Friday, December 31, 2004

new thingy, old concept

Ok, I am going to start a 'What would you do?' dealy doo hickey.... not to garner any criticism.. so, your not allowed to call me names, like, dumbshit, or idiot, or weener.. no names.... These will be hands, mostly, that I folded, and then almost immediately regret it... I'm curious as to how those bettre than me, would have also folded, or not... will try to do this once a week.....

Hand #1:

Hand #3824706-16 at SnG-0015n (No Limit Hold'em Sit and Go)
Powered by UltimateBet
Started at 31/Dec/04 16:35:35

STLOUIS26 is at seat 0 with 1760.
DnkyPuncherlo is at seat 2 with 1440.
ONEIJAX is at seat 4 with 475.
k33bler is at seat 5 with 785.
Slewfoot Pete is at seat 6 with 2020.
R32 is at seat 7 with 645.
Slayre is at seat 8 with 1180.
Chipdumperr is at seat 9 with 1695.
The button is at seat 9.

STLOUIS26 posts the small blind of 15.
DnkyPuncherlo posts the big blind of 30.

STLOUIS26: -- --
DnkyPuncherlo: -- --
ONEIJAX: -- --
k33bler: -- --
Slewfoot Pete: -- --
R32: -- --
Slayre: 7h 3h
Chipdumperr: -- --


ONEIJAX calls. k33bler folds. Slewfoot Pete folds.
R32 folds. Slayre calls. Chipdumperr folds.
STLOUIS26 folds. DnkyPuncherlo checks.

Flop (board: 5h Jh 4c):

DnkyPuncherlo bets 105. ONEIJAX calls. Slayre

Turn (board: 5h Jh 4c Js):

DnkyPuncherlo checks. ONEIJAX checks. Slayre

River (board: 5h Jh 4c Js 7s):

DnkyPuncherlo checks. ONEIJAX goes all-in for 340.
Slayre folds. DnkyPuncherlo folds. ONEIJAX is
returned 340 (uncalled).

Hand #3824706-16 Summary:

No rake is taken for this hand.
ONEIJAX wins 420.

I have no idea what he had...maybe a Jack.. maybe AK... but, after thinking about it, I feel I should have bet on the turn, instead of checking.. I should have bet 1/2 the pot up to the pot... 1/2 as a block bet, or pot size to represent a J. Oh, and yeah, going in with 73s was just a fluke, I don't normally do that.. but, I might start, heh.. with flops like that..

$413.00 to go...

I just finished 2 SNG's over at suckassout everyone except for me, UB.... A six handed $5, and a 10 handed $5. The short game paid top prize of $21, where as the other paid $25. I took first in both of them, bringing my meager earnings back up over $75 to $87.. which puts me a few franklins to go for my deductable, to get my car fixed... I could not believe the cards I was getting.. I am going back to play a $10 SNG, see if the cards are holding up.... I was waiting for about 3 freerolls to open up on 3 different sites, but missed them all due to the concentration I was giving my game play.... I am proud to annouce, in the subtle sense of the phrase, I did not suck out not one time.... each hand I was was due to out playing my opponents, or them just really not playing all that smart.... I don't like to be a proud person, I consider myself a very humble human.. but, fuck it.. once a year, I can let my ego swell a bit, aye?

I didn't even think to log any hands... :( .

The 10 handed tourney.. I got AA and dbld up... second hand, got KK and dbld up again.. had 3x chips then all the other players, 7 of them.. and pretty much just ruled the table after that... til got down to 4, and the cards clammed up for big time... plus the started getting smart and going all in on me while i had the blinds, which I had nothing to defend... finally, AK suited shows up, and they fold or just call the blind.. I bet huge, bringing two of them all in, and then there was me and the second place finisher, who I noticed from early on would prolly be a problem.. we traded blinds for a few hands then he was SB and went all in, I had him covered prolly 2.5 to 1, and I was looking at QQ, so, i pushed, he had AKs, but the flop favored my ladies and I took it....

The other one... hmmmmm... got down to three and I was short stack, by alot.. blinds were 300/600, I think I had 865 after my BB was posted... they both had 2k plus.... they both folded, giving me back my BB plus the SB... nice of them to keep me around a lil longer... then, I got AK on the SB, button folded, I went all in and took another BB, so now, Im at like 2k or so and have to bleed away a round of blinds and am sure Im toast really soon, but, Im on button, fold my 83 or whatever crap it was, SB goes all in, BB calls, and BB takes it, eliminating, I just got second, at least 9 dollars, a 4 dollar return.. not bad..

Keep in mind, Im playing the other one at the same time.. and it is HU on both tables and I'm freaking out cuz Im scared Im gonna click the wrong button on the wrong screen at the wrong time.. I'm being very carefull... ok, so, now, me and this guy, he has like 4k to my 2k or so...and he pretty much just calls whever he is in SB, and if he raises, I reraise and he folds... finally, I flop 2 trips in a row, and then a set, and now i got 4900 to his 1100 and I believe it was Q9 hearts, i have, in the BB, he goes all in, I call, and a get a Q on the river to beat his A9, I think it was...

Its fun winning two tourneys at practically the same I have to go back while the cards..are.....still.. warm..

been sucking at cash games btw.. and still getting that damn 83...and i play it too, long as there aint no heavy raise... wins now and again too....

Edit: I'm so stupid.... I just lost a $25 buyin at a cash game.. 2 hands... had it all in there with K3, K hit the flop, were 4 suits on the board.. i can't believe how stupid I doing ok in the $10 SnG tho....8 of us left, I'm 3rd in chips...

I just lost what I just earned.... I am a fucktard after all....

Edit #2: Busted out of the $10 SnG, and don't even care....I am playing a $1.00 SNG right now and will prolly try to lose as fast as possible... I will have broke even with session, actually up a few cents, due to the bonus being worked off... I am just not in the mood to play.. well, I am, but, I am missing patience.... and I've got to fall back on my discipline to be able to walk away if I am not 'in the mood'.

Going to watch two movies I rented, King Author and Manchurian Candidate..drink the 12pack I bought, hope I pass out before midnight, wake up and reevaluate...oh, first tho... gonna start sumtin here that I hope takes off, maybe gets more visitors.... next post...

Goodbye 2004...

This year, horrible things happened to me, relationshipwise.. and I'm loathe to even exist when midnight rolls around, hopefully, I'll just be passed out by then....

But, thats me... lost a lil last night...ugh! As I type this, I remember how I lost 6 dollars without even trying....

I had several screens open, some were poker related, some were email related, and one or two were IE related... I was at a $25 dollar table on UB, waiting for the BB to come around to me... messing around here and there... and about to click on God knows what, when UB informed me it was my turn to act, by bringing its window to the front... unfortunately for me, my reflexes aren't what they used to be.. so, I could not stop my clicky finger from completing it's goal to left click on the afore mentioned God Knows what, and as a result, I clicked on 'bet pot'. I had not even seen what my 2 hole cards were, how many were still in, what the pot was.. none of the normal things you do, before you bet the pot....

The pot, was at $5.50... .50 cents was my big blind, .25 from the small blind..., the only other person in at this time, has a bet of $2.50 in front of him.. and it looks like maybe one had raised to a dollar and another called.. I'm not sure.. I was pretty ticked off to have just put 6 bucks into a pot without meaning too.....

I held, A2o, not the worst of hands...but, by the time I get to this point, this point of figuring out just what had transpired... the other guy asks me to my remaining $19.00 in the pot... he prolly thought he was reraising my raise, but since technically, I didn't raise, he was not reraising.. regardless... I almost called that sucker.. but, I figured him for at the very least, JJ, but most likely, AA or KK.. how the hoot would I know.. I was paying attention to the table... I was doing other things... so, I mucked....

Now, that was a pisser for sure, but, my very next hand... and I swear this is true... 83o...... and it sneered at me.. snickered at me.. glared at me.. it's sinister voice daring me to play it.. and I was going to call the extra .25 to call it, that decision was made days ago... but, someone raised up to $5, and I just could not bear to be $11 down with just two hands....

I played in a 6 max $5 SNG and took 4th, cuz, well, I'm just dumb.... then started up a reg. $5 SNG and took second... which bought me back my buyins for those two tourneys. There was also a $1 SNG, and I took second in that, which payed 2 I ended the evening just about <-6> bucks... still having a hard time sticking out cash games for more than an hour....its easier when you take a couple nice pots early on.....ah well...

Took 91st outta 1500 on Absolutes $25 dollar freeroll... again, just got bored and started not caring what I, it was late.. and a work night.. played in another of their WSOP thingys.. appears the top 5 from each of the freerolls play at end of the month for a seat at wsop, and other sundries... they have 2 or 3 or so of these a day... I suppose I should concentrate really hard on placing in one of these....

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Poker'd Out...

Man, last couple days, I just have not felt like playing poker... I wonder if I have been long away from the live games... I had wanted to go to one since last weekend, however, dinging my car up prevented that, as I was not sure how safe it was to drive the car to far... However, no, I have it back, and it is safe to drive, so to speak.....

So, I log on after work, and it is impossible to get into a $5.00 SnG on UB.. Downright impossible... by the time the list is updated, they have already started the game and most times, dealt a hand or two... and, I've got cable, so, my connection is not exactly slow, besides, I never had that problem on PP. My guess is, they just decided not to offer as many of the lower limit buyins..., because, the $13 and up buyins are always availible....... so, I look for freerolls... blah blah, yada yada..... just was not in the mood to play.. not at all... Had rockets 3 seperate times last night... only played for maybe 1 hour.. 3 rockets, 3 different games... lost 1 dollar at the $25 ring game... was kinda funny.. sat down into BB right away and it got folded around to me..., so, I'm plus .25 before I even get a good look at my cards.... and once I post the SB, I'm even, so, I got my first two hands for free.... heh...I won a couple, lost a couple.. won one, lost one.. ended up quitting at $24, just could not get into the mindset...

Latre on, after I woke up way to early... I managed to get into a $1+.20 SNG.. yes, just 1 dollar..... took 3rd place... cashed in 2 bucks.. making my poker end at

-.20, not too bad... I am happy to report, that to the best of my recollection, I was not dealt 83o at all, not one single time.. and believe you me, I was looking, because I was going to log everyone of them so I could prove it....

