Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A dollar a day...

I've been having sleeping problems... not so much problems with sleeping, just being asleep at the right or in this case, wrong, time... my work hours are from 6:30am til 3pm. And I am perfectly happy with this.. this is infact, my choice.. It is due to the fact that I abhor traffic... despise it... with these hours.. I miss traffic coming and going... My problem is.. somewhere aloing the line, my body was told to take a nap from 3:30 pm til around 8pm or so... and then I would be up and wide awake til 4am or so, which is when I would be ready for bed.... and ofcourse, I would just get ready for work and go, and be dog tired all day.... , getting home just in time for another nap, and the cycle repeats itself... same thing happens on Friday too.. then I stay up til 4 or 5 am and end up sleeping ALL day saturday... its a horrible vicious cycle for this fat old bald man.

Yesterday... after work.. I did not take a nap, altho, my body was perfectly willing and my mind would be easy to convince, I instead played as many freerolls on Aboslute as I could... I had an above average chip stack in the 3 tourneys I was playing and felt pretty good about cashing in all three of them... I also had an above average chip stack in the tourney on UB (TEC FREEROLL).. So, I had 4 windows going... and it would get a lil hectic at times...nothing I couldn't handle, just enuff to keep my mind off how tired I was..

My strategy in these freerolls is pretty straight forward... I just sit back and wait for AA,KK,or AK; adjusted depending on position, chip stack, number people in pot..et al; You can do absolutely nothing till the first break and stil have 85-90% of your chip stack, with more than half the players eliminated... altho, it is better to have above average stack size.. but basically, that is it... now, AA does get beat, so does KK and AK.. so this is by no means a full proof method..and, it can get very tedious, and very boring, so one must be extremely patient ( one of my leaks ); there is a saving grace tho, if you can do well in the first tourney you start, and then the second one starts, then the third, then you should have enuff going one to keep you from getting too bored. And, the part I like to call the 'best part', if you are doing well in the first one, then you can open up your strategy a bit in the second one and the third one...

Most of the people I see gathering big stackins in these freerolls get the chips purely by luck.. occasionly you see what appears to be a skilled player, but, generally, its some asshole getting lucky... I've done it myself.... Ofcourse and however, I am not an asshole... here is an example:

You have 23offsuit, you are in the big blind, it is the first hand of the tourney, of which there are 2500 entrants. It cost you zero dollars to enter. Everyone in front of you goes all in. there is 8 X 1500 in the pot ( AB seats 9 per table ) 12000 in chips, 13.5k if you call and win somehow. So, you call, you have nothing to lose.. f,t,r is 22234. you win the first hand with quad 2's and have just labeled yourself as a 'lucky asshole'. You pretty much dictate the blinds for the next several levels and if you play right, noone will ever have any idea when you have something or not,and by the first break, you will have 30-40k, and then if you wanted, you could sit out for the rest of the tourney, and scoot into the tail end of the payroll... which is pretty much what happened to me last night, cept, I didn't sit out, I kept playing, cashed a dollar.. took some bad beats in the other 3 games ( lucky assholes ganging up on me ).

So, a dollar a day, I can earn enuff for vegas in say, what, 2 years ?

I went to bed at 10pm, fell asleep almost immediately, woke up at 4-4:30ish, got ready for work and here I am, all bright eyed and shiny!!!

I shouldn't be tired this afternoon and expect to do much better in the freeroll marathon, perhaps cashing 2 dollars, cutting my vegas or bust time in half.

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