Friday, December 31, 2004

new thingy, old concept

Ok, I am going to start a 'What would you do?' dealy doo hickey.... not to garner any criticism.. so, your not allowed to call me names, like, dumbshit, or idiot, or weener.. no names.... These will be hands, mostly, that I folded, and then almost immediately regret it... I'm curious as to how those bettre than me, would have also folded, or not... will try to do this once a week.....

Hand #1:

Hand #3824706-16 at SnG-0015n (No Limit Hold'em Sit and Go)
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Started at 31/Dec/04 16:35:35

STLOUIS26 is at seat 0 with 1760.
DnkyPuncherlo is at seat 2 with 1440.
ONEIJAX is at seat 4 with 475.
k33bler is at seat 5 with 785.
Slewfoot Pete is at seat 6 with 2020.
R32 is at seat 7 with 645.
Slayre is at seat 8 with 1180.
Chipdumperr is at seat 9 with 1695.
The button is at seat 9.

STLOUIS26 posts the small blind of 15.
DnkyPuncherlo posts the big blind of 30.

STLOUIS26: -- --
DnkyPuncherlo: -- --
ONEIJAX: -- --
k33bler: -- --
Slewfoot Pete: -- --
R32: -- --
Slayre: 7h 3h
Chipdumperr: -- --


ONEIJAX calls. k33bler folds. Slewfoot Pete folds.
R32 folds. Slayre calls. Chipdumperr folds.
STLOUIS26 folds. DnkyPuncherlo checks.

Flop (board: 5h Jh 4c):

DnkyPuncherlo bets 105. ONEIJAX calls. Slayre

Turn (board: 5h Jh 4c Js):

DnkyPuncherlo checks. ONEIJAX checks. Slayre

River (board: 5h Jh 4c Js 7s):

DnkyPuncherlo checks. ONEIJAX goes all-in for 340.
Slayre folds. DnkyPuncherlo folds. ONEIJAX is
returned 340 (uncalled).

Hand #3824706-16 Summary:

No rake is taken for this hand.
ONEIJAX wins 420.

I have no idea what he had...maybe a Jack.. maybe AK... but, after thinking about it, I feel I should have bet on the turn, instead of checking.. I should have bet 1/2 the pot up to the pot... 1/2 as a block bet, or pot size to represent a J. Oh, and yeah, going in with 73s was just a fluke, I don't normally do that.. but, I might start, heh.. with flops like that..

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mscmike said...

I tend to go with the "Play it to the bone" philosophy on bluffing. However, if I'm bluffing, and raise big, and get re-raised, I usually figure the other guy really has it and fold.

Someone else posted on a blog one time that if you have a crap hand to begin with, but you decide to bluff your way through it, play the hand just like you had the nuts. I would have expected that if one of them had a Jack, they would have bet the turn. If you'd bet big on the turn, they easily could have thought you had a Jack, and they probably would have folded out.

As several good poker players have pointed out, it doesn't always matter what you have, as much as what they THINK you have.