Monday, February 13, 2006

Going to Vegas

I am really close to booking a trip to vegas for the time frame of April 9th thru April 12th.. those days are pretty much set in stone... as my birthday is April 9th, and I thought I would give myself a nice bday present/trip.

I found a fairly good deal, or perhaps I should just call it 'an air/hotel package' I am comfortable with, I just need to decide if I want to stay 2 nites or 3. Staying a 3rd night is 70 dollars more..

I am going alone.. so, I am not sure I will need 3 nights... but, the 70 bucks is pretty insignificant.. so, prolly stay for 3 nights...

This is not going to affect the trip in July/August.. incase anyone might be worried about that..

I am also planning a trip to the Grand Coushatta, in Kinder LA., soon... that will prolly be a one night stay...wanted to go this weekend coming up, but, could not find a hotel room for a price I would be comfortable with... this trip may be March 30... and 31st... not sure yet..

Movies I have seen recently..

Ballad of Lil Joe.. about a woman living as a man in the 1880's or so.. ( after the civil war, before cars in the West. inspired by true story. I liked it.. was interesting..

Far from Heaven.. about how secret desires can destroy a life or a family.. stars Julianne Moore and Dennis Quaid... not too bad.. great performances all around.

Into the Blue.. Jessica Alba is hot

Brothers Grimm. not the best movie evermade.. but you can see the potential that all involved decided to ignore...

40 Year Old Virgin... hilarious....

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