Friday, April 29, 2005

Oh Stephanie

There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to watch the rest of this season's Survivor. They voted off Stephanie. People don't get much dumber than that.

But, the Rob and Amber show is still going strong... that is good....

My cable was cut short couple days ago... apparently, I had been getting standard cable for the price of basic cable, for the last14 months or so... basic cable has about 15-17 or channels... 13 advertised, but, i counted 17... I could count, cuz, they switched it the other day, as I said... now, standard cable has like 78 channels.. but, the only ones that really mattred... were/are like, The History Channel, Discovery Channel, SciFi Channel, SpikeTV, Bravo, THE TRAVEL CHANNEL... sigh.. so, I investigate, and discover, the going rate for basic is $10.50... where as the rate for standard is $49.95... oy vey!!!! Digital is $54.95.. six bucks more for 100's more channels, that I will never watch... well, I ended up signing up for digital, first two months at $39.95, then goes to $49.95...for the rest of the subsription, plus, they lowered my RoadRunner(Cable Modem) 5 bucks.... so, now, my cable/internet bill is going to be approx. $110... instead of the $60 it has been...

It seems to never end....

Oh and since the cable person is coming over next monday.. I am forced to 'tidy up'... guess I will go all out and just clean the durn place....

Thursday, April 28, 2005

American Cities

Found this at Songmonk's live journal.

American Cities That Best Fit You:

70% Austin
65% Atlanta
60% Denver
60% Seattle
55% Honolulu

ProJO Poker

So, I sitting around not really feeling llike play poker, and decided to check all the sites and see about getting the small change off of them, incase they decide to dump some cash into empty accounts, globally..... had .11 cents on Pacific, deposited 10, withdrew 10.11 easy enuff.. Party had .06, minimum dep is 50, so went ahead an used the bonus code for APR reload, deposited 50, got 10 in bonus, played my 70 or so hands, and ended up withdrawing 51.60, heh.

ProJo Poker ( SSlayre sent ya ), is a different mattre... they have amin dep of 10, BUT, a min withraw of 25..... argh mateys..... I had .07 there.... put in 10, and then found myself forced to play... they have a WSOP step tourney going on... only $1.10 for the first level.. win coins too go to next level, or direct buy ins..... I played some NL low stakes... got to about 15 dollars, 5 up... and decided to try those step tourney... I came in 4th place ( top 3 pay coins ) 6 times in a row..... next day, played two... got a 3rd place, 2 coins, and a second place, 5 coins... and I am at about7 bucks.... now, the level on step can be bought into for 1 coin, i have 5, so that is 5 tourneys... gonna play some more low stakes NL, and the step tourneys.. try to get cash and coins built up.

So, now I have no extra lil coinage anywayre, except PROJO... need to get that roll over 25, heh...

Starluck and Planetluck both gave me another 5 bucks.... bet 1.00 on a video poker machine right off the bat and hit a str8 flush, paying 25 X bet... problem was, you have to wager at least the amount of the bonus(5 in this case), before you can withdraw. So, I bet 5 dollars on the next deal, (wouldn't let me bet 4), and ofcourse lost, so now I have to wait 24 hours before I can withdraw the 25 bucks...

Planet luck was different all together... couldn't get any cards.. hovered between 5 and 8 dollars for awhile, betting .25, then I got tdown to one dollar and started betting .10... got to my last bet... hit a str8flush.. woo hoo $2.50.. figured since I was ahead on Starluck, I would just keep playing until i busted or got 20+. Busted.

Monday, April 25, 2005


I made such a novice error at the Degenerate's $20 home tourney last Saturday... which had a nice turn out of about 30 people... I got to meet several nice people.. I am sure all that were there were nice, I just didn't get to meet all of them... I got to meet April, The Degenerate Gambler, and Dead Money Inc., from the Austin Blogger contention.. got to talk to Dead Money and Degenerate for a bit, but unfortunately, time with April was very limited, due to her late arrival, and my bonehead move at the final table.....

I played rather well. This being, technically, my first live 'money' tourney, ie, not for points... I was pleased with all of my play, til the end... and it was one of those things where you know your making a mistake, yet you continue to do whatever it is, even tho you know bettre.... I think it has to due with that 'voice', which can be very persuasive at times....