I used to ask myself, in certain situations, playing poker, 'What would Daniel N. do?' But, after watching on Cruisin to a Million last night, along with Erik, Barry, and some others... I don't think I will ask that anymore... Now, I know he is a great player, but I just did not get the strategies these guys were using.. granted, it was limit, but still... to 3 and 4 bet to the river, being called and raised all the way, WITH NOTHING in your hand.... and Daniel looked like he was just praying for LUCK.. which was in his favor at the beginning.... alas tho, I have no right to judge these people... just seemed odd... smart players playing so dumb.

I'm looking to be at a blogger table come Saturday/Sunday, if one is available.. so look out!!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Talking to yourself, or myself

Encouraging yourself, telling yourself, its ok, you've been in worse spots... you will get it back.. don't get all tilted... don't be an idiot.. if you can't calm down, log off and come back latre....

Am I the only one that talks to myself like that, or am I in a group of great folks?

Today.. I got home, fired up UB, not really wanting to play... sign #1.

$25 dollar table? No, I go right to the $50 dollar table... sign #2.

Then I go and put way more value on A10o then any one sane person should, down 20 bucks, with just 2 hands... sign #3.

I know, I'll just play in a SNG and get that 20 bucks back easy... sign #4.

Now about the 5th or 6th hand of the SNG, already down 200 chips from 1000, I go and put way more value on QJs then any one sane person should, busted out of that.... sign #5.

Ok, now I'm really talking to myself, alot, and yelling at myself as well..... I switch to the $25 dollar table, before things start to get more than ugly.. and I wait two orbits before I finally sit in.... ... more importantly, I pay attention to what I am telling myself, as I watch what unfolds for 20 hands....

My first hand is 83o. I laugh my ass off.......and I almost call the raise that the SB put before me.... and I should have.. but, I figured it bettre to give him .50cents, instead of more.... no flop was seen.. if your wondering why I found 83o so funny, read the entry before this one....

OK, I get pretty much nothing for the next orbit, back on BB again, and guess what.......83s. Well now.. the demon hand from hell is suited this time... everyone limps in, SB matches BB, and I check...flopped three of my suit....everyone checks around, same thing on the turn...SB checks river, I bet .50 on my flush...and everyone folds... I won 5 bucks.. putting me about 4 bucks ahead, minus the earlier losses....

Now, a friend logs on and I go to his table and start yapping with him... trying to talk him into joining some of the blogger games on Party, stuff like that... and I decide since my game is going nowhere fast, cuz now I'm back down to only 1 buck over my 25 dollar buyin, I guess I could have just said 26 bucks, anyway... I tell my friend, Im gonna take a break and go eat, and leave his table.. to see, KK on my table.. hmm, well, i guess one more hand... flopped a K and called a guy to the river for a 12 buck win.. woo hoo... next hand is trash and is basically folded to the BB... im like, molecules from clicking 'leave table'... and the hand is dealt...

AA sweet baby Jesus!! Where have you been all my life... and I'm in the BB....there are two limpers, and the SB, he bets like 2.50, so I raise... and he reraises, and I reraise, and he goes all in... and he has me covered... now there is no flop yet, I've got AA and I'm supposed to call this.... only one other player.... I've already got 75% of my money in there.... how can I not call this.... so you know me.. do I call...

I ain't no fucktard, hell yeah I call.....

Now the cards on UB, heads up all in, don't always show up till after the river, sometimes they do, sometimes they don't.. I haven't really figured it out.... anyway.. I didn't know what 2 hole cards he had.... the flop, turn, river were all 9 or less with 2 8's, and 2 5's.. sumtin like 8 5 9 8 5.....

I had 39 dollars in that pot... and when it was over, and his two hole cards were revealed....guess what...

go ahead, guess.....

QQ... :) I practically dbl'd up twice in less than 2 minutes... from $50, to $25, to $39, to $78... sign #6.

The next thing.. the next hand... 83o.... I rejected the SB, and got the frick outta there........then I came here to share.. while it was fresh on my mind...

Now, I know, that these amounts are chump change for some of ya'll.... but, for me, it is alot....considering about a month ago I was -$400.00, and having been building back up from $6.53 ever since.... that $78.00 is above all deposits.. ie, its all earnings...

I'm pretty stoked again... got another freeroll on ABsolute poker, coming up in about 20 minutes.. one of their WSOP package thingies.. I'll have to check out exactly what I'm playing for in these things, one of these days... not today tho.. heh....

I got to figure out why I seem to be getting 83o just about every other hand it seems..... there has got to be sumtin to this.....ya think? Hmmm...

(Edit: I made an error.. it's $71.00, not $78.. must of had $35 dollars and some change in there.....still stoked tho....)

I was remiss yesterday

..shame on me.. I hope everyone had a very nice and safe Christmas... I wish I could say mine was uneventful.. but alas, there is the minor fender bender issue.. which led me to not playing my normal poker last night.. my ex agreed to pick me up from the body shop, and to also pick me up for work, so I had to make sure I was in bed at a decent hour so as to be ready in the am, when she got there to pick me up... she was late... heh..

Anyway, i opened up a couple .25/.50 games on UB and just 'didn't feel it'..just wasn't there... so, I searched for a freeroll and UB had one for a TEC on sunday.. so, I closed one of the .25/.50 games and concentrated on the other, while waiting for the tourny to start.. it would start in an hour... after about 5 minutes of waiting, and winning one hand to put me 4 bucks ahead.. I quit, shut the computer down and laid down on the couch... woke up about 2 hours latre.. heh...went ahead and booted up the rig, and logged on to UB, I was still alive.. with T1240 ( started with T1500 ).. most of the table had 3 or 4k tho.... first hand I got while there to play was AKo, dbled up with that.. next hand was AKo, dbled up with that too.. so I am at like 5500 and now second in chips at my table, still way behind the pack tho.. then, UB client proceeded to move me around tables for the next 5 minutes.. would get two hands played, and then get moved.. suprisingly enuff, the button was always in the same place it should be for me.. I wonder if they do that on purpose... I finished about 110 or so, outta 2500.. had my stack up into the high teens for a bit, but just couldn't get anycards.. and when I did, Mr Big Stack over 100k made it very expensive to play most of the hands.. and I don't blame him.. I would have done the same.. payout was top 50 get a seat, so, he had lil to lose by playing hard ...... oh here is the sad part.. about 4 or 5 times, before i took my shot.. the other short stacks would move all in and everyone would fold... and usually, the blinds and antes would dbl these folks up.. I couldn't take them on with my cards... i still had enuff chips to maybe barely squeak in, and I didn't want to risk it, not after 3 hours of playing. Well, 2 hours of playing, 1 hour of sleeping.. anyway, finally, I get QJo, in the SB..and im down to about one round of ante's... do I wait a for a bettre hand, or do i go in with this somewhat marginal decent hand... I push.. everyone of them fookers call.. i type.. 'no one likes me', which got a nice laugh... didn't catch anything on the flop and I was out... happily. I played decent cards.. managed a few bluffs, and stuck out 12+ outters to the river.. was alot of fun.. just towards the end.. no cards.. they have these every night, so, prolly will try again tonight.. barring any unforseen events..

Hopefully get my car back from the body shop today.. they are fixing a mirror that got whacked off by a big truck couple weeks ago.. they are also gonna give me an estimate on the recent damage and let me know just how safe it is to drive..

Plus, I have 2 projects here at work that I have fallen behind on, um, because, well, um.. I just can't get up the gumption to do them.. good news is that once I do get the gumption, I can get them both done lickity split...

I think once I get my bankroll back in shape.. ie, after my car gets fixed.. i will try the cash games on party.. and hopefully make more of an appearance at the blogger table(s). was alot of fun the one time I was there.. I didn't even mine losing that one buy in.. heh.. cash games seem to be doing bettre for me then the tournaments were, at least on UB.. but, I still like tournament play bettre... not sure why.. there are alot of freerolls out there tho.. so, I can get my fix for free, maybe win or place, and still play the ring games on the side... start with the SnG's again once the roll is stabilized, so to speak...

There is a grass roots movement here to make an effort to get poker legalized in Texas..... TexansForPoker, the website was just put up, like yesterday, and is barebones at the moment.. but, the important part is there, the email address to sign up if your interested in helping out, or taking part in the movement.. thanks to Jeremy at Love and Casino, for the head up on this...

I figured out sumtin couple days ago, about bankrolls and poker... ya see, I hesitate alot to play certain good hands, because, I know if the flop is gay, it will end up costing me more than I care to pay, for instance, AJ or AQ.. they look nice, and they win there fair share...but, they can be dangerous hands... anyway.. what I was doing, after sitting down and buying in, was playing TPP.. tight/passive/passive.. waiting for the nuts, and then trying to get a nice lil payoff, about 3 or 4 dollars...( 6 or 8 BB's ), and then, I would loosen up with my winnings... example..

buyin 25 bucks.. few orbits latre, I'm at 22.75, and I get AA, flop is AAK.. I take down a 12 buck pot that puts me at about 29 or 30 bucks....

NOW, my mind tells me, I have some money to play around with....8 or 10 BB's i can play loosely with and if I lose it, well, I'm still even.... let me tell you, altho this works... it plays hell on the buttocks sitting there for hours waiting on the nuts... so, i reprogrammed my way of thinking.... and decided to just play loosely with those 8 or 10 BB's ahead of time...and if nothing came of it, then I would be fine with being 4 or 5 dollars behind... I was playing on credit, so to speak..... and this works too, and it goes faster so your butt hurts less.... and its more exciting too...

Then, I just sorta combined the two theorys into one, and played the fricking cards I was playing in the first place, 3 months ago and am still winning...

Somebody said, you have to willing to die, in order to live.... well, I forget that now and again... but it is true...

During the tourney last night.. I got 83o three times in a row.. and each time the flop eithre had an 8 or a three, and one time it had both... now, this ofcourse was a message from the Poker Gods, that I should play 83o the next time I get it... so, while I was waiting for the next great gift from the God's, I got to thinking.. hmmm, 83o, three times in a row... why do I never see AKo three times in a row, hmmmm, then, about 5 hands latre... there it is 83o, and bettre yet, I'm on the BB, and even bettre, no one raises... this is clearly a once I realize that my gift has arrived... I raise 3XBB, with 83o, out of position.. and I do it confidently.....and I get 5 or so callers...including SB, flop is:


imagine that.. SB goes all in and he has everyone covered.... I know two 8's are coming from the turn and the river, I just know it, all the signs were there, it had been foretold..... however, i also knew that three 8's don't beat 3 A's and if that guy went all in without an A, then he was an idiot...and I was pretty sure he wasn't an idiot... I muck, as does everyone else..... we never see the turn, we never see the river, and we never see his cards....., and he is silent, despite the protests from the table for him to tell us... 'What did you have?'.....

