Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Like, 8 days

My plane takes off at 8pm, week from tomorrow.... arrives in Vega$ at 9pm, Nevada time... I like to pretend it is time traveling...

I accidently joined a (.10 + .01) turbo SNG on Doyles the other day, and actually won it.. .35 cents richer there..( meant to join a regular SNG ) but, how did I get the .11 cents to play in the first place.. since we all know I have no money on any site, pretty much... let me tell ya..

...I accidently joined a $5.00 TURBO FREEROLL MTT on Doyles, and took like 8th or 9th outta 199 entrants to cash .35 cents. The turbos they have, the blinds go up every minute or every three hands.. I really couldn't tell.. I played tight til I finally got a hand with 3/4 my original stack.. all in with 4 or so callers, I took the nice pot.. waited.. rinse.. repeat..

I really haven't played much poker worth blogging about.. lately.. seems like ever since I made the decision to make the Vegas trip, all my money is put aside.. for the trip... which is fine.. but this aspect makes me wish it was past the trip, so I can start building my bankroll again.. or at least, see if I want to get serious about it again... I am after all, having a perfectly good time playing with free money... and/or play money.... right now I have:

Empire - 7 bucks
PokerTime - 7 bucks
Doyles - .58 cents
Party Poker - .06 cents
UB - .03 cents
Pacific - .07 cents

I might have a few cents on PokerRoom as well...

Not sure which site I will attempt my rebuild at.. most likely, Full Tilt and Titan, since I have not really played at eithre of those sites.. and I hear and read positive things about both...

Steph is still in the Survivor game...
Prison Break is still a damn good show, and last night was the season finale.

Oh, I have a question... I am pretty sure drinks in Vegas are free if your gambling.. does this include gambling at the poker tables, and does water/coffee/coffee with Baileys count as a 'drink'?

Badugi is fun which reminds me.. I might put a bit of money in at Doyles to take advantage of the folks that play it without fully understanding the game, could easily make a few bucks there...

Got a live tourney coming up this friday.. and all I have to do is not go out first, to improve from how I did the last time.. :)

peace and happy holidays


MrGoss said...

Hated to see Gary Hogaboom knocked out. Oh well, it was his time. I hope the Kansas City radio chic wins it.

April said...

Yes, drinks are free, aside from tips. And pretty much anything that comes in a glass is a drink.

Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

Tip a dollar for every drink...if you are Pauly...five the first drink and the rest 1.00...since you tipped big the first time they will continue to bring you your drinks and faster than the rest of the MOFO's at the table.