Friday, September 23, 2005


Rita, Rita, Rita.. The one-two punch of Katrina, Rita has much of the Gulf Coast scrambling... if not for the possible and likely devastation, destruction, and deaths, this could be funny.... It is truly unlike anything I have ever seen, in my humble 43 years of existance...

Traffic jams, if that is the correct term.. from Houston all the way to Austin, San Antonio and most of the way to Dallas.. stranded motorists who were prolly bettre off just staying put... now have to be 're-evacuated' from thier non functioning automobiles, on the interstate, not too terribly far from the main track of the storm..

Stores in Austin completely out of water, canned goods, batteries, diapers, bread, eggs.... Most gas stations out of gas, or darn near close.... not to mention the lines to get the gas, if they have any....

Your prolly not going to find a vacant hotel room in Austin, or perhaps, in any Texas city, this weekend.. as far as Austin, The Annual ACL festival pretty much had 80% of the rooms booked up months ago...

Alot of state employees, specifically, the indiviuals that handle cases, new and existing.. cases concerning people requiring benefits... became over whelmed with the 250,000 plus cases added to the already too heavy load, from Katrina refugees.. and now... the Governor has mandated that State employees are allowed to take off from work IF.. they have immediate family on the gulf coast.. this is reasonable.. several people did go, and did board up houses, family business, and pack up and move thier parents, sisters, grandparents.. next week, they will be allowed another day or two, to help return these same loved ones to thier Gulf Coast homes...

Rita and its outter tentrils may miss Austin completely...but, Austin is certainly be affected by the storm, as prolly most Texas cities...

Local poker tourneys are cancelled due to the need to accomodate family. HS football games being played on Thursday, not Friday, flight plans being cancelled, the list could go on and on and on...

I have a trip to Grand Coushatta, Oct 3,4,5... not too sure right now if we are still going to make that trip...

Played lil if any poker in the last few days.... watched:

SURVIVOR last nite, and let me tell you. I hope every challenge involves mud.. it was the most beautiful tug of war I have ever seen... Steph is still in it.. so, I'll keep watching..

I had thought Amazing Race premiered last night, but, it is actually next Tuesday night... all well...

Season Premier of CSI:The Original and the best. it was pretty good...

went to bed early, at 9pm.. gosh I'm old.....

Got a $200 free roll on Doyles Room this Saturday.. only about 11 people are invited... top 4 play... I may be able to cash by just folding every hand... but, I expect to be drinking a few beers, so, am pretty sure there will be few folds...



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