It didn't mattre what he had, what mattered, is what we thought he had....., good bet friend.

Monday, December 27, 2004

I got called dumb...

For playing 64o in middle position, limped in with it, during an early round of a MTT freeroll.. think this particular one awarded top 5 with a seat for a chance to win a WSOP package... was at Absolute Poker... yesterday.. thing is.. I had limped in with AJs, AQs, KJs, few other nice lil hands... and even raised with of few of those.. and eithre some fool went all in and I didn't feel like racing, or the flop was just way off.. so, I saw that 64o, and it glowed... it hummed... it said, 'play me'. So, I did.. Flop was 664. I ended up all in with it, about 1700 chips... and won... the opponent, immediately fired into 'what the hell!' type talking... I simply said, 'I figured since i couldn't win with the good hands, ::shrug::'... then he called me dumb or the like.. I told him it happens to the best of us, he said, oh, your the best.. I said, no I was referring to you... then he said I should write a book about dumb moves... couple of the people at the table were defending my move.. was pretty funny... then his A's got cracked and he was gone... thing is, like I said before, pretty much any two cards are worth the same as any other two cards, before the flop, and before too much betting.. I would not have continued had there been a different flop or someone had raised... ah well.. such is life... I tried to save the chat window text, couldn't figure it out....

I should say...that not posting on here since friday or so, was not easy... I ended the weekend slightly ahead... I got back my money that was lost on Party, playing ring games at UB.... Imagine that.. me, the suck ass cash game player making money playing ring games.... I tried a couple few tourneys on UB, but, that was going the same way things were going on Party.... so, I stuck to the rings and then whatever freeroll I could find, usually on Absolute.. and even Omaha.. heh.. I have no clue with Omaha.. I figured AAKK would be a good hand to go all in with... no, its not.. least not for me.. course, I shoulda known my luck wouldn't be any bettre with Omaha tourneys then it was with NLHE tourneys.. tee hee... I used the main two weapons in my my poker arsenal to rebuild my bankroll... and you're prolly tired of hearing this, but, I am gonna keep saying it for any newbies that may come along..

Weapon #1 - Patience
Weapon #2 - Discipline

You have to have number 2, to keep #1 honed to perfection..... I had 25 or so bucks on UB when I started this weekend.. ( I think I lost some in SnG's ). I remember I was playing a ring game working off bonus while in the tourneys... so I was not paying too terrible much attention to eithre....ofcourse, I soon realized the amount of blinds bleeding from my buying at the ring game was way behind the bonus I was, i said, well, let me play this ring game like its a tourney, at least for a couple hands.. and I clicked on 'sit out' for the tourney game and started concentrating on the other..

1st hand I get after deciding to pay sumtin like J9s, im on the button.... normally, I would fold this hand.. and I had just folded away .75cents.. my BR was down to like 18 bucks... 3 of my suit show up on the flop, only like 4 of us in... BB bets the pot.. other 2 fold, I raise him the same amount, and he folds.... WOW! I won a hand at a ring game!!!

I concentrate and get some good pots and am up to 50 bucks, dbled my buy in... so I go back to the tourney game...and only 6 people left.. I sit back in and get dealt AA, and end up taking out 2 peeps to get chip lead... next hand, another goes out.. leaving 3, and I'm ITM. wow, my luck as changed... I just dbled up over there and Im at least gonna get 10 bucks here.... TIME FOR BED! I took second in the tourney, 15 bucks... and opened another ring game.. 2 tabling .25/.50 NLHE.. for freaking hours..... paid off too.. a post or two ago.. my BR was $99.... most of which was on party.... then that went to 2 bucks... now its at $202.. 200 on UB, and that 2 bucks on party still....

Now, with that said.... and we will call it a good ending to a fairly frustrating poker weekend.... I had to take out most of my UB roll, because.....

I rearended a truck on the way home from my parents house... photos. I have high deductables, to keep my premiums low... this will prolly change tho..

I got a sweet tripod for my camera..... I like to take pics of nature and at night and without a flash.... now I won't have to stack boxes..... hopefully soon I can share some decent pics....

There was alot I wanted to talk about, things I thought about over the weekend, when I wasn't playing poker... most of it I forgot... one thing tho.... I would like to hear thoughts on how best to play hands like AA and KK, well, not hands like those, just those two in particular.....

I've been having bettre luck slow playing them.... tourneys don't mattre for my train of thought.. if I raise in EP, most people bow out, and I get a small pot... with KK, I'll muck it with an A on flop and big bet to me.......Personally, I like to get them in late position... if enuff people limp in, I'll go for the pot right there.. take the 2 or 3 bucks and be happy.... but with like 4 or 5 peeps in, I'll generally slow play.. depending on the what the board is showing.......

I saved some hands to share with you all, but, this has gotten pretty long... I guess putting them here at the bottom is a good thing...

1) I got some Xmas cash from a guy betting into me when I hit quads with the flop..

Hand #3667172-6533 at Sepulveda (No Limit Hold'em)
Powered by UltimateBet
Started at 26/Dec/04 20:10:08

ellablue is at seat 0 with $14.75.
sloesoft is at seat 1 with $24.25.
boggins is at seat 3 with $52.10.
Slayre is at seat 4 with $28.55.
salonika is at seat 5 with $25.
Flop House is at seat 6 with $24.45.
CLICK910 is at seat 7 with $45.85.
bosshog84 is at seat 8 with $49.65.
Miloman is at seat 9 with $23.35.
The button is at seat 0.

sloesoft posts the small blind of $.25.
boggins posts the big blind of $.50.
salonika posts out of turn for $.50.

ellablue: -- --
sloesoft: -- --
boggins: -- --
Slayre: Kc Kd
salonika: -- --
Flop House: -- --
CLICK910: -- --
bosshog84: -- --
Miloman: -- --


Slayre calls. salonika checks. Flop House raises to
$1. CLICK910 folds. bosshog84 folds. Miloman
folds. ellablue calls. sloesoft folds. boggins
calls. Slayre calls. salonika calls.

Flop (board: Kh 9d Ks):

boggins checks. Slayre checks. salonika checks.
Flop House bets $.50. ellablue folds. boggins
folds. Slayre calls. salonika folds.

Turn (board: Kh 9d Ks Qc):

Slayre checks. Flop House bets $6.25. Slayre calls.

River (board: Kh 9d Ks Qc 5d):

Slayre checks. Flop House checks.


Slayre shows Kc Kd.
Slayre has Kc Kd Kh Ks Qc: four kings.
Flop House mucks cards.
(Flop House has Ad Qh.)

Hand #3667172-6533 Summary:

$.90 is raked from a pot of $18.75.
Slayre wins $17.85 with four kings.

2) My hammer (from BB).. cash game... :)

Slayre is at seat 9 with $23.25.
The button is at seat 7.

peteheart posts the small blind of $.25.
Slayre posts the big blind of $.50.

onetouch: -- --
RokyMntGamler: -- --
darlingm: -- --
scunny: -- --
No1Special: -- --
y-work: -- --
peteheart: -- --
Slayre: 2s 7h


onetouch folds. RokyMntGamler calls. darlingm
folds. scunny folds. No1Special folds. y-work
calls. peteheart calls. Slayre checks.

Flop (board: 3s 7c 5h):

peteheart checks. Slayre bets $2. RokyMntGamler
folds. y-work folds. peteheart calls.

Turn (board: 3s 7c 5h 8h):

peteheart checks. Slayre bets $6. peteheart folds.
Slayre is returned $6 (uncalled).

Slayre opts to show 2s 7h.
Slayre has 7h 3s 7c 5h 8h: a pair of sevens.

Hand #3667158-8329 Summary:

$.30 is raked from a pot of $6.
Slayre wins $5.70.

3)Hammer in tourney.. not in blind.. bluffing all the way.. sorta

Hand #3743615-20 at Fri215amTEC-039 (No Limit tournament Hold'em)
Powered by UltimateBet
Started at 24/Dec/04 02:40:26

jwh55 is at seat 0 with 1765.
Phlebus is at seat 1 with 2630.
Slayre is at seat 2 with 2045.
WildBill2566 is at seat 3 with 45.
mtmadness is at seat 4 with 2930.
AUTUMN_1942 is at seat 5 with 2975.
akastud is at seat 6 with 1030.
SigEpTxO is at seat 7 with 2770.
fronmon is at seat 8 with 2035.
mybabyslvme is at seat 9 with 2340.
The button is at seat 2.

WildBill2566 posts the small blind of 15.
mtmadness posts the big blind of 30.

jwh55: -- --
Phlebus: -- --
Slayre: 2h 7h
WildBill2566: -- --
mtmadness: -- --
AUTUMN_1942: -- --
akastud: -- --
SigEpTxO: -- --
fronmon: -- --
mybabyslvme: -- --


AUTUMN_1942 calls. akastud folds. SigEpTxO calls.
fronmon folds. mybabyslvme calls. jwh55 folds.
Phlebus calls. Slayre raises to 225. WildBill2566
goes all-in for 45. mtmadness folds. AUTUMN_1942
calls. SigEpTxO calls. mybabyslvme calls. Phlebus

Flop (board: 3c 3h 8h):

AUTUMN_1942 checks. SigEpTxO checks. mybabyslvme
checks. Phlebus checks. Slayre bets 1200.
AUTUMN_1942 folds. SigEpTxO folds. mybabyslvme
folds. Phlebus folds. Slayre is returned 1200

Tournament all-in showdown -- players show:

Slayre shows 2h 7h.
WildBill2566 shows 8d 2s.

Turn (board: 3c 3h 8h 6h):

(no action in this round)

River (board: 3c 3h 8h 6h Ts):

(no action in this round)


Slayre has 2h 7h 3h 8h 6h: flush, eight high.
WildBill2566 has 8d 3c 3h 8h Ts: two pair, eights and threes.

Hand #3743615-20 Summary:

No rake is taken for this hand.
Slayre wins the main pot 300 with flush, eight high.
Slayre wins the side pot 900 with flush, eight high.
WildBill2566 is eliminated.

In summary, for now anyway... I don't think it was dumb to play 64o, in a freeroll, for a cheap limp in.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

And then there was 2 bucks left

here is a prime example of the kind of cards i've been dealing with over the last 24 hours....

