Saturday, November 13, 2004

Second Post

Well, since my last post, just yesterday... I've played in 4 online SnG's at party poker, 5+1, and 3 live tourneys at my local Clicks.......I won 3rd in two of the online tourneys, and lost the other two due to 'my cards not being quite good enuff'. I was very pleased with my play....and it 'appears', my cold streak is over, as today I played about 15 minutes at a ring table, 25 bucks, .25/.50 blinds, and took my 25 to 47, lickity split... so what did i do? I quit, and I started my laundry.. and I may iron some shirts..... well, I did sign up for the big multi table 5+1 buy in....and hopefully I will be in the money on that one, it starts in about 8 mins... I can iron and fold and play at the same time, me thinks..

as far as the live tourneys.. they were the 3 I mentioned in my last post, one at 7pm, 9pm, and then at 11pm... I was not overly concerned about qualifying for the final tourney next wednesday, as work prevents me from staying out too late during the, i just tried to play the players, ie, tried to figure out what they might have, based on thier tells and thier bets and such.... to do this, I had to bet on hands I would not normally bet on... and as such.. I found that a 200 raise holding 52o is a fun thing to do... heh... long story short, I did alot of experimenting with reading the players and being more aggressive with hands i dont normally play, so, I did not qualify....per se.. turns out, since im a frequent poker player there, I sorta automatically qualified... go figure.. :) But it was fun learning.....and learn is what I did....

I dealt 60 hands while waiting for the 11pm tourney to start and in my own humble opinion, pre flop, maybe 6 were worth a crap.. this told me alot.. about starting flop, i would guess, half were playable....with a couple dominating hands..... what i learned is, that while I am getting a string a bad cards, most likely, everyone else is too, and when I get a marginal hand, i should pay to see the flop. Which is sumtin I am not used to doing.....

Well, my seat is ready and I have to check on my laundry... hope to update again tomorrow.......

Will try to include a link to a local charity event coming soon here......NL Holdem tourney..


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