Saturday, November 20, 2004

When Lay Downs Pre Flop go bad

My new nemesis hand is J10.. suited or not... I'm pretty tight with this hand anyway..., but, on a whim, I decided to see a flop with it, if I could do so for cheap... course.. never hit my flop in the 3 or 4 odd times I actually got J10.. so, back to mucking it with lil regret... the next J10 I get, and muck, flop is JJ10. eat me.

Ofcourse, I've seen this happen over and over with any 2 cards... but for some reason, Mr. J10 really gets to me.. heh..

did alright last night.. yesterday, afterwork, I had promised to help a friend with and errand, but, I had to wait for them to call me, 'any minute', so, I really could not get involved in a SnG or MTT like I normally would.. so, I joined a 6 player .25/.50 game and for the next hour, like a crazy yo-yo, my stack went from $25.00 to 40.00, back to 25, zing! up to 40. got the call finally and my stack was at exactly $25.72. So, I'm up .72 cents for the day so far...

Got back from running the errand and decided to 'step-up' for at least one, $10.00 SnG. Played just the one table and actually finished 1st.. which was encouraging.. so I immediately bought into another one, and promptly lost... so I went to bed... apprx $29 ahead for the day, just 1 buckaroonie short of my daily goal.... I can live with that..

Woke up around 10 pm and suddenly remembered I was supposed to be at Cicks for their Friday qualifying tourneys.. so, I washed up real quick and headed north to play...

Not very many people there at clicks... the tourney director split us up amoung 5 tables... 6 at my table, and 3 of those had already qualified, so, i was actually only playing agaisnt 2 people.. and lucky for me... one is a maniac, least for the first couple rounds... and I knew he would eithre bust out, or take the other non qualifier out... so what did I do? First I had to decide how important it was for me to play the following Wednesday... how early do I have to get up next Thursday.. stuff like that.. and finally I decided I could play in the money tourney, so.. I folded, pretty much everything except AJs or bettre... I did have pocket 9's once on a BB and the flop gave me 2 more 9's.. no one wanted to play, I even checked to the river... got a lil with that.. couple blinds worth.. anyway.. sure enuff, the maniac had 3x's as many chips as the rest of us, took the other non qualifier all in, and rivered him.... took all of about 45 minutes of me sitting there folding and I was in... they commented that I could 'relax' now, since I was in.. I said, 'well, I guess you didn't notice, but I was pretty relaxed the whole time '

Left there and came home and had no desire to play poker, so, I didn't.. I did calculate exactly how much money I've invested/lost into Party.. and it doesn't look as bad as it did, say last week.

Total deposits 400.00
total withdraw 100.00
curr balance 130.00

( I should state that that 400 pretty much all went in all at the same time, one $50 deposit after another, within 2 hours time. I had got down to about 6.50 before I finally went to bed.. so, I've been working my way back up from $6.50, since about Nov 8th. )

so, another 170 or so to go to get my initial deposits back.. I think I can do that in a week..

( need to be less timid with J10, I know )

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