Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Getting to be about that time..

This time tomorrow, I will be at the airport, patiently awaiting to board the plane that will fly me west, to Sin City.. it is my hope, that the view I see from the window as we gain altitude, is similiar to this:

This is looking North to Austin, from in front of the main building of St. Edwards University, at about 8pm...

I don't particulary think is all that good of a pic, but, 6 people that I showed it too, at different times, went all goo-goo ga-ga over it.... I suppose I am my own worst critic.. anyway.. I thought of a way to post it... so, I did...

One more day of work.. then back to the apartment to make sure I don't forget anything, then pick up my traveling mate, 30 minutes early, make sure they don't forget anything, then off to the airport... should be in Vegas in about 26 hours or so......


Edit: Its now 6am, about 12 hours since the above was posted and I am at work..
Don't want to be here. Can not get my mind wrapped around the issues I will be leaving behind for others to deal with.

If you have not seen the 75 bands pic over at StudioGlyphic, it is pretty cool.

Edit: Edit:: ( 8am )Today,somehow, I need to put myself in a frame of mind such as:

1) Going to Las Vegas for the first time;
2) Meeting folks that enjoy poker as much or more than I do;
3) Possibly meeting Professional Poker Players;
4) Playing in (for me) a huge tourney;
5) Being away from work for one week;

is no big deal, because otherwise... it is going to be a very, very... loooong day.

Edit: ( 11:15am ) half way done... even got permision to leave early due to the inclement weather.. which bothers me... there is an ice and sleet warning for the counties north of us... but so far, the weather is holding here in Austin.. I won't really know how SW Airlines deals with the weather til this evening.. but, like I said, this inclement weather bothers me more than it normally would.

It occurred to me, a moment or two ago, I am gonna have a hella heck of alot of email when I get back...

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