Sunday, October 23, 2005

Poker Stars Blogger Invitational

4:20pm   decided to blog this    made it thru to the first break with apprx 2000 chips, which is what we started with..  nothing spectacular happened.. maigrey was at my table, and I think she got tired of being cold decked and was busted out before the break..

we are 20 minutes into the second part, and im still at about 2k….

( I won 2 25k fun money sng’s on absolute while playing in the blogger tourney, but, before that, I lost 2 100k sng’s, so….. )

4:25pm  these bloggers don’t fuck around..  I can recall one orbit where there was not a raise…  my patience is holding strong tho…  blinds are gonna dictate some creative play tho… soon…

4:26pm blinds are 200 now, and I’ve only got  1900   so.. I guess I just have one bet now…

4:27pm just got moved to another table.. right to the left of the button.. I got  a whole ‘nother orbit to make a plan.. lol.    ( im so screwed ) maybe this table is the limp in table… damn  I am way short stack at this table..

4:30pm just got moved to wil’s table.. ( wheaton )  I go more chips than him!!!!
GRob is here too…   he got way more chips than me….

4:32pm  Wil is all in!!  QQ!!  They held up to one caller with AJ ….

4:33pm  these cards suck something fierce…  I gotta get a good run soon…im down to 1600…… I know Im gonna get called.. so  I have to have a great hand…

4:35pm  just got moved again…  if they keep moving me to the left of the button, maybe I can place…    moo hahahahaha     not.

4:37pm  540 or so players left…..    sit outs are dropping like flies now…

4:40pm  maybe I will get a hat if I just sit tight… and wait for AA in position… hmmmm, antes started up…     please give me sumtin.. anything…  please please please….

4:41pm Ah   and     4c    argh…  not good enuff…..

holy shit!  Dealer: Game #2875386172: Slayre wins pot (425)  they folded to me in the big blind…      hahahhahahahaha    im such a nut…

4:43pm they doing a lot of folding now….  Hmmmmmm

4:44pm  I pushed with TT, they all folded…..Dealer: Game #2875414100: Slayre wins pot (725)   back over 2k, for a short time… 435 bloggers left

4:45pm I keep getting A fucking 4 offsuit…  like 5 times in last 10 hands..  maybe I should push with it…….

I’m done…  went in with A10 and lost to AQ…    was fun…..

Railbirding ScottMc for a bit, he was in 3rd when i decided i was prolly gonna jinx him.. and left.. ( watching online poker without playing is boring to me, Ill prolly go back to the final table tho, watch it.. specially if someone I know is there... )

5:25pm Scott has been blinded down to 8th place... ( not as boring as I thought )

5:28pm Scott called 4500 or so with AK and the guy had AA... 24th place now...

5:29pm I knew I would jinx him.... time to quit...

Good Luck Scott!!


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