Sunday, July 31, 2005

Finally got the hand history

Seat 8 - SLAYRE $1430 in chips

FORFUNAAA - Pocket [4d,10c]
GIPSY - Pocket [2c,7h]
SUOLOCO - Pocket [4c,8s]
ED MARSH - Pocket [Qc,2d]
CHIPPER1010 - Pocket [Ks,7d]
UPURASS - Pocket [Kh,As]
EAGLE_1 - Pocket [9d,4h]
SLAYRE - Pocket [Ad,10d]
WELLSII - Pocket [4s,5s]

WELLSII - Post small blind $15
FORFUNAAA - Post big blind $30

GIPSY - Folds
ED MARSH - Folds

CHIPPER1010 - Calls $30
UPURASS - Raises $30 to $210
EAGLE_1 - Folds
SLAYRE - Calls $210
WELLSII - Calls $195
CHIPPER1010 - Folds

*** FLOP [7s,Jd,Qd] ***

WELLSII - Checks
UPURASS - Checks
SLAYRE - Checks

*** TURN [7s,Jd,Qd,Kd] ***

WELLSII - Checks
UPURASS - Bets $150
SLAYRE - Calls $150

*** RIVER [7s,Jd,Qd,Kd,3s] ***

UPURASS - Checks
SLAYRE - Bets $300
UPURASS - Calls $300

*** SHOW DOWN ***

TABLE_INFO SLAYRE - Show cards [Ad,10d]

*** RESULT ***

Total Pot($1590)

Board [7s,Jd,Qd,Kd,3s]

WELLSII - Folded on the TURN
GIPSY - Folded on the POCKET CARDS
CHIPPER1010 - Folded on the POCKET CARDS
UPURASS - HI: [Lost mucks]
EAGLE_1 - Folded on the POCKET CARDS

SLAYRE - Total ($1590) HI $1590)Royal flush [Ad,10d - P:Ad,B:Kd,B:Qd,B:Jd,P:10d]

drunken recollection

my hole cards A10diamonds. dont recall bets or positons

flop Q and J of diamonds

I think I called a relatively small bet with a flush draw, gut shot straight draw..

turn is K diamonds.....

I don't remember any betting after that.....

there was like some min betting.....

I didn't get huge pay off.......

wish I could show you the history from Aboslute's site, but, they banned me..... cuz, I kept asking for hand history....

i ove/ate poker

as far as my royal, the following is the best i can do with what Aboslute decided I needed..

2413991469 JVOWELL@AUSTIN.RR.COM (SLAYRE) HOLDEM_TM 36491 34 165102952 7/30/2005 1,590.00

770 2,360.00 G-PAYOUT SLAYRE - Total ($1590) HI:($1590)Royal flush [Ad,10d - P:Ad,B:Kd,B:Qd,B:Jd,P:10d]

good lord knows no one is more drunk than

me right now..

DO NOT PLAY AT Absolute Poker...... Ever!!!!!!!!!!!

Im still pissed.

Still drunk too... i am at that spot where ya wonder if you would be pissed about about it if you were sober, and let me tell you.. iffen I were sober.. I would be more pissed about it....


give me a minute...

oh yeah.. Absolute poker .... I made a royal flush on their site and they think it is in my best interest not to prove it.. i know this.. becasue i use thier online software to request a hand history and it comes back with no such hand, so i ask directly and they send my someting with data that gets upchucked my my spreadsheet.. and they they have the nerve to say I am not so nice.. even tho I explained all their potential errors in our beginning convo's they made the convo errors anyway............


Saturday, July 30, 2005


I called it persistant cuz my drunken state decided if i could actually get to this point, ie, thru the security of blog spot, and all the other stuff i meant to mention but, forgot.. then, i might as well post..

this could be one of those heart felt posts i alluded to in a comment to aprils blog......last week.. most likely not, but you never know...

poker players are stupid...

people that play poker have a clue.....

profession poker players... have done thier homework....

there ya go... i have just ruined the potential book sales for all aspiring poker pundents...

well... fuck its true...... no mattre how good you are.. there is always an anit good... EVER SEE the movie UNBREAKABLE.