#Game No : 1338975010
***** Hand History for Game 1338975010 *****
NL Hold'em $10 Buy-in + $1 Entry Fee Trny:8105769 Level:1 Blinds(10/15) - Thursday, December 23, 16:43:11 EDT 2004
Table Table 11699 (Real Money)
Seat 10 is the button
Total number of players : 10
Seat 1: da1fish ( $770 )
Seat 3: DrKochi ( $470 )
Seat 5: EPsPoppy ( $800 )
Seat 7: bksballers ( $1200 )
Seat 9: kenibus ( $800 )
Seat 6: masterk ( $770 )
Seat 4: Slayre ( $800 )
Seat 2: setemdown ( $800 )
Seat 8: Schizan ( $800 )
Seat 10: passingtime2 ( $790 )
Trny:8105769 Level:1
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to Slayre [ Qc Kh ]
DrKochi folds.
Slayre calls [15].
EPsPoppy folds.
masterk folds.
bksballers raises [30].
Schizan folds.
kenibus folds.
passingtime2 calls [30].
da1fish folds.
setemdown calls [15].
Slayre calls [15].
** Dealing Flop ** [ Jd, Th, 8h ]
setemdown checks.
Slayre checks.
bksballers bets [15].
passingtime2 folds.
setemdown folds.
Slayre calls [15].
** Dealing Turn ** [ Ts ]
Slayre checks.
bksballers bets [15].
Slayre calls [15].
** Dealing River ** [ Ac ]
Slayre bets [190].
bksballers is all-In [1140]
Slayre is all-In [550]
Slayre shows [ Qc, Kh ] a straight, ten to ace.
bksballers shows [ Ad, Td ] a full house, Tens full of aces.
Slayre finished in tenth place.

Im going to rent some movies, buy some beer and pizza, and just veg out for the rest of the weekend.. ofcourse, I have to wait until I lose this tourney I'm playing on UB, which I am doing fairly well in, which ofcourse does not mattre..ill lose even if i gain chip lead, it wont mattre...

also playing a ring game on UB.. keeping above my 25 dollar buy in and the bonus is working off nicely...well, slowly, but, still...

No more posts til Monday..... just cuz...

Poker Hates Me

welp, I shoulda listened to myself and took that break I said I would take... but no...................... I just had to play some more... 99 dollars is now 24, and I just barely squeaked out a 3rd place finish to win 20 bucks... ugh

And the sad part is.. I didn't really do anything 'wrong'. Seemed like 1 outta 30 hand were worth playing... and I was the only one playing so, small pots.. I couldn't catch any flops... nothing... aces getting beat by trip 2's. KJs getting beat by Q's and J's.... I could go on and on.. basically.. I when I had a hand 'maybe' worth playing.. some jerk would go all in ahead of me... and when I was able to play a hand.. eithre I missed entirely, or no one wanted to play... the worst part of it is....out of about 20 or 25 tourneys... I am gonna guess 15 or so were 4th place finishes...... I played quite a few $5 buyins, and took 1 second and 1 third... and then switched to 10 dollar, and took 1 3rd.... my net earnings from poker are in the red again... argh..

I also played some ring games on UB (bonus whore), won 3 dollars..... barely.....

ugh.. ugh... ugh..... going to rest all day... maybe look for some freerolls for the next few days, or hit a couple B&M's... something different...

Im not actually in the red, cuz I still have 50 bucks on UB..... but, I don't track those stats with PT, like I prolly should.....

Merry Christmas.

Edit: Ok, lets put this into perspective.. yesterday, afternoon, I had 48 dollars on Party.. when I quit for the night.. so to speak, I had 99 dollars.. and now, I have, I guess you could say, I only lost 24 dollars...since yesterday...instead of 75.. which makes it more bearable... heh....

and I know, I prolly shoulda quit after the 4th or 5th bubble..... ah well... always another day. :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

I love it when a plan comes together

Geesh.. so far, I'm doing very well with the $5 SnG's.. in the last two hours.. played 4 tourneys... won 3.. not ITM 3 times, won 1st three times... um, 8th in the other one... but that is like 75% ITM right..? That is good for 4 games... right? 75 - 24 = 51 earnings.. puts me at $99.. that is pretty much 4 buyins for the blogger table!!!!!!! heh, im not as excited as my typing might indicate.. I'm just silly... I'm also taking a short couple hour or more break from poker... got the freeroll speed tourney in about 30 minutes... but, i never do well in those...

I was wrong about my tourney stats... I've got:

108 total games at 5 dollars.
ROI 13.5%
ITM 41.7%

75 total games at 10 dollars.
ROI 15.2%
ITM 44.0%

My combined average finish is 4.61, which is way too many bubbles... but, I bet if I filter by date, say last two weeks, that would improve.. if I can figure that out.. heh...ok figured it out.. um, not much difference.. there is an improvement tho..

I've decided that I did not waste money on Pokertracker and I do highly recommend it... since I have actually started looking at it and making a concerned effort to figure it, I am positive my game has improved....

92 more 5 dollar games... and will continue to be patient and disciplined...

Oh about those Ace's woes:

#Game No : 1334266012
***** Hand History for Game 1334266012 *****
NL Hold'em $5 Buy-in + $1 Entry Fee Trny:8079665 Level:4 Blinds(50/100) - Wednesday, December 22, 15:46:34 EDT 2004
Table Table 12353 (Real Money)
Seat 10 is the button
Total number of players : 5
Seat 10: Reyes1973 ( $3070 )
Seat 7: ohiostbux ( $1305 )
Seat 5: Slayre ( $960 )
Seat 9: mcwoods ( $1890 )
Seat 8: patchat ( $775 )
Trny:8079665 Level:4
There is no Small Blind in this hand as the Big Blind of the previous hand left the table.
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to Slayre [ As Ah ]
>You have options at Table 12290 Table!.
ohiostbux calls [100].
beverage55: You're an idiot!
patchat folds.
>You have options at Table 12290 Table!.
mcwoods calls [100].
Reyes1973 raises [200].
Slayre raises [200].
beverage55: That was borderline retarded, sir. Talking about prev. hand.
>You have options at Table 12290 Table!.
ohiostbux folds.
beverage55: Go XXXX yourself.
beverage55: You deserve to die.
>You have options at Table 12290 Table!.
mcwoods folds.
Reyes1973 calls [100].
** Dealing Flop ** [ 3h, Ac, 2h ]
Slayre checks.
Reyes1973 checks.
** Dealing Turn ** [ 8d ]
Slayre checks.
Reyes1973 checks.
** Dealing River ** [ 3c ]
patchat: i guess he wasn't happy
Slayre is all-In [660]
>You have options at Table 12290 Table!.
Reyes1973: i got Q's I replied with Darn! but it did not show up.
beverage55: Call, why wouldn't you.
Reyes1973 calls [660].
Slayre shows [ As, Ah ] a full house, Aces full of threes.
Reyes1973 shows [ Qh, Qs ] two pairs, queens and threes.
Slayre wins 2120 chips from the main pot with a full house, Aces full of threes.

Won this one.. :)

Pocket Ace's woes

Please Poker Gods, only deal me ace's in shorthanded games.... heh

I was playing a ring game on UB and a tourney on Party at the same time last night... I get dealt AA on UB, in EP. I had just got them about 5 hands ago and won a nice size pot...for me anyway.. bout 12 bucks.., I really don't like AA in early position...and while I am thinking about what to do.. I get dealt 22 over at Party, in LP.... hmmmm.. I up agaisnt 10 peeps on UB, only 5 others on Party... UB is actual realtime money loss or gain.. Party is 5 bucks I already spent I might get back..if I play my cards right...

With AA in EP, I just limped... feeling pretty confident i would end up mucking them..... I was BB+1.. everyone the BB.. WHAT!!!! argh.. he raises to 3 dollars.... I call... flop is 2 2 7..... he goes all in for 40 bucks....or maybe 20... i forget.. i muck and he graciously shows me 72.. heh... yay for him... that only cost me $3.50....

With my 2's on Party... everyone limped in... I button -1, so I raised 3XBB.. 150 I think...everyone called... crap I say....flop is 2 2 7... SB bets, BB calls, well, everyone calls to me... i call.. long story short.. only 3 players left after that hand.. and I was now the chip leader....

It was truly bizarre to see that happen and a lil confusing as well.... I went ahead and quit out of UB and started 2 tabling Party tourneys... I was like in a sorta daze after that wierdness...

I switched back to $5 SnG's cuz I can play more games for the money.. and the level of competition is somewhat easier to deal with than the $10 games.. not much, but enuff to keep me ITM 60% or bettre...slow build up back to a point I can start again with the $10 games...

I looked at PT last night and it showed me at 102 $5 SnG's, and I think 77 10$ SnG's... ROI is not where I want it, not losing, just barely above average... but more importantly.. it showed me ITM for the 5 dollar games at 65%, and only 40% for the 10 dollar games... I had read that 200 tourneys is a good number to get a decent figure for accuracy, so i decided to just play the 5 dollar games...up to 200... and at the same time.. check out PT.... I discovered that if I stare at it long enuff, lil things start to make sense to me.... I even ventured into my ring games statistics.. what a joke..

So, my new plan of action... consistantly conquer the 5 dollar tourneys... move up to 10 dollar tourneys and continue to conquer... and at the same time... work off my stupid bonus on UB....I call it stupid because you have to actually 'play' to get it... you just cant sit there and fold hand after hand after hand... you will end up losing.. you can wait for the KK or the AA.. but, still those are rare and you will end up losing... my problem is, I suck at ring games.. I am so timid, scared, passive, whatever... so, I have to work on that... last couple days tho.. I managed to get from 15 bucks to 40, on UB.. so, I suppose even tho I suck.. with patience and discipline, I will get payed off by those that suck worse than me... the few that there are...

Reference November.. I lost 400 bucks lickity split when I started this online venture.. and I just recently, within last 2 weeks, got it all back and am now about 200 dollars ahead.. so to speak.. I have to keep taking it out to pay off stuff I didn't pay off when lost that 400 dollars... heh.. and I know, I prolly shouldn't be playing if I can't afford it, and believe me, if it comes to that, I will stop.. a bettre saying, I shouldn't play stupid, regardless if I can afford it or not... I bring this up to emphasis that I have learned the last 2 months.. and even tho there are the 'not so good days', I have managed to temper them with a 'really great' day now and again.. and the other days are plain old good...average I guess...