Most of the tourney, I was right at around the starting chips.. ( 1500 ). not taking any serious chances.... when we got to 18 people left, we redrew for tables, and I ended up moving, to find myself with 6 other people I had not played with yet.. two of them I had... I think I was, outta the 9 at that table.. about 5th or 6th in chips.... One lady kept calling off her chip stack, which was pretty hefty when we restarted... and I managed to get some of those.... so, now, the only four hands that mattred for me in the tourney...

I am in the big blind, everyone folds to the SB... blinds are 100/200, me thinks... I have him well covered, and I have Q8o, I am going to put him all in no mattre what...already decided... he raises to 400.... I put him all in... he flips AA... oops....he said he figured that a small bet like that would get me to bet big if I had anything, and I told him I was gonna put him all in no mattre what I had.... I never improved and lost my stack.... He got AA the very next hand, took out the nice young lady to my right... went from shortstack, to contention, in two hands...

Few hands latre... I call an ALL-IN with J7s..... Eddie, who has me well covered, flips AKs... ouch.... I am way behind but hit a 7 on the flop, J on the turn.. beat him with Jacks up... dbling up from 2700 to 5400 or so....

Not to terribly long after that... a monster pot is won by one of the chip leaders, if not the leader... He has 66, lady has AA, other guy has 10 7.

AA is button, folded to her, she limps...
10 7 is SB, calls...
66 is BB, checks..

Flop is 10 6 10, they end up all three all in..... turn is rag, river is rag... BB wins with 6's over 10's.... is definately chip leader now.... shortly after that.. we go to the final table...

I let a few hands go by, one I should have played.. but, there were 9 of us, I was about 5th or 6th in chips... and a couple people had barely two BB's... so, I was just going to wait til one or both of them went out.. before I made any serious moves...

Then, QQ shows up.... and I already know what I did wrong, as I said, I knew it as I did it....

I actually do not remember my position, but, I think it was BB... blinds at 200/400... April is to my left by the way, she folds or limps, don't recall.. argh.. I don't remember the intial part.. but, there were three of us... short stack goes all in.... 840chips.. , chip leader calls..... I call with QQ...
( mistake #1, but recoverable ). Flop is sumtin, sumtin, Ace... I am first to act, ( so, I must of been the SB )... I bet $2000 into about an almost $3000 pot... chip leader immediately goes ALL IN.. I think for about 2 secs ( mistake #2 ), and I call him ( mistake #3, not fixable ).. again, he has me well covered. He has A7, never saw what the short stack had... so now here I am needing a Q badly.. it never comes... I am out...

I have no idea why I did not go all in preflop, putting my money in with the best of it... and I have no idea why I even bet the flop with an overcard, when check-folding was prolly the bettre option, and I have no idea why I called his all in... I could have folded and still had chips to play awhile....

But, I do recall hearing a voice that said.. 'Go ahead, your gonna get lucky, don't worry about that A on the board'... and that, is the biggest mistake... listening to that voice...

I had a really good time....everyone was very nice, and cordial..... looking forward to another... only, I will be leaving that 'voice' at home....

Edit: Should add, that had I hit a Q on the turn or river, I still would have felt very bad about the way the hand was played... basically, I got what I deserved... and its all good.. that is something you only do once... we can hope, at least.. :)

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Bonus Observations

The easiest bonus I have ever worked off was at Party. The tuffest has been at UB..

There are ofcourse, reasons.... Most profitable bonus, was not at a poker site, but at Starluck Casino, netting $75... playing Video Poker... and giggling with glee when I hit a straight flush on a dollar bet...

So, currently, I have $30.00 left to work off of Absolute, and $93.00 to work off of UB. Each site has their pros and cons.

With both sites, the highler limits you play, the faster your bonus is raked off, and also the faster your stack dwindles, iffen you do not get cards... takes alot of discliline and patience, more as you move up... in a bonus frame of mind, that is..

Absolute requires 100 points before it releases $10. So, 400 points for $40. How do you get points? Playing/folding a hand where the pot is raked at least .25cents will net you 1 point. Playing at the .25BB level, 9 seats, about 1 in 10 hands would net me a point... occasionally, I would call a bet, just to make the pot big enuff for the required rake.... Only if I was ahead tho, above my buy in. About 1 in 7 hands playing at the .50BB level. Long story short, very very very very slow at these levels.... I happen to be several dollars ahead on Absolute, so, I am going to try the 1.00BB 6seat tables next...