Yes.. I am pissed........

fuck knows I play a good game of poker........

here is my um... deal.

Realizing I am prolly full of myself... here it goes:

My poker playing abilities FAR out reach my bankroll abilities.....meaning.. I am more subject to luck those capaple of actually giving me a decent competition.... meaning... basically.. i get bad beat at at .50 table alot more often than those that get bad beat at a %50 dollar table.

im so pissed right now....... calling half your stack with 2 6 off and hitting the flop does not make you a good player, no matter how many players typed 'nh'

thing is.. i know its all free.. and i now i should not take it all like my life is over.. and i don't...... but I know those same people are not playing in the games where actual money is at stake... what they dont know.. is they are curtailing my stake.... by being stupid.... what they dont know is.. i cant afford to just buy in directly.... so i cant actually hate them and want them to die.........would not be fair...

So, all the stupid players need to just quit playing poker where I play poker... I can be the smart ones easy enuff....... just need the idiots to find another hobby..

and before you go thinking perhaps I am talking about myself..

the great and powerful me AdAh
the opponent 2c5s

flop Ac10c9d
turn 4c

now suffice to say at this point all our chips are in the pot..... yes opponent is on a draw... and yes, opponent got another c to make his flush... but ask yourself.. and only if you know HOW THE FUCK TO PLAY... what the fuck is this person doing in the hand with 2 5 offsuit... no.. he was not in a blind...... and yes.. I bet all in on the flop, and he called..............

why the fuck should i even bother.........

is there a poker site called..


that hand pissed me off..

really made me mad

not happy.

and there was even a 'nh' from someone.... WTF!!!!!!! perhaps that is what actually has me so teed off....

look... seriously... I know how to play poker.. I know what Kenny Rogers sang about... I know how to take advantage of the fish, and I know how to leave a table where I am the fish...... i respect what those bettre than me have to say.. and I practice thier idealogies... ie, ( thier thoughts on the mattre )...

What I would like to see.. is a comprehensive tome on how to avoid the idiots that plague the freerolls..

the first chapter should be dedicated to finding money you have, which you thought you did not have........

I am at a point.. one of those life changing points... ]

i have money each month i can put into a poker site.. and up until now, i have not.. simply and easily because my obligations are more important.. ie, debts, food, al....

I am so close to just fucking off all my bills and 'going for it' with the poker...

and I know.... I know.......

what the fuck do I know..

Monday, July 25, 2005

Ace sooted

Finished 238 in the AP weekly challenge.. out of apprx. 1200 entrants... I blame it on the suited Ace... not AK or AQ.. nor even AJ or A10..... I am referring to the A6,7,8,or 9, suited. Let me splain...

I have no problem raising, reraising, or just calling with AKs, and depending on other minor details, feel the same about AQ, AJ, and A10. I like to call with A2 thru 5 suited..

Which brings us to 6,7,8 and 9... It seems, I am not allowed to successfully play these cards.. When I bring them in, everyother suit on the flop and no ace.... if I fold them, the flop brings 3 to my suit, nut flush. All the time.

The warm up game, I finished 26th or so... in fact.. out of the 5 AP freerolls I played in over the weekend.. ( 2000 entrants each ). I finished in the top 27 in three of them... Had I finished in the top 27 of the weekly, I would have brought home some money... alas, the daily freerolls only pay top 18.

I can accumalate chips fairly quickly early on, then my brain starts misfiring and I go into survival mode... stack bleeds away til its a no brainer to call me with just about anything.. I need to work on that... let me give you an example..

Early on, with A5 suited, blinds at 20, raised in front of me to 100, I reraise to 300, everyone folds, I win the pot. Pretty neat eh?

Later on, me with about 30k in chips.. blinds at 200, I have AJs, min raise in front of me, I fold like a lil girl...

I was willing to gamble more of my stack with a worse hand early on, than I was with a better hand and less of my stack at risk, latre....Is there some pill for this affliction??

