Saturday, July 23, 2005

My Absolute Vice

Absolute Poker Challenge

The Absolute Poker Challenge is AP's most popular online poker tournament event offering a challenge to all tourney players. This weekly event is comprised of daily multi table tourneys held throughout the week, running Monday thru Saturday, with the $1,000 AP Challenge Main Event held on Sunday. It presents a challenge to all tourney players by rewarding the top finishers in each and every tournament held. With a range of $2, $5, & $10 buy-in tourneys along with a nice mix of daily FreeRolls, the event offers a challenge to every player level. The new online poker tournament schedule for each week is posted under the Tourneys Tab, sub tab- "Multi." See below to see what places qualify for satellite to the $1,000 weekly Main Event.

$2 - Top 3 Finishers Advance
$5 - Top 6 Finishers Advance
$10 - Top 9 Finishers Advance
$20 - and Higher - Top 12 Advance
$30 - Top 12 Finishers Advance
FreeRolls - Top 5 Finishers Advance < - This is what I can afford.

* Only 1 seat can be won per player account.
* All qualifiers must register. Registration opens approximately 24 hrs prior to main event

So, I just got done registering for tomorrows weekly event.... I'm pretty sure it's a $1k prize pool with 1st getting somewhere between 100 and 300 dollars... its been a very long time since my first qualifying and I didn't do to well in that, nor did I do too well in my second... this one will be my third attempt....

I am going to try to play as lil as possible between now and tomorrow, otherwise, once the cards hit the air, so to speak, I would end up just being to bored to play...

These frequent freerolls at Absolute make me feel as tho I am in a George Romero film, fending off hordes and hordes of undead.....with no sure way to kill them.... everytime I end up all in with the best of it holding up, then I just shot some walking dead in the head......

I got called an idiot earlier today.... I had J4 offsuit... and about 5500 in chips... well above average and well above most of the table... I am either in the BB or I limped in... gets to the 'undead' player, with one other limping before him, and he raises making it 240 to play... BB is 20, mind you..

Now, I will share with my faithful readers my thought process, but the one calling me an idiot, he/she will have to figure it out for themselves.... I rather think my decision was brilliant, but, I realize that might be a strong word... lucky might be a bettre adjective... but, shouldn't one be smart enuff to realize when and where and how to take advantage of any upcoming luck the lady might dish out?

So, ok, here I am with 4 or 5 times as many chips as this raiser, who has 1140 in his stack, 240 in the pot... the other guy, has 20 in the pot and 2400 or so in front of him.... I have 20 in, 5500 or so in my stack.. here is what I thought..

1) Its a freeroll.. I have zero money invested
2) he is shortstack and desperate..
3) he knows I will call any wimpy raise ( i had been )
4) mr 2400 stack will fold ( i was 100% sure he had nothing )
5) this guy does not have a pair... i put him on 9/10s, up thru A/Ko
6) he is trying to still the pot
7) If i go all in and lose, i still have 4k or so.. still above average
8) if i just call the raise, we're still gonna end up all in anyway...
9) maybe he will bow out cuz he is bluffing.

SO, I go all in over the top of him, and he calls, and flips KQo. My J4o flips... and the flop brings me a 4, he gets no help, and I win the pot..

He said 'lmao loser'. which I pretty much ignored... cept for the part where I typed... 'you shoulda folded that crap hand'.. you know, in jest... poker friendly jab type thing...

Then another player says... and not being in the hand at all, had no business saying anything, yet he did... says..... "You should never have played that hand before the flop....."

Now, instead of ignoring this, as I usually do.... I decided to defend my decision.. so I replied...

" People do it to me all the time, doesn't make it right, but, I still got the chips "

Meaning, "suck it up you undead freak"

SO he says, "win/lose, your still an idiot"

Now again, I think, better to just leave it alone.. but, nah... this is turning out to be fun....

I retort " No, I am not an idiot, but, you certainly are for thinking that I am "

( I sure told him )

He comes back with.. "Yes you are. "

Now, it occurs to me, this is no fun at all... and it certainly is NOT who I am, to resort to verbal slingage with the undead horde... so, I ended it with

" Let me show you how much I care.. " Then I just shut the computer down and went to take a nap....

It's not always about your 2 hole cards... sometimes, its about being able increase your chips with the least resistance... you are successful at times, you fail at times..., but at no time are you an idiot.

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mscmike said...

I used to say "Poker's not about what cards I have, it's about what cards you think I have". At least until they're shown....

I like the way you phrased it much better.