UltimateBet gives you ultimate points for any raked pot where you play or fold, but you must be playing at least .25/.50 ( maybe .25bb, need to check ) for those earned points to be additionally converted to dollars.. ie, if you have 100 bonus dollars, and your session earns you 20.45 Ultimate Points, playing at the min llimit required, 2.045 bonus dollars will be converted to real money. You can stay ahead of the curve if you win a medium size pot, early enuff... UB also gives your a rate increase, rate of earning UB Points, if you are first or second person to sit at a table.. 50% for 1st, 25% for 2nd. I did this once.. and it worked out great...cept I got sucked out on the last hand I played, and ended up losing my winnings, plus the bonus I accumulated..... thing is, you need to be prepared to play heads up for a few minutes, shorthanded a few minutes more, before the table finally gets around to filling up....You can simulate %50 increase by playing 2 tables... or 3 or 4...

UB does not have a time limit for its bonuses, but AB does ( 60 days ), so, I will be concentrating solely on AB for the next few days....

I hate bonuses....not alot, but enuff to actually post it.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Slow Weekend

Wanted to post this yesterday, but, my computer here at work would not connect to the blogspot site... not sure what the deal was...

Lets see... current balances:

$88 Cash
$95 Bonus Cash ( yep, only worked off 5 bucks, and cost me a bit to do it. )

$96 Cash
$30 Bonus Cash ( Did much bettre here.. 113 hands played, up $30 dollars with bonus)


The gain at Absolute offset the loss at UB, plus a lil bit more.. Just didnt play much over the weekend, certainly not as much as I intended to... The TEC Final at UB was an early bust.. ALL IN with AK, AQ called me, had me way covered... Q on the turn..

My computer or this site is acting up.. I will have to finish this latre... wanted to share some observations concerning bonus at AB vs UB

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Bonus Time for me

Took advantage of UB's 50% redeposit bonus for Wednesday, put 200 in for 100 bonus...

As I was not able to take advantage of Absolutes weekend deal, I just put 200 in there yesterday for 20%(40 bucks)...

So, I will be playing alot of ring games next few days, weeks.....

I had thought I had saved my hand history for that Str8Flush I mentioned, but, apparently, you will just have to trust me... it was clubs, 3 to 7.

Got a TEC tourney on UB this coming sunday... I believe it starts early afternoon, around 1pm or so.. which is good for me... found out that the TEC you win, top ten, is good for a $100 buy in, thats not too bad...

Lokking forward to reporting positive news on my ring games between now and next monday or so.. course, if I do horribly, you will hear about it sooner...


Wednesday, April 13, 2005

It is better to lose.... a better hand, than to fold to a worse hand......

For me.. If I have a grand hand that goes to a river showdown and they have a grander hand... I feel no sense of negativity whatsoever... however... if i fold a grand hand, and they show thier bluff, or maybe not a bluff, but my hand was better... I get really ticked off at myself.... for being a wussy.....

I finally got a straight flush.... 3 people left in the tourney.. one was sitting out... so the other guy and myself were sorta of trading off the blinds.. to ensure the sit out guy would not get second.... fair? sure.. anyway... I hit my str8flush on the turn and before I bet, I told him... not really on purpose.. I was just so excited.. I typed in FINALLY!!!!! he replied, "StraightFlush?"... I said ya, bet the pot, he folded, and I showed.... I am at work, and the hand history is at my home computer... meant to email it here, but i forgot... I'll post it soon tho... its my new baby... now the quest for the Royal Flush...

Oh, the guy sitting out came back before he blinded out and took first... heh, I took second...

Don't be grumpy and dress nice..... great line.... Scotty Nyugen(sp).

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Read him wrong, I got lucky...

Hand #5379884-14 at SnG-0028a (No Limit Hold'em Sit and Go)
Powered by UltimateBet
Started at 12/Apr/05 15:26:01

mistermann is at seat 0 with 1420.
Krellen is at seat 1 with 1290.
Dummy Hand is at seat 2 with 1110.
my dizzal is at seat 3 with 3645.
mikeox is at seat 4 with 1480.
Slayre is at seat 5 with 1830.
grandma02 is at seat 7 with 1860.
Missfitz2 is at seat 8 with 2365.
The button is at seat 8.

mistermann posts the small blind of 15.
Krellen posts the big blind of 30.

mistermann: -- --
Krellen: -- --
Dummy Hand: -- --
my dizzal: -- --
mikeox: -- --
Slayre: Ks Js
grandma02: -- --
Missfitz2: -- --


Dummy Hand folds. my dizzal calls. mikeox calls.
Slayre raises to 130. grandma02 folds. Missfitz2
folds. mistermann folds. Krellen re-raises to 465.
my dizzal folds. mikeox folds. Slayre calls.

