Friday, November 11, 2005

Less than a month

So, not much poker of late.... did finish my hand requirements on Empire.. they gave me 10 bucks to play with, could keep whatever was left after 300 raked hands.. I finished with 16 bucks... wasn't much in a mood to play.. was down to 3 bucks with 50 hands left to play and I hit a nice rush...

Look what I found at Wal-Wart:

$3.00 each. They were marked at $6.99, and I was just gonna get the black one and the red one.. but, once I got to the checkout, they rang up at 3 bucks.. so, I went and got the beige and blue one...... nice hats.. not top notch quality, but still far from the cheapos.... I am pleased..

About to go out of town, to a lil city which is close to Eagle Pass, so, I might hit the Casino there.. if there is time... we shall see....

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