Friday, December 02, 2005

Slayre Claims Victory in Local Poker Tourney

Its a small SNG at Adam's place... $30.00 buy in.. 6 people.

seat 1 is Adam
seat 2 is vacant
seat 3 is Justin
seat 4 is April
seat 5 is Mel
seat 6 is ( oh shit ) Lori, me thinks
seat 7 is me, Slayre

There really is not a whole lot to blog about here with this tourney... everyone played pretty tight the first two rounds.. blinds at 10/20, then 15/30.. after the first break, blinds now at 25/50, and Justin and Adam start playing a bit more agressively.. altho, it was pretty much blind stealing...

I don't recall raising at all, myself, until the 4th round, 50/100, I am in the BB and there are 2 limpers and the SB completes.. I look down and see QQ, so I quickly compute that there is already T400 chips in the pot, so I raise T300, to T400.. they all folded...

I stole a couple 3 or 4, maybe 5 or 6 pots with absolutely nothing.. just took advantage of position and some tells I had picked up..... I think Adam and Justin were doing the same thing...

Poor April.. I don't think she got any playable cards the whole evening... she got down to pretty much short stack and ended up ALL IN vs Mel, she held K4 suited, and he had AQ suited, different suits.. the flops gives April the nut flush and she doubles up... bit latre, she is ALL in with Adam, and altho she is slightly ahead, the board cards are more favorable to Adam.. April is the first out... she graciously volunteered to deal for the rest of the evening...April is a very fine player, the cards just did not fall for her this night.

Mel was the next out.. taken out by Adam as well, or perhaps Justin.. I do not recall for sure.. he kept getting decent cards, but just could not connect with the board at all... he was the second one out.. 4 players left..

Lori, was the third out, Justin sucked out with two pair.. she had limped in with AA and since he was in the BB, he was able to check his weak K3... flopped a K and rivered a 3...

That leaves Slayre, Adam, and Justin.. Adam is short stack, and Justin and Me are about even, with Justin prolly slightly ahead.... Adam went out 4th, losing to Justin, and giving Justin a 3 to 1 chip advantage over me.... I folded 73 from SB, for the 1st hand of the HU match.. suprising April, who stated.. 'your folding at heads up'.. I said sumtin like,, " you really can't play every hand HU'... and followed that with, 'At least that is what Phil Gordon says.. '.. not sure how that went over.. ;)

Very next hand.. I hold T2.... BB.. Justin completes from the SB, and I check.. flop is T73.. Justin bets T300, and I raise T300 to T600. Justin calls. I forget how events went on the turn, I know it was less than the T and there was no flush possible and a vague str8... I think he bet T500.... making the pot at about 2k.... I counted my stack, T2300, and went all in with my Top Pair, very weak ass kicker. Justin goes to tank for a bit, decides I am bluffing, or at least semibluffing, and calls me... he turns over 75.. he does not improve and I double up.

And then we chopped.. we both knew we would be there for awhile and him and Adam had plans... so, chopping was the best option, $90.00 win for each.. We did play one last hand, all in, just to see..

I had A8d, he had JcJh. Flop was rag, rag, diamond.. turn is 3d..... river is Jd.. I would have taken the rest of his chips with the flush....

The quote of the night..... I guess would be.. Adam had made a comment about me and my chip lead... and then Lori said, 'yeah Joe..??..? is it Joe?' I said, 'its John, but you can call me Joe if it helps.'

To which Justin said, 'As long as you preference it with "Chipleader". '

We all got a good chuckle out of that......

It was a fun time and it was great to see April and Adam again, and to meet more Austin poker players for the first time... I hope I get to play with them again soon.

Adam was as usual, a most gracious host.


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