Flop (board: 8h Tc 9c):

Krellen goes all-in for 825. Slayre calls.

Tournament all-in showdown -- players show:

Krellen shows Qh Qd.
Slayre shows Ks Js.

Turn (board: 8h Tc 9c 2c):

(no action in this round)

River (board: 8h Tc 9c 2c 7s):

(no action in this round)


Krellen has Qh Qd 8h Tc 9c: a pair of queens.
Slayre has Js 8h Tc 9c 7s: straight, jack high.

Hand #5379884-14 Summary:

No rake is taken for this hand.
Slayre wins 2655 with straight, jack high.

For some reason, I put him on a mid or low pocket pair... I called his reraise, also to find out if he was just trying to find out if I had anything....

that flop gave me some outs... he went all in, so I thought he was just trying to push me out, I figured... he just has a pair.. I'm pretty sure it is not A's.. I just need a K, or a J, or a 7 or a Q.. 3+3+4+4=14 outs, times ruffly 2, gives me roughly 28% to hit an out...( maybe 30% ) I think my pots odds were relatively low... 2.5 to 1 or so... ( not gonna try to do the math ).... and, I still had chips if I did not hit.... so, I call...

Those Q's showed and I knew I was done for... first thought, there goes 4 outs... but then, I realized, I would get the straight.. I did loose my J outs tho...dropping my odds to hit about 10% or so... 2 on the turn helped no one... and now I just know I'm gonna have to play catch up... quasi miracle 7 on the river, and rake in a nice pot...

ended up second in that one.... 3 bucks..

Appears the freerolls for Aruba are done... darn it.... there I went thinking I had plenty of time.....

Am qualified for the SUNDAY TEC final on UB tho... top ten there get a TEC ( Tourney Entry Chip ), perhaps I can do well and use that for an Aruba satellite... not sure...

I've been playing less timid lately... and it seems to have been working for me... I am almost ready to try this on the ring games...

SirW is touting the wash,rinse,repeat method, which is a fine method, one I have tried to use since I started... but, when you up agaisnt another doing the same thing... things get icky..... heh..

I got the hiccups.

Sunday, April 10, 2005


Qualified for Sundays AP challenge, last friday.. that was a 7 hour affair that netted me 5 bucks plus the seat..... which is in about 2 hours.... would have taken 1st and 10 bucks, had I not got as bored as I did... making it to final 2, outta 2500, and bored the whole time... that, was sumtin.... I had a 10 to 1 chip lead and the 2 times i had her all in with the best hand, two times in a row.. she improved on the turn or river... we bounced back and forth for a good hour... i was so bored... but, playing with 1 million, 2 million even, in chips... heh, was a grand learning experience... ie, 400k does not seem like alot all in, when you have 2.4 mil... you call and lose, you still got 2 mil, they only got 800k.....I suppose that train of thought should be in effect no mattre how many chips you have... but, I haven't figured it out yet.. for the lower amounts...

Did laundry today... try to do it every two weeks or so... only mentioned this cuz, I have like 8 Old Navy 4th of July T-shirts.. except I am missing a year... year 2002, I believe.... this is like a whole in the time continuum(sp)...

Been playing the $1 turbo's at UB.. working out well.. I had left 33 bucks in there, after withdrawing it all, in the premise of booking a trip, to um, Vegas... then promptly lost myself down to a dollar.... very humbling... anyway.. back up to 13 dollars or so now.... just playing the turbo's... also doing as many of the Aruba Free MTT's as I can stand... I plan to make the top 50 next week, then do well in the next level.... problem is, so do about a trillion other poker players.. heh.... is fun tho....

Check out my movie reviews, if you like.. over there is a link, there on the right somewhere...

Edit: Forgot to mention that both Planetluck and Starluck Casinos' gave me 10 bucks for my birthday on Saturday... turned Starluck into 50 bucks and cashed out.. lost the 10 on Planet....

Friday, April 08, 2005

What did I do wrong?

