Monday, December 27, 2004

I got called dumb...

For playing 64o in middle position, limped in with it, during an early round of a MTT freeroll.. think this particular one awarded top 5 with a seat for a chance to win a WSOP package... was at Absolute Poker... yesterday.. thing is.. I had limped in with AJs, AQs, KJs, few other nice lil hands... and even raised with of few of those.. and eithre some fool went all in and I didn't feel like racing, or the flop was just way off.. so, I saw that 64o, and it glowed... it hummed... it said, 'play me'. So, I did.. Flop was 664. I ended up all in with it, about 1700 chips... and won... the opponent, immediately fired into 'what the hell!' type talking... I simply said, 'I figured since i couldn't win with the good hands, ::shrug::'... then he called me dumb or the like.. I told him it happens to the best of us, he said, oh, your the best.. I said, no I was referring to you... then he said I should write a book about dumb moves... couple of the people at the table were defending my move.. was pretty funny... then his A's got cracked and he was gone... thing is, like I said before, pretty much any two cards are worth the same as any other two cards, before the flop, and before too much betting.. I would not have continued had there been a different flop or someone had raised... ah well.. such is life... I tried to save the chat window text, couldn't figure it out....

I should say...that not posting on here since friday or so, was not easy... I ended the weekend slightly ahead... I got back my money that was lost on Party, playing ring games at UB.... Imagine that.. me, the suck ass cash game player making money playing ring games.... I tried a couple few tourneys on UB, but, that was going the same way things were going on Party.... so, I stuck to the rings and then whatever freeroll I could find, usually on Absolute.. and even Omaha.. heh.. I have no clue with Omaha.. I figured AAKK would be a good hand to go all in with... no, its not.. least not for me.. course, I shoulda known my luck wouldn't be any bettre with Omaha tourneys then it was with NLHE tourneys.. tee hee... I used the main two weapons in my my poker arsenal to rebuild my bankroll... and you're prolly tired of hearing this, but, I am gonna keep saying it for any newbies that may come along..

Weapon #1 - Patience
Weapon #2 - Discipline

You have to have number 2, to keep #1 honed to perfection..... I had 25 or so bucks on UB when I started this weekend.. ( I think I lost some in SnG's ). I remember I was playing a ring game working off bonus while in the tourneys... so I was not paying too terrible much attention to eithre....ofcourse, I soon realized the amount of blinds bleeding from my buying at the ring game was way behind the bonus I was, i said, well, let me play this ring game like its a tourney, at least for a couple hands.. and I clicked on 'sit out' for the tourney game and started concentrating on the other..

1st hand I get after deciding to pay sumtin like J9s, im on the button.... normally, I would fold this hand.. and I had just folded away .75cents.. my BR was down to like 18 bucks... 3 of my suit show up on the flop, only like 4 of us in... BB bets the pot.. other 2 fold, I raise him the same amount, and he folds.... WOW! I won a hand at a ring game!!!

I concentrate and get some good pots and am up to 50 bucks, dbled my buy in... so I go back to the tourney game...and only 6 people left.. I sit back in and get dealt AA, and end up taking out 2 peeps to get chip lead... next hand, another goes out.. leaving 3, and I'm ITM. wow, my luck as changed... I just dbled up over there and Im at least gonna get 10 bucks here.... TIME FOR BED! I took second in the tourney, 15 bucks... and opened another ring game.. 2 tabling .25/.50 NLHE.. for freaking hours..... paid off too.. a post or two ago.. my BR was $99.... most of which was on party.... then that went to 2 bucks... now its at $202.. 200 on UB, and that 2 bucks on party still....

Now, with that said.... and we will call it a good ending to a fairly frustrating poker weekend.... I had to take out most of my UB roll, because.....

I rearended a truck on the way home from my parents house... photos. I have high deductables, to keep my premiums low... this will prolly change tho..

I got a sweet tripod for my camera..... I like to take pics of nature and at night and without a flash.... now I won't have to stack boxes..... hopefully soon I can share some decent pics....

There was alot I wanted to talk about, things I thought about over the weekend, when I wasn't playing poker... most of it I forgot... one thing tho.... I would like to hear thoughts on how best to play hands like AA and KK, well, not hands like those, just those two in particular.....

I've been having bettre luck slow playing them.... tourneys don't mattre for my train of thought.. if I raise in EP, most people bow out, and I get a small pot... with KK, I'll muck it with an A on flop and big bet to me.......Personally, I like to get them in late position... if enuff people limp in, I'll go for the pot right there.. take the 2 or 3 bucks and be happy.... but with like 4 or 5 peeps in, I'll generally slow play.. depending on the what the board is showing.......

I saved some hands to share with you all, but, this has gotten pretty long... I guess putting them here at the bottom is a good thing...

1) I got some Xmas cash from a guy betting into me when I hit quads with the flop..

