Monday, November 15, 2004


Lets see... yesterday.. I did some volunteer work for the folks that run the annual Turkey Trot. Spent 2 hours stuffing plastic bags with various different flyers and coupons. Was a blast. Met some great people.

After that went and played in the Party Poker $5+1 multi table tourney and did horrible. Finished like 1096. Totally disgusted with myself for playing so poorly, I proceeded to play some $5+1 SnG's. Played 6, two at a time. 2 seconds, 2 thirds, 2 bubbles. So, I came out ahead, a lil.

Poker Tracker.

Sigh. I want this. However, I promised myself I would not purchase it until my winnings totaled more than my initial deposit(s). Currently, my bankroll is at 46.00. I've put in a total of $394.00. So, I'm behind. I know I can get it back tho.. with discipline.

Discipline. My new mantra for poker. What does this mean. Simply put, it means mucking your pocket K's if there is an Ace on the board and a strong bet in front of you. They may look good, but, consider exactly what your gambling on. Most likely, your gambling on your chance to keep playing in the tournament. Better to muck now and keep playing, then to call the bet and wonder what the hell you were thinking, later.

Especially early on in the tourney. Makes no sense to gamble away a chance to place in the money in a tourney for a pot of 800 or so. Gamble being the key word here. Let them have you BB call. It will be alot cheaper for you in the long run.

Keep in mind, I'm not saying NOT to play your kings, I'm just saying don't risk you stack on Kings if you think you might be beat. I figure, if you think ur beat, your prolly are, and its better to bow out and keep playing.

This takes discipline. Lord knows I've held on to my K's and lost my stack to someone that went in with A2o and hit thier A on the river... Discipline. Can't lose it if you don't bet it. Basic stuff, I know. It's how I banked 4 outta 6 tourneys yesterday, and placed 13th Saturday.

I just wish I had learned this BEFORE I lost 350.00. :)

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