Saw 3 movies over the weekend.. all were/are exceptional..

Shaolin Soccer.......awesome movie.
Hostage..............great movie.
Million Dollar Baby..PHENOMANAL MOVIE. MUST SEE. They don't get much bettre than this one.

Welp... gonna try to play very lil poker this week... catch up on some cleaning... some grandkid visiting, parent visiting, girl im seeing visiting, stuff like that...

Sunday, July 24, 2005

4th Straight Flush

The history is below.. this is not from the AP weekly challenge posted about previously.... its from a game I decided to play just to warm up a bit, since I haven't played much at all since yesterday...

The 1st one I got.. I didn't even know what a hand history was... ( UltimateBet )
The 2nd one, and the 3rd one, I asked for hand history, never got it.. ( Absolute )

First and second one both were winners... the 3rd one lost to a higher straight flush.. go figure...

My fourth one... a big winner... about 40 peeps left in tourney.. I had just lost an all in about 5 hands previously.. taking me from about 33k, down to 13k.. I coulda prolly limped into the money with the 33k, but I had KQs... got beat by a set of 5's.... now, I am only looking to get a bit of cash for the low limit games.. so, it is not a huge deal... I just sit and wait for two decent cards....

here it is:
Stage #161238837: Holdem Multi Normal Tournament No Limit $1000 [ 2005-07-24 15:27:57 ]
*** ANTE [dealer 7] ***
Seat 9 - LM1963 $40135.06 in chips
Seat 1 - SLAYRE $13758 in chips
Seat 2 - PEEWEE77 $108105 in chips
Seat 3 - ELIEZERG3 $21517.50 in chips
Seat 4 - MR POKEHER $156420.26 in chips
Seat 5 - JEPPETUSSE $100193.58 in chips
Seat 6 - IRON MAIDEN $101255.59 in chips
Seat 7 - SKULLDORXXL $26564 in chips
SLAYRE - Ante $150
PEEWEE77 - Ante $150
ELIEZERG3 - Ante $150
MR POKEHER - Ante $150
JEPPETUSSE - Ante $150
IRON MAIDEN - Ante $150
LM1963 - Ante $150
LM1963 - Post small blind $1000
SLAYRE - Post big blind $2000
SLAYRE - Pocket [Jd,10d]

PEEWEE77 - Calls $2000
IRON MAIDEN - Calls $2000
SKULLDORXXL - Calls $2000
LM1963 - Folds
SLAYRE - All-In(Raise) $0 to $13608
PEEWEE77 - Folds
IRON MAIDEN - Calls $11608
SKULLDORXXL - Calls $11608
*** FLOP [9d,6h,Kc] ***


at this point, i just need a Q

*** TURN [9d,6h,Kc,8d] ***

now I am chanting, Queen or Diamond!!! Queen or Diamond!!!

IRON MAIDEN - Bets $4000
SKULLDORXXL - All-In(Raise) $4000 to $12806
IRON MAIDEN - Calls $8806
*** RIVER [9d,6h,Kc,8d,Qd] ***

I got what I asked for, PLUS!!!!!

SLAYRE - Show cards [Jd,10d]
IRON MAIDEN - Show cards [Js,10c]
SKULLDORXXL - Show cards [8c,Ac]
*** RESULT ***
Total Pot($70636:$45024,$25612)
Board [9d,6h,Kc,8d,Qd]
SLAYRE - Total ($45024) All-In HI:($45024)Straight flush, queen [Jd,10d - B:Qd,P:Jd,P:10d,B:9d,B:8d]
PEEWEE77 - Folded on the POCKET CARDS
IRON MAIDEN - Total ($25612) HI:($25612)Straight, nine to king [Js,10c - B:Kc,B:Qd,P:Js,P:10c,B:9d]
SKULLDORXXL - HI:One pair, eights [8c,Ac - B:8d,P:8c,P:Ac,B:Kc,B:Qd]
LM1963 - Folded on the POCKET CARDS

So, I am back in it.. still playing by the way... 33 players left, avg is 90k.. I got 42k... one more decent pot, I am guaranteed to make the money....

