Tuesday, December 07, 2004


made a slight error about Earthsea being on last night... not sure how I messed that up.. it is actually next Monday night that it starts.. the 13th... 8pm CST, on SciFi.

Found this on the web and maybe it will make up for my error....

Finally made it into the $1k freeroll speed tourney on Party.. heh, what a silly lil thing... I was on the button first hand, and by the time the blinds got to me, they were alreadly level 4.. mainly due to people just not being there... went all in with AJs, from the button, everyone had folded around to me.. BB called with 10 9s, and he ended up with three 9's or the like... ah well..

Bank on UB is still climbing steadily... had my KK's busted again there in a $5 MTT.. I don't think I will be playing KK much on UB anymore..

( Still waiting on my book )

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