Thursday, November 30, 2006

Hero be me

Haven't nearly blogged as much as I thought I would, since I decided to get over my tradegies, mainly due to the fact that I have started playing City of Heroes again, and it pretty much has been taking up all my free time..

I try not to blog at work, as I am currently doing.. as I work for the state, and technically, its illegal to use state property for personal use... there's a thick line there, but still, I am supposed to be wiser in my old age, and more responsible.... go figure.

I still think Prison Break is currently the best new drama on television these days.. and next monday will be the last show until January.. along with the last show for Heroes as well... what the hell am I going to do on Monday nights now...

As I stated, I started playing an online game again, and this as kept me away from any online poker for the last 10 days or so... so, no news on the poker front, not that I ever had anything worthy of posting about anyway...

Still, the Winter Classic is coming up rather soon, and I am certainly stoked about that... I intend to win this time... or at least make the final table... as long as I stay in til the first break, or longer than F-Train, then I can say I did bettre than last year.


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platkat said...

Hope you enjoy the Winter Classic! You'll probably do better because you're not playing online poker. That always seems to warp one's perspective somehow.