Wednesday, January 12, 2005


She said, I seemed like a simple man.... I said, are you saying I'm retarded... together, we laughed..... she just meant I am not pretentious, or at least not overly so and that I am not materialistic... ofcourse, she said it so much bettre than I ever could....

I talked with her on the phone... for almost 2 hours.. before my phone's battery died.... it was plugged in, however, it does not charge while in use... go figure... I could have talked to her til the sun came up.....

This not smoking venture, sucks..... alot.

I played in two freerolls last night, online at Absolute.. prolly could have won or at least placed in both of them... if I had not gotten so bored so fast... I busted out with a pair of 9's, on both tables... I figure that had to be worth something... they were both $50 dollar freerolls, 9 places paying.. $10 for 1st and 5 for the remaining 8.. I want to win one of these, instead of actually depositing money... they have them everynight... more than a few... just need to work on not getting bored with the whole shebang.

Going to be playing in an APL tourny tonight.. well, at least that is the plan right now... it starts at 6 pm, sign ups open at 5pm. I think it is a non smoking establishment, which should make things, um, hell I don't know.. oily.

Supposed to play at Clicks at 8pm.... but.. I just don't think I have the wherewithall for a 6+ hour session... not today anyway... work is still getting in the way of my poker...

Dick Van Dyke dances with penguins in the move Mary Poppins... this is true..

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