Friday, October 14, 2005

Vegas, Limit, TV

WPBT Winter Classic II

I've got my flights booked and my room reservation all done. I am going this time. No Doubt. I ended up booking thru Southwest airlines... because a friend of mine decided to go with me, and he was able to use his SW Rewards to garner two tickets for any day/any time. He simply had to pay an extension fee of 50 bucks since they expire before December.. so, it ended up costing me $170.00 for round trip airfare. The rates that the Imperial Palace is giving us are pretty fantastic, and our 4 night stay comes to $148, or $75 each. Add in the $10 shuttle from the airport, and the $25.00 parking here at the Austin airport, and I am still under $300 for the whole trip.. leaving me plenty of cash - o - la to give to my fellow bloggers...

We will be arriving Wednesday, the 7th, at about 9pm and returning to Austin, Sunday evening, leaving LV at about 6:30pm. I am so excited about this trip... more excited than I need to be, I am sure... Imperial has a NL hold em tourney the night I arrive, and the buy in is like 50 bucks.. so, I just may participate.. with the goal of paying for my trip shortly after arriving.. that would be cool..... I am interested in several of the attractions and perhaps one or two of the shows... but, I plan to just do whatever.... no schedule, no list of things, no timeline.. just sorta be... there....

Started playing low limit limit poker... I guess I got tired of the low limit SNG variance and decided to see how the limit variance is. It's the same. heh... I am down 3 buy-ins($1.20) on Absolute, but up .50 cents on PokerChamps... I am not very experienced with limit poker... I am not used to chasing but, it seems if you hit 4 to a flush or straight on the flop, your supposed to chase... most of my losing hands were good hands.. just beat by such as, a higher flush, higher straight, stuff like that.... I try to play only connects, suiteds, and premium, then get out if the flop is ugly... not sure if that is the proper strategy.. I do know, there is no bluffing in limit, not at the .02/.04 level. It's a nice change from the SNG circus... and maybe I will learn something.

Amazing Race still has my two favorite teams.. the Weaver's and the Gagans.. Weavers came in fifth, I think.. Gaghan's came in second to last... next week is prolly a non elimination round.... most likely put everyone back to square one...

Yay!! Steph is still going strong on Survivor.. she was really feeling the kick in the junk when they lost the reward challenge... but, her team came back to win the much more important immunity challenge and I know that she has got to be thrilled about that... previews for next weeks show look damn good.

For those crafty types... I just happened to catch Martha Stewart one day, on the TV. ( Please don't ask, must of been karma ).. anyway... she did a segment on Poker and the crafty part is what looks to be and easy to make set of coasters. I figure someone with skills could make a couple of sets and give them as prizes at the tourney in December.. its a thought, anyway.. ( I know I am not crafty enough )

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