Thursday, April 07, 2005

Got my head out of my ass

Have not been playing much poker other than freerolls and very low limit... no real reason.. but, I can sense a change in my poker demeanor... so, will prolly get back into some long poker sessions soon.....

Poker Mountain is having a 500 dollar freeroll this weekend:

-- Join us at Poker Mountain for a pure $500 freeroll. No entry fee is required, all players are welcome, whether you have a real money account or a play money account.

The tournament starts at 9:00 p.m. Eastern (6:00 p.m. Pacific) on Thursday, April 7th. --

Not sure if they have a referral program or not, but, feel free to mention my name..... course, last few times I have been there, have not been very many people online...

Absolute is giving 20% bonus this weekend:

-- Up to $200 for each day Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
All deposit methods! --

I suppose you need $3000.00 dollars available to get the full $600 dollars.. and then, alot of time to play alot of raked hands... me, I think I will pop my 400 bucks in there, play 800 hands and get 80 bucks... ( this is the getting my head out my ass reference ). I've decided I can prolly bonus my way to Vega$, between now and June... grab one of those last minute vacation deals.. and wa la...

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