Thursday, December 01, 2005

Less than a week

Wow.. seems like just yesterday I was making a 'Less than a month' entry..

Honestly, I thought that the time between then and now, would pass grueling slow.. but it has not.. at least, not as grumesome as I imagined.. this time next week, I will be in Vegas with one of my bestest friends, both of us wondering, ''ok, what now?'' heh.. I truly hope to meet Pauly/
He has been a postive influence in my life, more than he knows, and thanking him in person, well... it would be keen.

Want to thank Pauly's brother as well, for teaching me how to play Razz......

Bloggers I have met.. that I am pretty sure are going.. April, ScottMc, CJ, PokerPrincess, so, if when ya'll see me, don't be running the other way... I promise not to take all your money.. ;)

I think some others from austin may be going, but, I am not sure...

I called Imperial Palace Poker Room and found out that they have a 1/2 NLHE table or two running pretty much all the time, and that is the level I will be most comfortable with... also, reading some of different sites out there that talk about poker rooms in Vegas and what not, most say the games at IP are pretty soft... I have never actually played a live ring game before, with total complete strangers as opponents... so, I am sure it will be exciting... I plan to sit down out a table while my friends takes my luggage to the room and then goes to get me a drink.. ha ha.. ( she won't go for that, but, I thought it would be funny to type.. )

I got my lil bankroll on Doyle's up over a dollar now.. its pretty much a crap shoot there... I tend to fold AQ on down, when people are all in... seems to be a pattern.. just wait for 3 or 4 to bust out, then you can start playing poker... I usually just sit out til that time... whatever works, right?

Been reading Dan Harringtons book.. Vol I. almost down with it.. Excellent read.. I like his style.. and I like how he makes comparisons between online play and live play... he also talks alot about SNG's, which I tend to play more than MTT's, and everything I read has been helpful.. I highly recommend this book. granted, there are some things in there that I already knew.. but, he has a way of explaining WHY I should know it.... kinda like, "oh, now wonder I do that".

Will be getting Vol II after the Vegas jaunt. ( well, that is the plan anyway )

Also got Mike Caro's book of tells, and I will prolly try to read and finish this one on the airplane... have it fresh in my mind, so to speak.. I got free drink coupons from Southwest, so, not sure how that plan will work out.. reading and drinking don't mix....

Whelp, going to see a christmas procession or sumtin now, at St. Edwards... not entirely sure what it is, but, all the grandkids are gonna go, so, its a no brainer for me..... camera camera camera.. can't forget it..



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ScottMcM said...

I am not going to make Vegas. I am opting for a Deer Hunt in Mexico instead with the Dad and Granddad