Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Merry Christmas!

YAY ME!! I got City of Villians to compliment my City of Heroes PC game.. moo ha ha...

( Actually got a gift card from target.. but, target didn't have it, so picked up a movie, Fearless, instead.. then after hitting CompUsa, Circuit City, Office Depot ( cuz it was right next door ), finally found City of Villians at BestBuy. And I'll link them, since they had it.. )

Had to come in to work tonight, and after I fixed the problem, decided to stay for a shift, so, I can play CoV all day tomorrow.. so went to the 7-11 to get some java, and was approached, by a bum, asking for, not a quarter, not a buck, but, 10 dollars.... whoa!! Inflation at its best... Now, the story doesn't end there... this 'bum' noticed my Texas Hold'em cap and asked me if I was a gambler... to which I replied, "oh no, I never gamble, I just take calculated risks".. he found that amusing and challenged me with:

"If I tell you a funny poker joke, will you give me 10 bucks?"

I chuckled and said, " If it makes me smile, I'll buy you a cup of coffee." (which I had planned on doing any way) "and if i decide to share it, I'll buy you breakfast".

"ok" he said.. then, cleared his throat:

( now I have no idea how old this joke might be, but, I never heard it before )

"Why don't elephants play poker in the jungle?"

"I just don't know" was my humble reply.

"Too many cheetahs."

heh, well, I handed him a 5 dollar bill and told him I would share it will my poker buddies... he thanked me and then said:

" I got another one... "

heh.. I had to go.. but, I figured he earned that finsky... I was gonna give it to him anyway.. being Christmas time and all, and he didn't smell too bad, ie, drunk.

We draws name in my family, at Thanksgiving, to decide who buys what for Christmas.. the adults do anyway.. the deal is, each adult gets one gift from some other adult, but, the kids get whatever.. with the parents of the kids being responsible for the crap they don't need, ie, Wii, Nintendo, Playstation, et al...

I try not to spend more than 20 bucks on each kid.. I used to spend up to $100, but, that was back before there was a dozen of them.. back when then were only 2... ie, mine. heh.. times change tho, and families grow.. anyway.. I picked up a mechanical wine bottle opener for my mom.. let me see if I can find one to link to... sumtin similiar to this, which will come in handy for her, as she is becoming elderly and all that comes with that... ( she doesn't drink wine alot, but, likes to open a bottle for guests and what not ). Her and my dad, pretty much have everything they could possibly need, or want, so, its not that easy to find sumtin for them.. Anyway, I picked up a bookshelf style game, Stratego and he flipped over that.. he is 12 years old.. I had that game when I was a kid..

But, the piece day resistance.. I pulled out the magic singing magnets.. heh.. of which I had picked up 4 sets the day before.. 3 bucks a set.. 12 bucks plus tax.. one for my dad, my bro, my bro in law, and my afore mentioned nephew... you would think I had given these 4 men a million bucks.. they forgot all about all their other gifts, and proceeded to spend the rest of the day, playing with their magnets.. go figure....


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