Friday, February 18, 2005

Volunteer. NOW!

VICTORY Tutorial Program - Volunteers Needed

The VICTORY Tutorial Program is an Austin Independent School District program, which focuses on economically disadvantaged students who are
struggling with their schoolwork. Tutoring takes place at seven branches of the Austin Public Library. VICTORY would like members of Austin to help serve these students. VICTORY relies entirely on volunteers to help students from local elementary, middle and high schools. VICTORY students may be struggling with a variety of subjects, but there is a particular high demand for tutors who can assist in the following areas, for one hour each week for a commitment of a semester:
1. Elementary Math and Reading
2. High School Geometry and Algebra
3. Bilingual: Spanish-English
Contact 974-7317 for more information and locations.

Posted this for any of the Austin Bloggers that read me... and think they may be interested... If you have never volunteered for anything, I highly suggest it.. it is so very rewarding, on several levels..... I know not math at all...and my Spanish is way below the bilingual level.... call the number if your interested...

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