Thursday, April 28, 2005

ProJO Poker

So, I sitting around not really feeling llike play poker, and decided to check all the sites and see about getting the small change off of them, incase they decide to dump some cash into empty accounts, globally..... had .11 cents on Pacific, deposited 10, withdrew 10.11 easy enuff.. Party had .06, minimum dep is 50, so went ahead an used the bonus code for APR reload, deposited 50, got 10 in bonus, played my 70 or so hands, and ended up withdrawing 51.60, heh.

ProJo Poker ( SSlayre sent ya ), is a different mattre... they have amin dep of 10, BUT, a min withraw of 25..... argh mateys..... I had .07 there.... put in 10, and then found myself forced to play... they have a WSOP step tourney going on... only $1.10 for the first level.. win coins too go to next level, or direct buy ins..... I played some NL low stakes... got to about 15 dollars, 5 up... and decided to try those step tourney... I came in 4th place ( top 3 pay coins ) 6 times in a row..... next day, played two... got a 3rd place, 2 coins, and a second place, 5 coins... and I am at about7 bucks.... now, the level on step can be bought into for 1 coin, i have 5, so that is 5 tourneys... gonna play some more low stakes NL, and the step tourneys.. try to get cash and coins built up.

So, now I have no extra lil coinage anywayre, except PROJO... need to get that roll over 25, heh...

Starluck and Planetluck both gave me another 5 bucks.... bet 1.00 on a video poker machine right off the bat and hit a str8 flush, paying 25 X bet... problem was, you have to wager at least the amount of the bonus(5 in this case), before you can withdraw. So, I bet 5 dollars on the next deal, (wouldn't let me bet 4), and ofcourse lost, so now I have to wait 24 hours before I can withdraw the 25 bucks...

Planet luck was different all together... couldn't get any cards.. hovered between 5 and 8 dollars for awhile, betting .25, then I got tdown to one dollar and started betting .10... got to my last bet... hit a str8flush.. woo hoo $2.50.. figured since I was ahead on Starluck, I would just keep playing until i busted or got 20+. Busted.

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