Tuesday, November 16, 2004

I'm not exactly doing this right

Ok, Once again, I did horrible in the daily 5+1 multi table.. at 4:15 CST or so, daily. Finished 1896. Yuck.

I first tried a 10+1 SnG, and finished 8th I think. So, like 20 minutes into my nightly poker hobby/job/escapade/endeavor, I'm already $17.00 down...

I then played eleven $5+1 SnG's... and finally finished with about 10 minutes at a .50/1.00 6 player max ring game. ( Won 6 bucks fairly quick then decided I was no longer in the mood for poker )

This all took a total of 3 hours... my finishing results for the SnG's are not that great, but, I'm ahead from yesterday.. so, I figure its time to call it:

Yesterday had 78.00
Today, 90.00

12 bucks, 3 hours, 4 bucks an hour. Course add in the fun factor, and it was well worth it.

11 games, 6 losses, 2 thirds, 2 seconds, 1 first.

Oh, great, I just noticed I didn't mark my results for two of the games. most likely losses.. not gonna do the math.

No notable hands to speak of... none that I remember anyway... got more flushes than usual, don't remember any straights, and won with TPTK quite a few times...

Maybe I should not start right when I get home from work.. or maybe I should just play one game at time, while in the big tourney...the bettre money is in the big tourney and I know I'm good enuff to finish in the money, I've done so 2 outta 5 times so far...

I played more aggressive with chip lead, than I usually do, that worked out pretty good.

My goal is 30 bucks a day, to get my 396 bucks back, then regroup, rethink, replan... and if I can do that, it would only be 10 more days...

i could prolly put another 10 games in tonight before bed, but I think if I see another A2o on the button, I might puke.

i can't believe I've actually kept this up to date, twice a day even.. every other blog i've tried to start lasted maybe 2 posts. Wish someone would read this tho.. lol


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