Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Slow Weekend

Wanted to post this yesterday, but, my computer here at work would not connect to the blogspot site... not sure what the deal was...

Lets see... current balances:

$88 Cash
$95 Bonus Cash ( yep, only worked off 5 bucks, and cost me a bit to do it. )

$96 Cash
$30 Bonus Cash ( Did much bettre here.. 113 hands played, up $30 dollars with bonus)


The gain at Absolute offset the loss at UB, plus a lil bit more.. Just didnt play much over the weekend, certainly not as much as I intended to... The TEC Final at UB was an early bust.. ALL IN with AK, AQ called me, had me way covered... Q on the turn..

My computer or this site is acting up.. I will have to finish this latre... wanted to share some observations concerning bonus at AB vs UB

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