Beginning next month.. or now..I guess.. I will no longer need to take any of my earnings out of the sites... I will be able to actually see my bankroll grow...and grow and grow and grow... I find this exciting...

So, Ill keep on blogging, keep on playing online.. visit an occasional B&M, and remember my mantra. 'patience and discipline'

Hmm, no links.. :(

Jessica Alba fans --- Click HERE

Monday, December 20, 2004

Royal Vega$ Blues

heh not really

I came in 255th, out of 1706 players, for my group(E). they were taking 1 of 10 to the next level.. I lost with AQs, all in.... blinds were 300/600 and the play was like one orbit and then the blinds go up.. cuz people were thinking, or stalling or what not.. one caller... chip leader( or one them ).... he had pocket 9's... not too bad....

flop A 9 K
turn K
river 3

none of my suit... heh.. I felt pretty good.. was free to play.. i picked a pretty good hand to go all in with... and im sure, oh.. I had 3900 chips, other guy had about 28k or so.. anyway, i was sure with 8k in chips ( dbl up plus blinds ).. I would have easily coasted into the top 170... ah well.. was fun anyway.. RV has a pretty nice interface...

Here is a hand, from UB, ring game.. that makes up for those people I mentioned in my last post, those people that shouldn't be in the pot in the first place...

Hand #3667174-184 at Miraflores (No Limit Hold'em)
Powered by UltimateBet
Started at 20/Dec/04 18:43:45

Chofu is at seat 0 with $25.
grandtetons is at seat 1 with $22.25.
Kenric is at seat 2 with $65.50.
crashm1 is at seat 3 with $46.05.
BartmanCurse is at seat 4 with $11.25.
fondriest is at seat 5 with $8.75.
deflep89 is at seat 6 with $9.25.
Slayre is at seat 7 with $21.75.
cwba20 is at seat 9 with $37.80.
The button is at seat 7.

cwba20 posts the small blind of $.25.
Chofu posts the big blind of $.50.

Chofu: -- --
grandtetons: -- --
Kenric: -- --
crashm1: -- --
BartmanCurse: -- --
fondriest: -- --
deflep89: -- --
Slayre: As Ks
cwba20: -- --


grandtetons folds. Kenric folds. crashm1 folds.
BartmanCurse calls. fondriest calls. deflep89
folds. Slayre raises to $1. cwba20 folds. Chofu
folds. BartmanCurse calls. fondriest calls.

Flop (board: 4s Ac 6c):

BartmanCurse checks. fondriest checks. Slayre bets
$3.75. BartmanCurse folds. fondriest calls.

Turn (board: 4s Ac 6c Jd):

fondriest checks. Slayre bets $11.25. fondriest
goes all-in for $4. Slayre is returned $7.25

River (board: 4s Ac 6c Jd 3s):

(no action in this round)


Slayre shows As Ks.
Slayre has As Ks Ac 6c Jd: a pair of aces.
fondriest shows Ad 9h.
fondriest has Ad 9h Ac 6c Jd: a pair of aces, jack/nine kickers.

So I won me about 10 bucks and called it quits on UB.. to play in the RV 100k freeroll.....

Fairly decent weekend

I did feel pretty good about my weekend.... starting after work on friday, ending sometime early saturday morning, I had won a few tourneys on Pokerroom to put me ahead by about 300 bucks... man it felt good...

Today, its Monday.... rest of saturday and then a bit on sunday.. I lost some of those earnings, but still ahead... still have a bit of money on three sites... tonight is my groups 100k freeroll preliminary on Royal Vegas... looking forward to that....

Going to share a hand with ya'll. I have not yet decided if the guy just got lucky, or if I didn't bet enuff before the river.. or what.. background is that he would pretty much call any bet, to the river.. sometimes even all in bets, and he would almost always catch one of his outs... In this case.. I think had I bet 3XBB, on the flop, he might have caved, but, the pot would have been small...

here it is:

No-limit Texas Hold'em $10+$1 (real money), hand #511,521,160
Ventura Single Table Tournament, 19 Dec 2004 08:55 AM

Seat 2: 4acefrolle ($1,325 in chips)
Seat 3: kylelizard ($3,095 in chips)
Seat 4: Zonnywhoop ($3,272 in chips)
Seat 6: texasAUtiger ($3,495 in chips)
Seat 7: Slayre [QH,KD] ($1,385 in chips)
Seat 9: Kelley4x1 ($1,535 in chips)
Seat 10: TARE21 ($893 in chips)

TARE21 posts blind ($25), 4acefrolle posts blind ($50).

kylelizard folds, Zonnywhoop folds, texasAUtiger folds, Slayre calls $50, Kelley4x1 folds, TARE21 calls $25, 4acefrolle checks.

FLOP [board cards JD,10D,KS ]
TARE21 checks, 4acefrolle checks, Slayre bets $100, TARE21 calls $100, 4acefrolle folds.

TURN [board cards JD,10D,KS,8S ]
TARE21 checks, Slayre bets $100, TARE21 calls $100.

RIVER [board cards JD,10D,KS,8S,3S ]
TARE21 checks, Slayre checks.

TARE21 shows [ 3H,3D ]
Slayre mucks cards [ QH,KD ]
TARE21 wins $550.

Dealer: Kelley4x1
Pot: $550
4acefrolle, loses $50
kylelizard, loses $0
Zonnywhoop, loses $0
texasAUtiger, loses $0
Slayre, loses $250
Kelley4x1, loses $0
TARE21, bets $250, collects $550, net $300

I remember thinking had he a straight, he would have prolly raised me on the turn...or bet it on the river..

I don't know too many 'good' players that would stick with those 3's with that many over cards...and a straight draw! I know I wouldn't, but perhaps I am not as good as I think I am... it would be different if this guy had alot more chips... I'm pretty sure he would have called me to the river, regardless of my bet.. so, I don't feel bad about the way I played it, just maybe tho, had I came out stronger on the flop... but, I needed more value... is this just 'one of those hands'? I checked on the river because i figured he had a set, of sumtin or the other, or at least 2 pair. Now that I have typed that, I guess had I come out gunning, I would have been 100 ahead instead of 250 behind.. heh...perhaps. nah, he would have played those 3's no matter what.. I'm sure of that..

I get so frustrated to losing pots to folks that should never have been in the pot in the first place.. heh.. I'm not sure how to defend agaisnt that... I wonder if it is just part of the variance factor...

Oh well.. I do know that being more agressive and giving more value to my cards has helped my game... alot.. that feels good....

I came up with this:

before the flop and before the first bet after the BB, everyone's two hole cards are worth the same.

This prolly isn't news to anyone.. but, its a pretty simple rule to help me understand what cards I should play and when...... one thing I did over the weekend, was try to play any two cards early on... however, I didn't pay enuff attention to position and it backfired more times than I care to say...

But, i believe, early on in a tourney, your two hole cards are just as valuable as the next players, taking size of bets and position into account... so, im going to start buying in with any two cards, in the early rounds, in late position....the way I play, I'll end up at round 3 with the same amount of chips anyway, being the tight ass that I am... heh.. might as well play of few of those hands..... catch those sets...two pairs and what not.....

I also had this song in my head all of friday and into saturday which i believe was a big factor in my winnings... Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Bruce Springstien... just kept humming it over and over.. and kept winning hand after hand..

..Better not pout! Raise!
..Better not shout! Raise! heh..

I'm gonna have to start playing more ring games, now that my bankroll is a bit more padded..... specially on UB, where I still have 90.00 bonus to work off.. ugh...

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 18, 2004

My Hammer Hand

No-limit Texas Hold'em $10+$1 (real money), hand #509,807,471
Miami Single Table Tournament, 18 Dec 2004 01:26 PM

Seat 1: billystyle ($1,130 in chips)
Seat 4: KardMatrix ($885 in chips)
Seat 7: Slayre [2D,7D] ($5,450 in chips)
Seat 8: SharkAZ ($3,795 in chips)
Seat 9: Laura S.H. ($2,770 in chips)
Seat 10: CrazyTalk589 ($970 in chips)

CrazyTalk589 posts blind ($50), billystyle posts blind ($100).

KardMatrix folds, Slayre calls $100, SharkAZ folds, Laura S.H. folds, CrazyTalk589 calls $50, billystyle checks.

FLOP [board cards 5S,QC,6D ]
CrazyTalk589 checks, billystyle checks, Slayre checks.

TURN [board cards 5S,QC,6D,8H ]
CrazyTalk589 checks, billystyle checks, Slayre checks.

RIVER [board cards 5S,QC,6D,8H,7H ]
CrazyTalk589 checks, billystyle checks, Slayre checks.

CrazyTalk589 shows [ 10C,KS ]
billystyle shows [ JH,AS ]
Slayre shows [ 2D,7D ]
Slayre wins $300.

Dealer: Laura S.H.
Pot: $300
billystyle, loses $100
KardMatrix, loses $0
Slayre, bets $100, collects $300, net $200
SharkAZ, loses $0
Laura S.H., loses $0
CrazyTalk589, loses $100

I know, just the blinds, but, this was pretty fun... next time i have the chance, with that kind of chip lead, i'll bet with it... long as there is no all-in, heh...but, I did call this from other than a blind position, so I figure, it counts.

I bought the 15 dollar holiday package at Pokerroom, where you get 4 tickets to a 2 dollar MTT, 1 ticket to a 10 dollar MTT, and a mouse pad.. I took 6th in the $10 MTT, 75 bucks... I took a 1st in one of the sharks($2), lost one, and about to play a third here in about 25 minutes... also won a regular $10 SnG or two..

Won some on party too.... long story short.. so far, since yesterday afternoon, I am +$300. I'm pretty stoked. That is 300 I've already pulled out of the sites back into my bank account.. still have about 60 on party, 20 on pokerroom, 25 on UB, and about 100 in neteller....

i should go to bed before i freak out.


Friday, December 17, 2004

Incredible happenings..

Well, not all that incredible.. just a hand that had me laffing my ass off... not at any particular player.. just at the sheer sillyness of it.... this hand happened after a series of about 4 or 5 obvious blind steal attempts, by several of the players seated... I had K8s and was in early position. so, I limped.. hit an inside straight draw, big bet to kick out other draws... another big bet to hopefully get the big stack out... which is the only one i needed to beat to stay in the game... by the time the river came over, i was ready to leave.. then i saw the chips heading in my direction... was i suprised... heh.. here ya go... not entirely horrible decisions made on my part, cuz, ronnieX had even more horrible decisions, that is not true... i made my decision early to be aggressive with this hand no mattre what.. i heard and read, you have to be willing to lose, in order to win.. and Ronnie did have the 4 to a flush.. but, still he was drawing with 3 others in, so.. that is an iffy call.. he did not have too much invested, i don't think...

oh i finished 57th, banked 19 bucks and some change... 13 dollar profit.. I think RonnieX finished ITM too...

