Monday, February 28, 2005

Alot of Poker

I played alot of Poker yesterday, Sunday.. from about 10am til about 11pm....and I came out ahead.... I am at $115 on UB, from $25 I put in about 2 or 3 weeks ago..been making 20-40 dollars each time I play, plus starting 2 tabling ring games to work the bonus off faster, even 2 tabled .50/1.00 tables, instead of my usual .25/.50. Completely different game. More to my liking... I even played poker at these tables, instead of being stingy while working the bonus off.. if they were suited, and you could make a straight with three more cards, I played them.... I won alot of money with these ring games... I would prolly be up over $200 dollars, had I not lost so many SNG's on the bubble... it was very exciting, for me, to put my lil dollar in the pot, with 23s, and have 332 show up on the flop... then get paid off. I know this is short term stuff, and I know it pisses people off.. but, I figured, as long as I had more than $25.00, I was ahead... more times than not, I ended up folding after the flop.... this style did not work to particulary well with the SNG's.. I don't expect it to work too well the next time I play eithre...

I went to play in a live tourney at Baby A's.. hosted by the APL.. but, they have been cancled there, deemed illegal.. sigh. Supposed to be a live tourney at Razoo's tonight, hosted by same people... not sure tho, if they have had their plug pulled as well...

Last night, I made about 6 bucks, from three hands in a row.. playing .50/1.00..

first hand, Im in BB, everyone folds to me... I am up .50. I had 63o or some crap.
second hand, me SB, 2 callers, I call, BB checks. everyone checks to me, I bet $2.00 with my 87s, everyone folds. I am up $3.50 now.
third hand, button. 1 caller. I bet $2.00 with my AA. they all fold.. 6 bucks... just like that...

Then someone typed, 'You won't get away with that forever'.. LOL...get away with what I replied.... bluffing like that, every hand, they answered. I was about to answer, when someone more eloquent than I typed... 'shut up idiot, he only played two hands, prolly only bluffed one of them'.

I wish I had opted to show my AA instead of not... but then, may not have gotten the lively conversation.

Played alot of freerolls too.. did fairly well, never ITM, but usually finish in top half... finished 19th outta 1500 on Absolute, playing in a WSOP freeroll.. this was for a chance to play in another tournament where the prize is a trip to 'watch' the WSOP. Top 9 advance.. I was like 4th in chips.. got sucked out... never recovered...took forever... lot of beef jerkey, rc cola, and pall malls..... they only give 5 minute breaks... most sites only give 5 minute breaks... not enuff time for standard biology needs....

My current bankrolls:
Party Poker $3.20
Ultimate Bet $115.00

I am not gonna transfer any money, this time, cuz, every time I do, I end up losing it all on both sites.... I don't have to pay rent for March, since it is my 13th month, free according to Lease... so, I can augment UB and reload on Party. And I will keep trying to win the freerolls on AB and Pokerroom.

Does anyone ever fold a good starting to cards preflop, simply because you won the last 3 or 4 hands in a row and you just know someone is gonna challenge you big time and you will end up losing all that you just won, so, it is best to just fold them now, before you put any money into the pot? or am I alone in my idiocy?

I folded AJs, in a SNG, just won like 3 hands... and I was on the button, UTG raised, everyone called to me... I folded... didn't really want to... felt like raising...... turns out... flop, QQK turn 10 now I am cussing, cept, they are all red, 3 hearts.. river is 4 hearts or the like... ok, now I know my st8 would have been beat... by the flush.. whew, good lay down John... there are 2 players left now.. both all in... the initial raiser, KQclubs... other guy..Ahearts, Jclubs.

I don't remember the betting on the flop, prolly lot of checking... big bet on the turn, which I prolly would have called and then folded on the river with the 4 flush on the board.. instead, I didn't even play it, and went from chip leader at about T1200, to second in chips... since, Mr FH up there dbled up....

Next hand, I got AJs again... ( I love online play ), and this time I raised to steal the blinds, since everyone folded in front of me... MR Dbl upper, challenged me and when the flop was KJJ.. I felt pretty good... he checked, i checked. turn is rag. check/check. river is A. No way am I gonna get him to call... no mattre what I bet....he checks... I have J's over A's and he needs to have KK to win this hand... I doubt he has anything... BB syndrome I guess... but I decide to make him pay to see my cards.... I bet 2XBB. Does he call? No. He raises.. 2XBB more.. WHAT!?! Does he have the KK? Is he just trying to make me think he has the KK? Surely he would have bet something....let me rewind and recall his play... yup, he almost always raised with any pair... any Ax even... did he ever reraise? Argh.. I can't recall.. hasn't been that many hands anyway..... what to do, what to do... calling would be prudent... but, perhaps, he has KJ.. ah, now, that would pay me off... perhaps he has Q10... I dbl the current bet...(re-reraise, as they say).. now, someone types, wow... I just see it through my periph vision.... normally right now, I would want him to fold... but this time, I want him to raise or go all in, eithre way... I am all in.... He goes all in..... I immediately call....

he had 89s. Diamonds..

Then, he types.. 'nh'.

I am like, wtf?!?!?! I typed.. I didn't put you on that at all..... he thought I would cave with the big bet..... stated, "That was stupid of me". Well, yeah....

At about 10pm.. thinking I had $130, and looking at my account and seeing $115.. I decided it was time to quit...cuz. I too, was playing stupid..

April has a really cool idea about referring randomish blogs and maybe one day she will find me worthy.. :)

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mscmike said...

Heh - looks like some fun. As for the winning 3-4 hands and then throwing one away, dunno about that. I might start limping instead of pre-flop raising, but I'll still play the AJs.

Then again, with that in mind, I would have lost a bit when the flush hit.

Oh, and the bluffing - I like to show my bluffs, but rarely the uncalled nuts.