Saturday, July 23, 2005

My Absolute Vice

Absolute Poker Challenge

The Absolute Poker Challenge is AP's most popular online poker tournament event offering a challenge to all tourney players. This weekly event is comprised of daily multi table tourneys held throughout the week, running Monday thru Saturday, with the $1,000 AP Challenge Main Event held on Sunday. It presents a challenge to all tourney players by rewarding the top finishers in each and every tournament held. With a range of $2, $5, & $10 buy-in tourneys along with a nice mix of daily FreeRolls, the event offers a challenge to every player level. The new online poker tournament schedule for each week is posted under the Tourneys Tab, sub tab- "Multi." See below to see what places qualify for satellite to the $1,000 weekly Main Event.

$2 - Top 3 Finishers Advance
$5 - Top 6 Finishers Advance
$10 - Top 9 Finishers Advance
$20 - and Higher - Top 12 Advance
$30 - Top 12 Finishers Advance
FreeRolls - Top 5 Finishers Advance < - This is what I can afford.

* Only 1 seat can be won per player account.
* All qualifiers must register. Registration opens approximately 24 hrs prior to main event

So, I just got done registering for tomorrows weekly event.... I'm pretty sure it's a $1k prize pool with 1st getting somewhere between 100 and 300 dollars... its been a very long time since my first qualifying and I didn't do to well in that, nor did I do too well in my second... this one will be my third attempt....

I am going to try to play as lil as possible between now and tomorrow, otherwise, once the cards hit the air, so to speak, I would end up just being to bored to play...

These frequent freerolls at Absolute make me feel as tho I am in a George Romero film, fending off hordes and hordes of undead.....with no sure way to kill them.... everytime I end up all in with the best of it holding up, then I just shot some walking dead in the head......

I got called an idiot earlier today.... I had J4 offsuit... and about 5500 in chips... well above average and well above most of the table... I am either in the BB or I limped in... gets to the 'undead' player, with one other limping before him, and he raises making it 240 to play... BB is 20, mind you..

Now, I will share with my faithful readers my thought process, but the one calling me an idiot, he/she will have to figure it out for themselves.... I rather think my decision was brilliant, but, I realize that might be a strong word... lucky might be a bettre adjective... but, shouldn't one be smart enuff to realize when and where and how to take advantage of any upcoming luck the lady might dish out?

So, ok, here I am with 4 or 5 times as many chips as this raiser, who has 1140 in his stack, 240 in the pot... the other guy, has 20 in the pot and 2400 or so in front of him.... I have 20 in, 5500 or so in my stack.. here is what I thought..

1) Its a freeroll.. I have zero money invested
2) he is shortstack and desperate..
3) he knows I will call any wimpy raise ( i had been )
4) mr 2400 stack will fold ( i was 100% sure he had nothing )
5) this guy does not have a pair... i put him on 9/10s, up thru A/Ko
6) he is trying to still the pot
7) If i go all in and lose, i still have 4k or so.. still above average
8) if i just call the raise, we're still gonna end up all in anyway...
9) maybe he will bow out cuz he is bluffing.

SO, I go all in over the top of him, and he calls, and flips KQo. My J4o flips... and the flop brings me a 4, he gets no help, and I win the pot..

He said 'lmao loser'. which I pretty much ignored... cept for the part where I typed... 'you shoulda folded that crap hand'.. you know, in jest... poker friendly jab type thing...

Then another player says... and not being in the hand at all, had no business saying anything, yet he did... says..... "You should never have played that hand before the flop....."

Now, instead of ignoring this, as I usually do.... I decided to defend my decision.. so I replied...

" People do it to me all the time, doesn't make it right, but, I still got the chips "

Meaning, "suck it up you undead freak"

SO he says, "win/lose, your still an idiot"

Now again, I think, better to just leave it alone.. but, nah... this is turning out to be fun....

