Monday, July 25, 2005

Ace sooted

Finished 238 in the AP weekly challenge.. out of apprx. 1200 entrants... I blame it on the suited Ace... not AK or AQ.. nor even AJ or A10..... I am referring to the A6,7,8,or 9, suited. Let me splain...

I have no problem raising, reraising, or just calling with AKs, and depending on other minor details, feel the same about AQ, AJ, and A10. I like to call with A2 thru 5 suited..

Which brings us to 6,7,8 and 9... It seems, I am not allowed to successfully play these cards.. When I bring them in, everyother suit on the flop and no ace.... if I fold them, the flop brings 3 to my suit, nut flush. All the time.

The warm up game, I finished 26th or so... in fact.. out of the 5 AP freerolls I played in over the weekend.. ( 2000 entrants each ). I finished in the top 27 in three of them... Had I finished in the top 27 of the weekly, I would have brought home some money... alas, the daily freerolls only pay top 18.

I can accumalate chips fairly quickly early on, then my brain starts misfiring and I go into survival mode... stack bleeds away til its a no brainer to call me with just about anything.. I need to work on that... let me give you an example..

Early on, with A5 suited, blinds at 20, raised in front of me to 100, I reraise to 300, everyone folds, I win the pot. Pretty neat eh?

Later on, me with about 30k in chips.. blinds at 200, I have AJs, min raise in front of me, I fold like a lil girl...

I was willing to gamble more of my stack with a worse hand early on, than I was with a better hand and less of my stack at risk, latre....Is there some pill for this affliction??

Saw 3 movies over the weekend.. all were/are exceptional..

Shaolin Soccer.......awesome movie.
Hostage..............great movie.
Million Dollar Baby..PHENOMANAL MOVIE. MUST SEE. They don't get much bettre than this one.

Welp... gonna try to play very lil poker this week... catch up on some cleaning... some grandkid visiting, parent visiting, girl im seeing visiting, stuff like that...


mscmike said...

I have similar taste in Aces.... I consider A-10s and up to be fairly strong hands, and A2-5s as worth playing. It's fun to catch somebody with the lucky nut flush or straight with a super-low flop.

I'll limp with any Ace, but the A6-9 I generally won't call a raise with.

What was your thought process when you folded AJs?

Slayre said...

Didn't want to risk not finishing in the money... its some sort of brain misfire...