Stage #106206465: Holdem Single Tournament No Limit $10 [2005-04-08 17:20:55]
Seat 1 - XSLEEPERSX $1845 in chips
Seat 2 - NOJER1 $945 in chips
Seat 3 - DUTCH4223 $1510 in chips
Seat 5 - SLAYRE $1370 in chips
Seat 6 - BRAHSKY $615 in chips
Seat 7 - JDMONEY99 $3565 in chips
Seat 8 - FRANK DOG $2175 in chips
Seat 9 - GEOTIME2 $1475 in chips
*** BLIND [dealer 8] ***
GEOTIME2 - Post small blind $10
XSLEEPERSX - Post big blind $15
SLAYRE - Pocket [Jh,Kc]
NOJER1 - Calls $15
DUTCH4223 - Calls $15
SLAYRE - Calls $15
BRAHSKY - Calls $15
JDMONEY99 - Calls $15
FRANK DOG - Calls $15
GEOTIME2 - Folds(Blind disconnect)
*** FLOP [Kh,4d,3h] ***
NOJER1 - Checks
DUTCH4223 - Checks
SLAYRE - Bets $75
JDMONEY99 - Calls $75
NOJER1 - Folds
DUTCH4223 - Folds
*** TURN [Kh,4d,3h,Kd] ***
SLAYRE - Checks
JDMONEY99 - Bets $45
SLAYRE - Calls $45
*** RIVER [Kh,4d,3h,Kd,As] ***
SLAYRE - Checks
JDMONEY99 - Bets $120
SLAYRE - Raises $120 to $240
JDMONEY99 - Raises $120 to $3390
SLAYRE - All-In $995
JDMONEY99 - returned ($2155) : not called
*** SHOW DOWN ***
JDMONEY99 - Show cards [2d,5c]
SLAYRE - Lost mucks
*** RESULT ***
Total Pot($2825)
Board [Kh,4d,3h,Kd,As]
XSLEEPERSX - Folded on the FLOP
NOJER1 - Folded on the FLOP
DUTCH4223 - Folded on the FLOP
SLAYRE - HI: [Lost mucks]
BRAHSKY - Folded on the FLOP
JDMONEY99 - Total ($2825) HI:($2825)Straight, ace to five [2d,5c - P:5c,B:4d,B:3h,P:2d,B:As]
FRANK DOG - Folded on the FLOP

Should have raised preflop is my own self analysis, but, the person would have called anything... which is why I didn't bother to raise... and they were also the type to challenge any ALL IN... its is why they had so many chips... they had sucked out several times... before me.. so, my re-analysis is that I did nothing wrong.. nothing to terribly wrong anyway...

Posted this as an example of the types of hands I've been losing to, resulting in previous posts/grumbles.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Got my head out of my ass

Have not been playing much poker other than freerolls and very low limit... no real reason.. but, I can sense a change in my poker demeanor... so, will prolly get back into some long poker sessions soon.....

Poker Mountain is having a 500 dollar freeroll this weekend:

-- Join us at Poker Mountain for a pure $500 freeroll. No entry fee is required, all players are welcome, whether you have a real money account or a play money account.

The tournament starts at 9:00 p.m. Eastern (6:00 p.m. Pacific) on Thursday, April 7th. --

Not sure if they have a referral program or not, but, feel free to mention my name..... course, last few times I have been there, have not been very many people online...

Absolute is giving 20% bonus this weekend:

-- Up to $200 for each day Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
All deposit methods! --

I suppose you need $3000.00 dollars available to get the full $600 dollars.. and then, alot of time to play alot of raked hands... me, I think I will pop my 400 bucks in there, play 800 hands and get 80 bucks... ( this is the getting my head out my ass reference ). I've decided I can prolly bonus my way to Vega$, between now and June... grab one of those last minute vacation deals.. and wa la...

Monday, April 04, 2005

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Poker Blues

You can't beat stupid people at poker... you just can not. This is not my problem so much as that it seems there are more of them, and they all seem to congregate at any table I happen to be at, doesn't matter what level buy in tourney, what level ring game..... this whole last week... been horrible bad beats....

I'm pretty sure that 80% of the time, I am doing everything right.... I do make mistakes... and I do take a chance on a str8 & flush draw with top pair in my hand, on occasion..... but it seems most of the time... I lose due to someone making a call that is just stupid.. no rhyme or reason....

I pulled all my money out of UB, to get ready to book my trip to Vegas.. and left about 30 dollars in there... which is down to 5 now..... my bankroll on absolute was up to 42 dollars.... but, again, due to uncomprehensible calls, its down to 27, which is not bad, since it came from a freeroll prize of 5 dollars...

I think, me needs to just step away for a few days.... got plenty of time to earn the money to make the trip......

I know if I go up in limits... there are fewer people making bad calls, but, currently my bankroll is tied up for the airfare and the hotel....

grumbling over....