks with 50 hands left to play and I hit a nice rush...

Look what I found at Wal-Wart:

$3.00 each. They were marked at $6.99, and I was just gonna get the black one and the red one.. but, once I got to the checkout, they rang up at 3 bucks.. so, I went and got the beige and blue one...... nice hats.. not top notch quality, but still far from the cheapos.... I am pleased..

About to go out of town, to a lil city which is close to Eagle Pass, so, I might hit the Casino there.. if there is time... we shall see....

Saturday, November 05, 2005

32 days

over half the hands i need to complete my requirement for raked hands on Empire, to receive the 10 dollars, they graciously gave me, are complete.. and, my balance is at 11 bucks or so.. playing strictly ring games.. which i suck at. cuz, i play with 'scared money'..

the reason I am still playing and the reason I have more than the ten dollars they gave me.. is because, i know i play with scared money.. so, i made a concious effort to play hands i would not normally play.. exercise in mind over money.. i would do things like.. what would i do if this were a freeroll on Absolute.. and basically.. it is a free roll. just on empire and not on absolute...

so, ive won hands with 64o ( credit Scottmc for those ).... and also AA.. and even bettre.. 89s.. which I learned was the ultimate crack de force to wired aces..

today.. I spent some time at the 14th annual Native American Powwow, here in Austin.. by myself, which is a big deal, if ya'll could read my 1 year post which is traditional, which, I didn't publish.. anywy.. im an introvert for sad reasons.. that is the short story..

they burn alot of sage, which apparently, I am allergic to... so, I couldn't stay too long...

Miss the WWdn and the pauly and prolly miss the rini tomorrow as well.. maybe next week


Friday, November 04, 2005

33 days..

I played poker long enuff on Empire last night to lose 4 dollars.. I got over 100 raked hands tho.. outta the 300 I need.. heh.. I was playing more agressive than usual.... down to 5.85 big dollars.. I only had an hour, so, I really wasn't into it..

Missed Survivor last night.. and have not yet read the synopsis on the CBS site, but, I hope Steph is still alive.. On Amazing Race, the Gahgans were eliminated, so, I really have no more reason to watch that show...

The reason I missed Survivor, is because I went to see an IMAX movie..

Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3D

Pretty neat.

I had a pretty good Karma moment yesterday evening as well. was with my ex and her grandkids, as we took them to the IMAX movie... but, before, we went to eat and the waitress was truly phenomenal.. so, I tipped here much more than I would normally tip....8 bucks for a 34 dollar check... once we got tho the theatre, which is actually part of a museum, we had about 45 minutes until the show started.. I told the ticket lady that the boys wanted to see the exhibits, ( entrance to the museum proper is like 5 bucks for adults and 3 bucks for the two kids, so, it would have been 16 bucks ) and I had to tell them we really didnt have enuff time to see the whole museum properly and we could do it another time... so, she went and gave me free passes. That was pretty cool...

We were able to see most of the first floor and part of the second before the movie started...

I am trying to decide if I should use some of my Vegas funds to play in all the, sure to be fun tourneys on PokerStars and FullTilt this weekend... I know I would be there in a heart beat, if Vegas wasn't an issue.. heh how ironic is that..


Thursday, November 03, 2005

34 days..

Playing in a low limit cash game.. with very lil money, and as the saying goes.. wonders never cease...

This is one of the few sights where my identity is NOT Slayre, here it is:


***** Hand History for Game 2869997297 *****
0/0 Texas Hold'em Game Table (NL) - Thu Nov 03 04:49:01 EST 2005
Table Table 36663 (Real Money) -- Seat 1 is the button
Total number of players : 10
Seat 1: Al_Zymmer ( $25)
Seat 2: Dusty32276 ( $8.90)
Seat 3: jleech8826 ( $10.50)
Seat 4: mick_dee ( $11.50)
Seat 5: bizan ( $12.50)
Seat 6: COMPUTER_ ( $25)
Seat 7: mjp12345 ( $24)
Seat 8: SootedAce ( $7.41)
Seat 9: WeirdianFish ( $3.80)
Seat 10: idioto ( $46.10)
Dusty32276 posts small blind (0.10)
jleech8826 posts big blind (0.25)
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to SootedAce [ 7c, 7h ]
mick_dee folds.
bizan calls (0.25)
mjp12345 folds.
SootedAce calls (0.25)
WeirdianFish folds.
idioto folds.
Al_Zymmer folds.
Dusty32276 calls (0.15)
jleech8826 checks.
** Dealing Flop ** : [ 5c, 7d, 6d ]
Dusty32276 checks.
jleech8826 checks.
bizan checks.
SootedAce bets (0.75)
Dusty32276 folds.
jleech8826 calls (0.75)
bizan folds.
** Dealing Turn ** : [ Tc ]
jleech8826 checks.
SootedAce bets (1)
jleech8826 calls (1)
** Dealing River ** : [ 8c ]
jleech8826 checks.
SootedAce checks.

Results below.....

** Summary **
Main Pot: $4.30 | Rake: $0.20
Board: [ 5c 7d 6d Tc 8c ]
jleech8826 balance $8.50, lost $2 [ 6h As ] [ a pair of sixes -- As,Tc,8c,6h,6d ]
SootedAce balance $9.71, bet $2, collected $4.30, net +$2.30 [ 7c 7h ] [ three of a kind, sevens -- Tc,8c,7c,7h,7d ]

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

35 days

I managed to play 32 raked hands out of the 300 I am required in order to cash out the $10 bonus Empire gave me yesterday... The slight problem with this, is that the $10 is all I have to play there. But, having $9.20 cents left after 50 or so odd hands is encouraging.. ( they weren't all raked ). Tonight.. I will play proper, ie, as if I have nothing to lose.. and see if I can't triple up or more, and complete a few more hands...

I saw Legend of Zorro yesterday as well.. and I recommend it. It is quite a fun romp... and it is more family friendly than the first one was, ( PG rating ), and kids will have fun with it.. I particulary enjoyed most of the stunts.. they were pretty impressive, to me anyway.. and the young man that played Zorro's son, was a sensation... I predict he will go far....

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

36 days..

..and counting..

Until the plane takes off with me on it, heading to Las Vegas. It is going to be a very long 36 days.... I am pretty excited about this trip... the last time I took more than 3 days off from work, non health related, was back in 1980, when my daugther was born... This is going to be my first real vacation, taken just for me.

First Ever ( as a responsible adult ).

I will be arriving fairly early in the evening, Wednesday, the 7th, and so far, all that I have planned, between then and 10am Saturday, is the midnight tourney Imperial Palace has advertised on their website...

I will have a coworker/friend tag along, but, it is pretty clear he and I do not have the same taste for gambling.. he has been to Vegas several times.. so, hopefully he will know how to easily get to where I want us to go.. for instance, I have heard poker at the MGM is a nice experience...

I thought about checking out the National Finals Rodeo, but, they are pretty much all sold out...

Can't really think of any shows I want to see...

Well, I'll be in Vegas, and not here at work.. so, who am I to worry....

Beware horses bearing...

.. gifts in thier mouth....

or sumtin..

EmpirePoker... sent me...

"Dear Slayre,

You have been awarded a bonus amount of 10.00 and the money has been added into your account. You are free to use this bonus amount to play at Empire Poker. However, if you wish to cashout the 10.00, you will need to play 300 raked hands before 11-NOV-2005 EST."

Only 300 raked hands.. that is reasonable.. that is only 30 raked hands a day, if I start today..

Do they rake the .02/.04 tables?