Wednesday, December 15, 2004

White Elephant

We had a holiday party, today at work, for my lil group that I am in.. and we did a White Elephant gift exchange... that's when everyone brings a wrapped gift, and then everyone involved draws a number, and number gets to pick a gift first, then they unwrap it and if it is a good one, they hope it gets 'stolen'. Number 2 goes, and from now on the gift picker can eithre take a new gift and unwrap it, or they can 'steal' a gift that has already been revealed by a previous person... and so on and so on... I ended up with a 'Sandwich Maker'. No brand name... and I have no real idea why I decided I wanted it, but, it had already been stolen once, and the limit was 2 steals per gift, so, if i stole it, then it would be mine for good... there was not a whole lot of other choices showing, and opening up a gift was iffy at best, so, I figured, this was prolly my best shot.... I got to thinking it might come in handy if I ever have a quesadilla party...

Merry Christmas!

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mscmike said...

We always called those "Chinese gift exchanges". We usually do the same thing at work. Not sure why, but the wine or other liquor seems to be what circles the room real fast.

Never mind, I just remembered where I work. Now I know why.