***** Hand History for Game 1308759094 *****
30/60 TourneyTexasHTGameTable (NL) (Tournament 7938828) - Thu Dec 16 15:23:22 EST 2004
Table Multi-Table(171224) Table 73 (Real Money) -- Seat 5 is the button
Total number of players : 10
Seat 1: TysDaddy04 (725)
Seat 2: eagle_01 (1411)
Seat 3: judepie (670)
Seat 4: imagine30al (800)
Seat 5: Ltrain24 (1575)
Seat 6: cutter195 (180)
Seat 7: skinnyfatboy (1207)
Seat 8: Slayre (1865)
Seat 9: petezky (2815)
Seat 10: Ronniex (4452)
cutter195 posts small blind (15)
skinnyfatboy posts big blind (30)
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to Slayre [ Ks, 8s ]
Slayre calls (30)

petezky folds.
Ronniex calls (30)
TysDaddy04 folds.
eagle_01 calls (30)
judepie folds.
imagine30al calls (30)
Ltrain24 calls (30)
cutter195 raises (165) to 180
cutter195 is all-In.
skinnyfatboy calls (150)
Slayre calls (150)
Ronniex calls (150)

eagle_01 calls (150)
imagine30al calls (150)
Ltrain24 calls (150)
Creating Main Pot with $1260 with cutter195
** Dealing Flop ** : [ 4s, 6c, 7c ]
skinnyfatboy checks.
Slayre bets (700)
Ronniex calls (700)

eagle_01 folds.
imagine30al calls (620)
imagine30al is all-In.

Ltrain24 folds.
skinnyfatboy folds.
Creating Side Pot 1 with $1860 with imagine30al
** Dealing Turn ** : [ Th ]
Slayre bets (985)
Slayre is all-In.
Ronniex calls (985)

** Dealing River ** : [ 4d ]
Creating Side Pot 2 with $2130 with Slayre
** Summary **
Main Pot: 1260 | Side Pot 1: 1860 | Side Pot 2: 2130 |
Board: [ 4s 6c 7c Th 4d ]
TysDaddy04 balance 725, didn't bet (folded)
eagle_01 balance 1231, lost 180 (folded)
judepie balance 670, didn't bet (folded)
imagine30al balance 1860, bet 800, collected 1860, net +1060 [ Qh 7h ] [ two pairs, sevens and fours -- Qh,7h,7c,4s,4d ]
Ltrain24 balance 1395, lost 180 (folded)
cutter195 balance 1260, bet 180, collected 1260, net +1080 [ Ad Ts ] [ two pairs, tens and fours -- Ad,Ts,Th,4s,4d ]
skinnyfatboy balance 1027, lost 180 (folded)
Slayre balance 2130, bet 1865, collected 2130, net +265 [ Ks 8s ] [ a pair of fours with king kicker -- Ks,Th,8s,4s,4dKs(kicker card) ]
petezky balance 2815, didn't bet (folded)
Ronniex balance 2587, lost 1865 [ 8c Qc ] [ a pair of fours -- Qc,Th,8c,4s,4d ]

also played in one 10+1 SnG, took 3rd...and a freeroll on UB, where my set of 7's were beat by a set of 10's... I was all in.. all well.. and that is pretty much all I played..

11 bucks(SnG) + 6 bucks(MTT) = 17 in buy ins.
20 bucks(SnG) + 19 bucks(MTT) = 39 in winnings.

39 - 17 = 22 in earnings for about 3 hours time.. no complaints here.. i have $100 dollar bank roll, I think I will try ring games for a, ( beating a dead bush here ), I still need to figure out why I wasted 55 bucks on pokertracker...or, if i wasted it, I should say.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Amatuer Poker League

( told ya )

The APL, has expanded a bit here and Austin and I think I will finally take advantage of their format. They used to just play at Razzoo's, a place I have no desire to visit.. but now, they are playing at Showplace Lanes( bowling lanes ), and Baby A's, a place I used to frequent during many a happy hour...... I think I will also try to convince Clicks to contact them and let them become an APL place to play...

Maybe Clicks South as well....

early to bed, early to rise

I didn't feel much like playing, last night... so.. I didn't.. I layed down on the couch and settled in to watch the WPT Ladies Night II, and fell asleep shortly after Clonie Gowen was eliminated.. so, at this time, I know not who won....

Woke up at about 3 am, and DID feel like playing poker... so... I did. Fired up Party and joined a couple 10+1 SnG's... ended up playing 7 I think... two 1st places and one second place... had started with bank of 22 bucks, ended with 75 bucks... nice lil early morning profit.... as i was playing.. and btw, I felt pretty confident in pretty much every one of them... unlike I have been feeling... anyway, as I was playing... I figured out that I have not been giving my starting cards the proper value that I should be... but, when I did give them the proper value, someone would raise, eithre before or after I limped in.. or even reraise me.. and then, and this is the revelation.. I would almost always back down.. ie, devalue my starting hands.... This is how I always end up short stacked with 6 players, waiting and hoping for 2 GREAT cards before the blinds go up again...

So, I decide to keep the my determined value of my starting cards, thru out the hand, especially preflop..., and the hell with the raises and reraises.....

Talk about scary.... one hand.. I had J10s.... and I raised with only 4 players still in.. first two to act had folded, leaving me, button, SB, and BB... the BB was 50, so, with about 700 chips, I raised to 150, 3X's the BB... button folds, SB folds and BB raises to 300, he had about 1400 in chips... so now normally, in the past, I would devalue my hand immediately and muck.. but this time.. I thought for a minute... this guy has been having his blinds stolen quite a bit... he is prolly protecting his blind with a marginal or less hand... he always raised big with a better then marginal hand and almost always folded to an all in...( or was it the other guy, heh ).. so, I go all in... he folds... and now I am no longer the short stack.. :) I finished 1st in this one... I was so happy with my damn self...

Another hand, KQ, i flopped the 'would be nut straight if your opponent did not have AK. At least I was suited and hit the 4 flush.. heh... that was the first hand of the tourney and I went all in and then was out.. oh well... I think that was my second or third last place finish outta 200 plus tourneys or so...

Finally, well, not finally as in finally, but finally as in this is all I'm gonna share at this time but I'll prolly think of something else to write about before the day is over.. I share with you this hand:

Table Table 11213 (Real Money) -- Seat 1 is the button
Total number of players : 6
Seat 1: tymhz (1035)
Seat 2: Slayre (700)
Seat 3: OrionEffect (760)
Seat 7: pattycake9 (745)
Seat 9: minitrader99 (2400)
Seat 10: jan32 (2360)
Slayre posts small blind (10)
OrionEffect posts big blind (15)
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to Slayre [ Qs, 2s ]
pattycake9 raises (30) to 30
minitrader99 folds.
jan32 calls (30)
tymhz calls (30)
Slayre calls (20)
OrionEffect folds.
** Dealing Flop ** : [ 9c, Qh, 5s ]
Slayre bets (670)
Slayre is all-In.
pattycake9 raises (715) to 715
pattycake9 is all-In.
jan32 folds.
tymhz folds.
** Dealing Turn ** : [ 2h ]
** Dealing River ** : [ Qd ]
Creating Main Pot with $1475 with Slayre
Creating Side Pot 1 with $45 with pattycake9
** Summary **
Main Pot: 1475 | Side Pot 1: 45
Board: [ 9c Qh 5s 2h Qd ]
tymhz balance 1005, lost 30 (folded)
Slayre balance 1475, bet 700, collected 1475, net +775 [ Qs 2s ] [ a full house, Queens full of twos -- Qs,Qh,Qd,2s,2h ]
OrionEffect balance 745, lost 15 (folded)
pattycake9 balance 45, bet 745, collected 45, lost -700 [ Ks Kh ] [ two pairs, kings and queens -- Ks,Kh,Qh,Qd,9c ]
minitrader99 balance 2400, didn't bet (folded)

This is one of those hands where I gave my 2 hole cards more value than I would have in the past... I was happy to see that Queen with two low cards.. altho, my kicker of a two was not all that promising.. I needed to get some of these limpers I ask myself, what is the best way to do that.. then I say, fuck it, and I go all in.. not wanting any callers.....but look, the very next player calls me, oh shit, I'm out again.... then the turn and then the river, and I truly believe the hand would have turned out the same way had i just bet on the flop and then called KK's in reraise, which i am sure he would have done... turn would have given me two pair.. and I would have prolly put him in AQ or KQ.... and checked, then maybe he goes all in and I call, or maybe he checks.. point is, prolly really didn't mattre when I went all in with this hand, results would have been the same...

anyway.. he was rather perturbed that I went in with Q2, i said, no.. I went in with QQ 9 5.. then he got more mad.. I said, 'Don't you know, KK doesn't meant a whole lot on Party Poker?' and someone said, 'usually means second place'. heh, i thought that was pretty funny.....

Oh, one reason i didn't feel like playing earlier in the evening, is cuz I spent 3 hours replacing/learning how to replace my ex's kitchen faucets, tubing, and shut off valves... I think I have it down pretty good now.. so.. if you want any pointers.. just holler...

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

White Elephant

We had a holiday party, today at work, for my lil group that I am in.. and we did a White Elephant gift exchange... that's when everyone brings a wrapped gift, and then everyone involved draws a number, and number gets to pick a gift first, then they unwrap it and if it is a good one, they hope it gets 'stolen'. Number 2 goes, and from now on the gift picker can eithre take a new gift and unwrap it, or they can 'steal' a gift that has already been revealed by a previous person... and so on and so on... I ended up with a 'Sandwich Maker'. No brand name... and I have no real idea why I decided I wanted it, but, it had already been stolen once, and the limit was 2 steals per gift, so, if i stole it, then it would be mine for good... there was not a whole lot of other choices showing, and opening up a gift was iffy at best, so, I figured, this was prolly my best shot.... I got to thinking it might come in handy if I ever have a quesadilla party...

Merry Christmas!

ugh! those pre flop raisers!!!