I retort " No, I am not an idiot, but, you certainly are for thinking that I am "

( I sure told him )

He comes back with.. "Yes you are. "

Now, it occurs to me, this is no fun at all... and it certainly is NOT who I am, to resort to verbal slingage with the undead horde... so, I ended it with

" Let me show you how much I care.. " Then I just shut the computer down and went to take a nap....

It's not always about your 2 hole cards... sometimes, its about being able increase your chips with the least resistance... you are successful at times, you fail at times..., but at no time are you an idiot.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A dollar a day...

I've been having sleeping problems... not so much problems with sleeping, just being asleep at the right or in this case, wrong, time... my work hours are from 6:30am til 3pm. And I am perfectly happy with this.. this is infact, my choice.. It is due to the fact that I abhor traffic... despise it... with these hours.. I miss traffic coming and going... My problem is.. somewhere aloing the line, my body was told to take a nap from 3:30 pm til around 8pm or so... and then I would be up and wide awake til 4am or so, which is when I would be ready for bed.... and ofcourse, I would just get ready for work and go, and be dog tired all day.... , getting home just in time for another nap, and the cycle repeats itself... same thing happens on Friday too.. then I stay up til 4 or 5 am and end up sleeping ALL day saturday... its a horrible vicious cycle for this fat old bald man.

Yesterday... after work.. I did not take a nap, altho, my body was perfectly willing and my mind would be easy to convince, I instead played as many freerolls on Aboslute as I could... I had an above average chip stack in the 3 tourneys I was playing and felt pretty good about cashing in all three of them... I also had an above average chip stack in the tourney on UB (TEC FREEROLL).. So, I had 4 windows going... and it would get a lil hectic at times...nothing I couldn't handle, just enuff to keep my mind off how tired I was..

My strategy in these freerolls is pretty straight forward... I just sit back and wait for AA,KK,or AK; adjusted depending on position, chip stack, number people in al; You can do absolutely nothing till the first break and stil have 85-90% of your chip stack, with more than half the players eliminated... altho, it is better to have above average stack size.. but basically, that is it... now, AA does get beat, so does KK and AK.. so this is by no means a full proof method..and, it can get very tedious, and very boring, so one must be extremely patient ( one of my leaks ); there is a saving grace tho, if you can do well in the first tourney you start, and then the second one starts, then the third, then you should have enuff going one to keep you from getting too bored. And, the part I like to call the 'best part', if you are doing well in the first one, then you can open up your strategy a bit in the second one and the third one...

Most of the people I see gathering big stackins in these freerolls get the chips purely by luck.. occasionly you see what appears to be a skilled player, but, generally, its some asshole getting lucky... I've done it myself.... Ofcourse and however, I am not an asshole... here is an example:

You have 23offsuit, you are in the big blind, it is the first hand of the tourney, of which there are 2500 entrants. It cost you zero dollars to enter. Everyone in front of you goes all in. there is 8 X 1500 in the pot ( AB seats 9 per table ) 12000 in chips, 13.5k if you call and win somehow. So, you call, you have nothing to lose.. f,t,r is 22234. you win the first hand with quad 2's and have just labeled yourself as a 'lucky asshole'. You pretty much dictate the blinds for the next several levels and if you play right, noone will ever have any idea when you have something or not,and by the first break, you will have 30-40k, and then if you wanted, you could sit out for the rest of the tourney, and scoot into the tail end of the payroll... which is pretty much what happened to me last night, cept, I didn't sit out, I kept playing, cashed a dollar.. took some bad beats in the other 3 games ( lucky assholes ganging up on me ).

So, a dollar a day, I can earn enuff for vegas in say, what, 2 years ?

I went to bed at 10pm, fell asleep almost immediately, woke up at 4-4:30ish, got ready for work and here I am, all bright eyed and shiny!!!

I shouldn't be tired this afternoon and expect to do much better in the freeroll marathon, perhaps cashing 2 dollars, cutting my vegas or bust time in half.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Hasn't seemed.. over a month since my unintentional, self imposed, hiatas... from blogging...

Gee, what I have I been doing, since May 30th.... other than blogging...