Hand #3667172-6533 at Sepulveda (No Limit Hold'em)
Powered by UltimateBet
Started at 26/Dec/04 20:10:08

ellablue is at seat 0 with $14.75.
sloesoft is at seat 1 with $24.25.
boggins is at seat 3 with $52.10.
Slayre is at seat 4 with $28.55.
salonika is at seat 5 with $25.
Flop House is at seat 6 with $24.45.
CLICK910 is at seat 7 with $45.85.
bosshog84 is at seat 8 with $49.65.
Miloman is at seat 9 with $23.35.
The button is at seat 0.

sloesoft posts the small blind of $.25.
boggins posts the big blind of $.50.
salonika posts out of turn for $.50.

ellablue: -- --
sloesoft: -- --
boggins: -- --
Slayre: Kc Kd
salonika: -- --
Flop House: -- --
CLICK910: -- --
bosshog84: -- --
Miloman: -- --


Slayre calls. salonika checks. Flop House raises to
$1. CLICK910 folds. bosshog84 folds. Miloman
folds. ellablue calls. sloesoft folds. boggins
calls. Slayre calls. salonika calls.

Flop (board: Kh 9d Ks):

boggins checks. Slayre checks. salonika checks.
Flop House bets $.50. ellablue folds. boggins
folds. Slayre calls. salonika folds.

Turn (board: Kh 9d Ks Qc):

Slayre checks. Flop House bets $6.25. Slayre calls.

River (board: Kh 9d Ks Qc 5d):

Slayre checks. Flop House checks.


Slayre shows Kc Kd.
Slayre has Kc Kd Kh Ks Qc: four kings.
Flop House mucks cards.
(Flop House has Ad Qh.)

Hand #3667172-6533 Summary:

$.90 is raked from a pot of $18.75.
Slayre wins $17.85 with four kings.

2) My hammer (from BB).. cash game... :)

Slayre is at seat 9 with $23.25.
The button is at seat 7.

peteheart posts the small blind of $.25.
Slayre posts the big blind of $.50.

onetouch: -- --
RokyMntGamler: -- --
darlingm: -- --
scunny: -- --
No1Special: -- --
y-work: -- --
peteheart: -- --
Slayre: 2s 7h


onetouch folds. RokyMntGamler calls. darlingm
folds. scunny folds. No1Special folds. y-work
calls. peteheart calls. Slayre checks.

Flop (board: 3s 7c 5h):

peteheart checks. Slayre bets $2. RokyMntGamler
folds. y-work folds. peteheart calls.

Turn (board: 3s 7c 5h 8h):

peteheart checks. Slayre bets $6. peteheart folds.
Slayre is returned $6 (uncalled).

Slayre opts to show 2s 7h.
Slayre has 7h 3s 7c 5h 8h: a pair of sevens.

Hand #3667158-8329 Summary:

$.30 is raked from a pot of $6.
Slayre wins $5.70.

3)Hammer in tourney.. not in blind.. bluffing all the way.. sorta

Hand #3743615-20 at Fri215amTEC-039 (No Limit tournament Hold'em)
Powered by UltimateBet
Started at 24/Dec/04 02:40:26

jwh55 is at seat 0 with 1765.
Phlebus is at seat 1 with 2630.
Slayre is at seat 2 with 2045.
WildBill2566 is at seat 3 with 45.
mtmadness is at seat 4 with 2930.
AUTUMN_1942 is at seat 5 with 2975.
akastud is at seat 6 with 1030.
SigEpTxO is at seat 7 with 2770.
fronmon is at seat 8 with 2035.
mybabyslvme is at seat 9 with 2340.
The button is at seat 2.

WildBill2566 posts the small blind of 15.
mtmadness posts the big blind of 30.

jwh55: -- --
Phlebus: -- --
Slayre: 2h 7h
WildBill2566: -- --
mtmadness: -- --
AUTUMN_1942: -- --
akastud: -- --
SigEpTxO: -- --
fronmon: -- --
mybabyslvme: -- --


AUTUMN_1942 calls. akastud folds. SigEpTxO calls.
fronmon folds. mybabyslvme calls. jwh55 folds.
Phlebus calls. Slayre raises to 225. WildBill2566
goes all-in for 45. mtmadness folds. AUTUMN_1942
calls. SigEpTxO calls. mybabyslvme calls. Phlebus

Flop (board: 3c 3h 8h):

AUTUMN_1942 checks. SigEpTxO checks. mybabyslvme
checks. Phlebus checks. Slayre bets 1200.
AUTUMN_1942 folds. SigEpTxO folds. mybabyslvme
folds. Phlebus folds. Slayre is returned 1200

Tournament all-in showdown -- players show:

Slayre shows 2h 7h.
WildBill2566 shows 8d 2s.

Turn (board: 3c 3h 8h 6h):

(no action in this round)

River (board: 3c 3h 8h 6h Ts):

(no action in this round)


Slayre has 2h 7h 3h 8h 6h: flush, eight high.
WildBill2566 has 8d 3c 3h 8h Ts: two pair, eights and threes.

Hand #3743615-20 Summary:

No rake is taken for this hand.
Slayre wins the main pot 300 with flush, eight high.
Slayre wins the side pot 900 with flush, eight high.
WildBill2566 is eliminated.

In summary, for now anyway... I don't think it was dumb to play 64o, in a freeroll, for a cheap limp in.

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mscmike said...

You'd have been dumb to bet it big or called a big bet pre-flop, or to have not mucked after a bad flop. But to get a chance to limp in, as long as you're not calling the BB every time with hands like that, I'd say you just got lucky, the other guy should stfu and deal with it....