Last night, I had decided to make a point, to loosen up my starting requirements, in the SNG's, for the first 2 rounds of blinds.... I had decided, to pretty much come in with anything, pretty much, as long as the price was right...

First set of two cards I would not normally play, that I decide to call the BB...
K 3 offsuit.. I'm on the button. I should prolly play this hand anyway, but, normally i wouldn't.. anyway.. this time, I'm gonna play it.. see the flop, and bow out if necessary.. everyone decides to take forever to decide to limp in....except for one person.. the person right to my right.. he goes All-in for 755 chips.. I have 775 chips. I muck my K 3 off suit.

He gets one caller and is busted out... the caller was the big blind, with K 4 suited. The board was K rag rag rag rag 3. the all in dude had 2 queens.

Next chance I get one of those hands that i would not normally play, couple hands latre.. A 6 suited. Not bad.. like to play it normally, only in good position... I'm im middle position now.. and prolly would normally call if no raises... well....there are 2 folds, then mr. "im almost out of chips so i bettre go all in with 10 9 s", goes all in... its only 225, I still have 775, so, i call, figuring the blinds will prolly muck.... no, SB makes it 450, BB makes it all of his 1600 or so chips.... I muck...

BB had KQs, SB folded to BB all in... initial All in had 10 9s... they the same suit...BB wins, K high.... argh!!!!

I fold about 20 hands in a row, cuz I know I'm tilted.....

AA shows up...6 of us left.. I'm low stack. All in.. one caller.. he flips KK.. yay, I'm ahead.. Flop is K 10 2 or such.... ARGHHHHH!! turn is 8 or sumtin.. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I've already got my mouse pointer on 'Leave Table'..... river is

Ace!!!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!! I took second. :)

I'm very agressive with 6 players or less.. more confident... and I can't seem to play that way with 10 people... ie, early in the tourney... if I could.. it seems i would never lose... its wierd.... maybe I'm letting my bad beats early on prevent me from playing a good game early on.... knowing my confidence will be there with 6 players or less...... I don't have the bankroll to take too many chances.... and free money tourneys are completely different, so practice there is not an option... ah well... maybe i should wear a different pair of shorts...

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Royal Vega$ 100k Freeroll

I had qualified for this tourney, and they sent me the email about how they got an overwhelming response ( duh ), and are having to break up the tourney into 5 groups. My group, E, plays on monday, the 20th, at 8pm CST.

I'm pretty sure I'm not gonna be able to last as long as it is going to take to get to the coveted 1 in 10 spot, in order to play the big one on the 23rd or so... but it is free, so...

( if you click the title link, you can take advantage of 100% bonus up to $100.00 )


Lets see... weather is cold... cards are luke warm at best.. 3 10+1 SnG's last night.., placed 3rd twice.. 33 - 40 = +7 woo hoo.. then EarthSea came on and I watched that.. why I watched it for more than 20 minutes, I know not. It really was not very good at all... loopy plot, miscast characters, bad cgi, bad acting. sorta of harry potter meets lord of the rings, without peter jackson. maybe part two tonight will be much bettre..would not take a whole lot for it to be much bettre anyway...

I have a live tourney wednesday.. but, Im not so sure I want to go.. I do love playing and playing with the folks that will be there.. but, playing well takes you late into the night, usually after midnight, and I really can not afford to miss work, or even be late to work... not for just 100 dollars... I went last week with the intention of leaving at 10 pm, regardless of how I was doing, but, I did qualify for the final table, and a certain point, I decided to just stick it out.. ending up 4th, no money, midnight and a half, and Im looking at maybe 3 hours of sleep before work... which would have been easier to deal with, had I had the 100 bucks...

I still have no idea how to look at poker tracker to find holes.. I still dl and import and such, all my hands tho... I already know, in general, my holes, just by being half way intelligent.. can pokertracker keep you from making bonehead decisions?

A friend from DAoC, Mikey, started a poker blog.. he was kind enuff to use my affiliate links to start his forway into poker... seems he is doing well, bettre than me anyway.. heh..his blog is new..but, I'm sure he will fill it with, stuff.

Friday, December 10, 2004

still grinding..

Ok, well, I'm not much in a blogging mood right now.. tons of work to do.. but, need to update all my loyal readers on my poker escapades from the last few days....

I went and played in a local tourney last tuesday night... and won 1st place..with another gentleman, we decided it was getting late, so we split the pot... I took a cue from Pauly and set myself up with a buzznet account, and put some pics I took from tuesday night up there..

Dean, the tourney director at Clicks, invited me to play in the main game on Wednesday, so, i accepted.. I came in 4th place, 2 places shy of the money...

I played the best poker I have ever played both tuesday and wednesday night.. I was a machine, a monster.. I had so much confidence with every single move I made.. bluffing, semi bluffing, check raising, all ins, reading other players.. God, the feeling was euphoric(sp). The hand I lost on, wednesday, AQs, I go all in and get called with A8s. Flop is rag, 8, rag, and the turn and river are rags too.. I had no complaints... got commended for excellent play by several players...

Online.. I have lil to know confidence online.. but, yesterday, i tried to ride my rush playing live, onto my party poker and UB gaming time... well, yippee... lost 22 dollars on UB, won 25 dollars on Party Poker, ring games both places... UB im still working off a bonus, PP, i decided to start back up cuz of the free t-shirt offer... only two hundred raked hands... just a few hours... so, i took my initial depost back from PP, leaving me 25.05 and played a few 5+1 SNG's, won a couple, played some more ring games to get the shirt, lost bout half my money, played a few more SNG's and now have 34 or so dollars, which is all profit... same with the 4 dollars I have left on UB.

So, I'm still over 100 ahead, if you count paying for Theory of Poker and PokerTracker...

My favorite aunt is in town, spent some time with her last night.. that is always a blast...

going to my granddaughters xmas party at her daycare today.. she is 4 years old.. this will be fun...

got live tourneys tonight.. will use time to try out different strategies.....

babysitting niece and nephew most of saturday, sat. night, and half of sunday.. they don't get to see me enuff, and vicy versy, so, this will be way cool...

Oh, lost 20 of 25 bucks on UB, all on one hand... I had AJs, and flop was KQ10 rainbow.. it was just button and me in the hand, i bet 2 bucks, he called.. turn is a 7, i bet the pot, about 5 bucks.. he calls... hmmm, I say... he has a set, 2 pair, or a straight, no flush possible.., river is 10... hmmmmm, he could have 4 of a kind, but, he would have bet it different... full house, not likely..prolly would have raised the set on the turn... all in a go, with my flopped straight... he had 10 7. full house... i imagine had i bet more on the flop, he might not have called with just a pair of tens.. but on the turn, with 2 pair, he prolly put me on A low kicker, or K low kicker..or anything but the he calls the pot bet with his 2 pair...then the river..which looks fairly harmless to me..puts a huge smile on his face, no way he won't call whatever I bet.... I had just read the beginning of Theory of Poker and it talks about good players get drawn out on more often than bad players cuz they usually have money in the pot with the best hand, ie, they don't put money in with bad hands.... so, I thought about that and decided that even tho the punk ass 10 7 dingleberry took my 20 bucks with a suck out, it was ok, cuz, I didn't make any horribly wrong decisions...

Tuesday, December 07, 2004


made a slight error about Earthsea being on last night... not sure how I messed that up.. it is actually next Monday night that it starts.. the 13th... 8pm CST, on SciFi.

Found this on the web and maybe it will make up for my error....

Finally made it into the $1k freeroll speed tourney on Party.. heh, what a silly lil thing... I was on the button first hand, and by the time the blinds got to me, they were alreadly level 4.. mainly due to people just not being there... went all in with AJs, from the button, everyone had folded around to me.. BB called with 10 9s, and he ended up with three 9's or the like... ah well..

Bank on UB is still climbing steadily... had my KK's busted again there in a $5 MTT.. I don't think I will be playing KK much on UB anymore..

( Still waiting on my book )

Monday, December 06, 2004

What is bettre than poker?

Ya'll can answer that yourselves....

EarthSea starts tonight...I've never seen anything really all that good from Sci-Fi, but this one at least looks good...

I'm still lost as how to use poker tracker, I suppose today I will spend alot of time at their site, trying to find answers to questions I know not even to ask...

Hopefully, today, my Sklansky book will arrive, and I'll have sumtin to do besides playing online poker.... despartely need a break from that... might go back to B&M, since my allergies are under control now...

I've got Coats for Kids, coming up this Saturday.. really looking forward to that..

Made a semi deal with the director of the Clicks tournys to take some 'fresh' pictures of their tourneys for hopefully a new website for them, since the one they have, pretty much sucks... but, I got sick and have missed the last two weeks, so not sure how that is going... I suppose its time for me to get their phone number... oh, no money involved or nothing. I just like taking pictures.. and I like using my digital camera...its almost as fun as playing poker..

My aunt from Mississippi is coming into town this week.. looking forward to that.. she sorta helped raise me during my younger years... I'm her only nephew, sorta... she is the one that taught me what a 'switch' was/is. If you don't know what I am talking about, consider yourself lucky... but basically, if you ever swung a stick around the in the air, somewhat like a sword, only you were doing it cuz of the cool sound it made, then you too, know what a switch is.

Poker thoughts:

Lets see, when I started playing with real money at the beginning of November, I quickly deposited and lost 400 dollars... stopping at about $6.53.

Since then, I've made my money back, plus apprx. $57.00, no, $107.00, $50 of which, I put into UltimateBet.

Today, I have $3.00 on Party, and about $22 on UB. This is due to losing more SnG's than placing... I was down to 6 bucks on UB, about to throw in the towel, well, I did throw it all in with J10s, and hit a flush.. dbled up, couple hands latre, dbled up again.. logged off, ate, slept, showered... came back and felt much less tilted and won a lil bit more....

So, will be at UB for next couple weeks, being patient and disciplined while im getting that stupid bonus..

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Pocket Kings don't always grow up to be cowboys..

I would like to share with you, three hands, all within a relatively short period of time, and all within the same MTT....on UB.

The first and most heartbreaking, crippled me good....