Well, up until this last week or so, very lil poker.... mostly been playing Guild Wars... which was impressive, for about a a month... also am beta testing another game, Auto Assault... which is early in the beta process.... nothing to report...

Been spending some time at the movie theatre.. have seen a handful of the current movies out.. Star Wars ( kinda current ), Batman Begins.. and War of the Worlds..which sucked to no end... of the 3, Batman is the one I enjoyed the most...

I have no money to deposit, on any site.. so, starting about 10 days ago, or so, I starting playing the free rolls on Absolute... they seem to have one every 30 minutes.... lets say I played 100 of them in 2 weeks... ended up winning a total of 9 bucks or so, with various different finishes... most of which, were not any where near the money... they pay top 18 now, instead of top 9... in addition, top 5 advance to a weekly tourney... I never made top 5....

Used my winnings to play in several SnG's, of the low buy in variety.. lets say, I played 100 SnG's.... won some, lost some... and currently, have a nickel in my account....

There has got to be something sad about a decent to good poker player, that has no money to play any serious poker with... I know I am not a bad player... I know I am not a so-so player... prolly just sad to me... altho, the flipside could be, it's a joy that I simply and easily refuse to risk rent, or food, or gas, or any other money, to play poker... even if I do think I decent at it...

I have a friend, who asked me if he were to give me 20 dollars, would I play in a tourney for him, a 20 dollar tourney, online.... I told him I would rather play 4 $5.00 tourneys... and he is thinking about it.. at first he said I could keep 10 percent of any winnings.. but, I explained that I should get more than 10 percent, as I would be the one risking the high blood pressure and such... so we agreed, if he does decide to do this.. that if I placed ITM, he would get his buyin back, and we would split the rest 50/50.... so, on Absolute... a 5 dollar SNG pays $22.50 for first, I would get half of $17.50.... he prolly won't do it tho.. he as approached me about this before.. but, changed his mind... he is a pretty good darn poker player himself.. he just can't bring himself to trust the online money transfer thing and such... plus, he doesn't have a computer at home... which is prolly the bigger obstacle...

I had Ace's cracked twice in a row.. yesterday... same tourney.. I got Ace's, was second to last in chips, 1400 i had... went all in..... leader folds, shortstack ( 800 ) calls with 6 2... second in chips folds... flop is 662... no ace showed... now I am in last place with chips.... very next hand.. I get AA... with 600 in chips... all in I go.. ( Oh, blinds are 200/400 ), chip leader calls, he has like 7900, used to be shortstack folds, second in chips folds... chip leader flips K2offsuit... flops 2 K's.... and no Ace shows...

I didn't play any more tourneys after that.. mainly cuz that is was put me at a nickle... but, had I had enuff... it was plain to me I was way off kilter with tilt, so, I would not have played anyway... it only lasted a few minutes.. cuz after all, it wasn't like it was my money... just my potential money... I was hoping to build my bank up to 20 bucks or so, and then start playing some of the lower limit ring games and hopefully dbl up once or twice, to then get back into the higher limit SNG's.....

As I have stated many times.... its just really really difficult to win when people just call with anything cuz they don't care... I can't tell you how many times I saw people type "Its only .60 cents". Well, its not... in the tourney's I have been playing on Absolute, .50 + .10, its $2.25 for first, $1.35 for second, and $0.90 for third.... least, that is how I look at.... 1st is 3 more tourneys, 2nd is 2 more tourneys, and third is 1 more.....

So, you basically just have to be very very very very patient... let them all take each other out... and settle for second or third.. occasionally, you get a good run early and have a chip stack to be aggressive with and end up winning... but no matter how patient you are... even if you are more patient than Ghandi or Mother Theresa.... no amount with prevent your AA from getting called by 62 or even K2...

I would like to close this post by giving my condolences the to the family of Charlie Tuttle... I have just recently heard of his struggle and all that has happened with the Memorial tourney and the pros calling him and Barry Greenstiens tourney dedication..... I find it quite touching.... my prayers to the family and friends of Charlie Tuttle.