Saturday, November 05, 2005

32 days

over half the hands i need to complete my requirement for raked hands on Empire, to receive the 10 dollars, they graciously gave me, are complete.. and, my balance is at 11 bucks or so.. playing strictly ring games.. which i suck at. cuz, i play with 'scared money'..

the reason I am still playing and the reason I have more than the ten dollars they gave me.. is because, i know i play with scared money.. so, i made a concious effort to play hands i would not normally play.. exercise in mind over money.. i would do things like.. what would i do if this were a freeroll on Absolute.. and basically.. it is a free roll. just on empire and not on absolute...

so, ive won hands with 64o ( credit Scottmc for those ).... and also AA.. and even bettre.. 89s.. which I learned was the ultimate crack de force to wired aces..

today.. I spent some time at the 14th annual Native American Powwow, here in Austin.. by myself, which is a big deal, if ya'll could read my 1 year post which is traditional, which, I didn't publish.. anywy.. im an introvert for sad reasons.. that is the short story..

they burn alot of sage, which apparently, I am allergic to... so, I couldn't stay too long...

Miss the WWdn and the pauly and prolly miss the rini tomorrow as well.. maybe next week


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