Hand #3529374-56 at Sun3amA-006 (No Limit tournament Hold'em)
Powered by UltimateBet
Started at 05/Dec/04 03:50:36

biggin11 is at seat 0 with 1310.
mrpickall is at seat 1 with 7725.
srswamprat is at seat 2 with 4870.
Bigman318 is at seat 3 with 2005.
senor399 is at seat 4 with 8025.
caseyadams is at seat 5 with 1940.
eagle511 is at seat 6 with 3175.
Perk51 is at seat 7 with 3230.
duckyfuzz is at seat 8 with 4300.
Slayre is at seat 9 with 2740.
The button is at seat 4.

caseyadams posts the small blind of 30.
eagle511 posts the big blind of 60.

biggin11: -- --
mrpickall: -- --
srswamprat: -- --
Bigman318: -- --
senor399: -- --
caseyadams: -- --
eagle511: -- --
Perk51: -- --
duckyfuzz: -- --
Slayre: Kh Ks


Perk51 folds. duckyfuzz folds. Slayre raises to
210. biggin11 folds. mrpickall calls. srswamprat
folds. Bigman318 re-raises to 930. senor399 folds.
caseyadams folds. eagle511 folds. Slayre goes
all-in for 2740. mrpickall calls. Bigman318 goes
all-in for 2005.

Tournament all-in showdown -- players show:

mrpickall shows Js 8s.
Bigman318 shows Ac Ah.
Slayre shows Kh Ks.

Flop (board: As 7c Ad):

(no action in this round)

Turn (board: As 7c Ad Kd):

(no action in this round)

River (board: As 7c Ad Kd 2c):

(no action in this round)


mrpickall has Js 8s As Ad Kd: a pair of aces.
Bigman318 has Ac Ah As Ad Kd: four aces.
Slayre has Kh Ks As Ad Kd: full house, kings full of aces.

Hand #3529374-56 Summary:

No rake is taken for this hand.
Bigman318 wins the main pot 6105 with four aces.
Slayre wins the side pot 1470 with full house, kings full of aces.

Lost bout have my stack... ok, on to the next one....


Hand #3529374-68 at Sun3amA-006 (No Limit tournament Hold'em)
Powered by UltimateBet
Started at 05/Dec/04 04:01:15

biggin11 is at seat 0 with 600.
donaldalbert is at seat 1 with 4330.
srswamprat is at seat 2 with 5070.
Bigman318 is at seat 3 with 12540.
senor399 is at seat 4 with 7935.
caseyadams is at seat 5 with 1485.
eagle511 is at seat 6 with 4105.
Perk51 is at seat 7 with 3165.
duckyfuzz is at seat 8 with 3010.
Slayre is at seat 9 with 1530.
The button is at seat 7.

duckyfuzz posts the small blind of 30.
Slayre posts the big blind of 60.

biggin11: -- --
donaldalbert: -- --
srswamprat: -- --
Bigman318: -- --
senor399: -- --
caseyadams: -- --
eagle511: -- --
Perk51: -- --
duckyfuzz: -- --
Slayre: Kh Kd


biggin11 folds. donaldalbert calls. srswamprat
folds. Bigman318 calls. senor399 folds.
caseyadams calls. eagle511 folds. Perk51 folds.
duckyfuzz folds. Slayre raises to 330. donaldalbert
folds. Bigman318 calls. caseyadams folds.

Flop (board: Ah As 9s):

Slayre checks. Bigman318 checks.

Turn (board: Ah As 9s 6s):

Slayre checks. Bigman318 checks.

River (board: Ah As 9s 6s 2d):

Slayre checks. Bigman318 bets 810. Slayre folds,
showing Kh Kd. Bigman318 is returned 810 (uncalled).

Bigman318 opts to show 2c 2s.
Bigman318 has 2c 2s Ah As 2d: full house, deuces full of aces.

Hand #3529374-68 Summary:

No rake is taken for this hand.
Bigman318 wins 810.

That one was much less devasting, still a loss tho.. luckily, I was not too fond of my KK from the last fiasco... and now, the third one....


Hand #3529374-83 at Sun3amA-006 (No Limit tournament Hold'em)
Powered by UltimateBet
Started at 05/Dec/04 04:21:17

dirty21 is at seat 0 with 3155.
donaldalbert is at seat 1 with 4520.
srswamprat is at seat 2 with 1315.
Bigman318 is at seat 3 with 13130.
senor399 is at seat 4 with 7585.
caseyadams is at seat 5 with 1910.
eagle511 is at seat 6 with 2085.
Perk51 is at seat 7 with 3065.
duckyfuzz is at seat 8 with 5630.
Slayre is at seat 9 with 3480.
The button is at seat 2.

Bigman318 posts the small blind of 75.
senor399 posts the big blind of 150.

dirty21: -- --
donaldalbert: -- --
srswamprat: -- --
Bigman318: -- --
senor399: -- --
caseyadams: -- --
eagle511: -- --
Perk51: -- --
duckyfuzz: -- --
Slayre: Ks Kd


caseyadams folds. eagle511 folds. Perk51 folds.
duckyfuzz folds. Slayre raises to 300. dirty21
folds. donaldalbert folds. srswamprat folds.
Bigman318 folds. senor399 calls.

Flop (board: Ad Ah 7c):

senor399 folds.

Slayre opts to show Ks Kd.
Slayre has Ks Kd Ad Ah 7c: two pair, aces and kings.

Hand #3529374-83 Summary:

No rake is taken for this hand.
Slayre wins 675.

I won that one, not much, but still.. i went on to finish 54th, 14 shy of the bad plays all that much... really didn't need to take any chances, but, what the hell, if i had won that hand I busted out on, I would have been in first place by about 5k chips...

Those above hands all happened within 30 hands and within 30 minutes.... the reason I am sharing, if you have not already noticed... three times I have pocket kings, three times the board flops two aces.....

One more hand from UB, cuz its the first one I ever saw, online.....

Hand #3529374-105 at Sun3amA-006 (No Limit tournament Hold'em)
Powered by UltimateBet
Started at 05/Dec/04 04:35:32

dirty21 is at seat 0 with 6165.
donaldalbert is at seat 1 with 4720.
goavs is at seat 2 with 10150.
Bigman318 is at seat 3 with 13050.
senor399 is at seat 4 with 6335.
yanksck is at seat 5 with 2730.
Staggerwing is at seat 6 with 1995.
Perk51 is at seat 7 with 5130.
duckyfuzz is at seat 8 with 1165.
Slayre is at seat 9 with 9260.
The button is at seat 4.

yanksck posts the small blind of 100.
Staggerwing posts the big blind of 200.

dirty21: -- --
donaldalbert: -- --
goavs: -- --
Bigman318: -- --
senor399: -- --
yanksck: -- --
Staggerwing: -- --
Perk51: -- --
duckyfuzz: -- --
Slayre: Ac Ks


Perk51 folds. duckyfuzz calls. Slayre raises to
900. dirty21 folds. donaldalbert folds. goavs
folds. Bigman318 folds. senor399 folds. yanksck
folds. Staggerwing folds. duckyfuzz goes all-in for
1165. Slayre calls.

Tournament all-in showdown -- players show:

duckyfuzz shows Jd Td.
Slayre shows Ac Ks.

Flop (board: 4s Ad 7d):

(no action in this round)

Turn (board: 4s Ad 7d Kd):

(no action in this round)

River (board: 4s Ad 7d Kd Qd):

(no action in this round)


duckyfuzz has Jd Td Ad Kd Qd: straight flush, ace high.
Slayre has Ac Ks Ad Kd Qd: two pair, aces and kings.

Hand #3529374-105 Summary:

No rake is taken for this hand.
duckyfuzz wins 2630 with straight flush, ace high.

had a really bad weekend at PP playing 10+1 tournys... just couldn't finish ITM enuff to get ahead... my lil profit from last week is down to 3 bucks.. and I loath to put any more money into party at this time... some of the profit I put into UB and am doing fairly well there playing 10 player ring games, .25/.50.. mainly to work off a $100 dollar bonus.. which is going to take awhile, but, I got enuff earned now to play two tables, so the time is now cut in half....if it works out the way I plan and hope, I'll end up with the 100 bucks, plus a lil more, and then can start losing on PP again.... :)

Friday, December 03, 2004

A book, a database, and a healthier me

I'm still ahead... yay me.. I've used some of my winnings to purchase Theory of Poker, the book, should get it in the mail in a day or two... looking forward to reading that. Have been holding off, thinking that there prolly isn't anything in the book that I have not already learned from just playing the last 6 months.. then got bored, checked it out for prices on Amazon, and they had some previews of the inside of the book, table of contents, et al. and an excerpt.. which, I can't recall exactly what it was, but, I learned sumtin I did not already know, so, I ordered it....

Also got PokerTracker dl'd, registered and populated with my info from Party Poker. Got alot to learn about this software...looks cool, interesting and fun... discovered im in the black when it comes to tourneys, by about 150 bucks, minus the cost of the new book and the software.. heh...

Played very lil poker last few days.. still wasn't feeling 100% and was worried that I would not be able to make clear and rational decisions with allegra, robitussin, and flonase meandering thru my system.... I didn't keep track, but im guessing in the last couple days, I've played maybe 10 tourneys, and finished 2nd or 3rd 4 or 5 times...

Spending time on UB trying to work off a 100 bonus, using my initial 25 dollar deposit playing low limit, limit ring games.. which I will no longer do.... too many suck outs... 1 outters, 2 outters.. people playing crap to the river and just getting damn lucky.... nl lets me put these guys out on the flop, or turn....

might have to put another 25 bucks into UB, just so i can play more than one table and work the bonus off faster....

Royal Vegas poker still has there 100k free roll thing happening.. got an email pretty much telling me I'm in, cept they are breaking the tourney up into 5 parts.. my group is E, and plays on a work night, starting at 8 pm.. yuck.... i've not reached the level of play yet, where work is not important....

Wednesday, December 01, 2004


My lil break didn't last long... only a few hours.... I still had like a buck and some change bonus money to work off on UB, so I did that, and managed to come out about 7 bucks ahead while playing the minimum limit tables necessary for the bonus. Also played in a $5 MTT there.. and became perturbed that a person, not on a blind would actually call my 3XBB raise with 84s, preflop. Then end up getting the flush to bust me out. I had AKs, just not the right suit, apparently. Ended up with trips... yay...not good enuff for those that worship 84s preflop. Oh, we went all in after the flop, he got his flush runner, runner... truly a sad time for poker everywhere...

Played five $10 SnG's on Party, managing 3 2nd place finishes, which gave me a profit of $40.00.

Then my allergies got the best of me and I went to bed..

This all happened Monday... or was it Sunday... hmmmm at any rate, I haven't been playing all that much....I hate being sick....