Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Wimped out

I actually lost some sleep last night... thinking about that set of Kings I mucked..... prolly and most likely, cuz I am a wimp.

On the river, me being first to act... and having a fairly decent hand... and having chips to bully with some.. I should have been the one to bet 250.. he eithre would have called ( most likely ), or raised ( possible ), or folded ( highly unlikely ). In two of the situations, the pot is mine.. he calls or folds. I know now that I was afraid that if I bet 200 or 250, he would raise me, and then I would really have to think since then I would have significant chips in the pot.. I did not want to be in that position, so I checked, hoping he would eithre bet small, or check. He played it right with his bet, which should have been my bet, and took the pot. I have his email now, so I plan to ask him what he would have done on the river had I played it different...

Other stuff..
I think I hurt my back, standing and bending for 2 hours last Sunday.. while volunteering for the Turkey Trot.

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