Thursday, February 17, 2005

The Woes of thinking someone knows what they are doing..

Another 'What would you do? '

Blinds are 100/200, you in the BB with 6 players...

BB you
BB+1 good player
BB+2 average player
BB+3 Tight player, aggressive with good hand only
Button Loose, agressive
SB Very good solid player

You are dealt QQ

BB+1 folds
BB+2 calls BB
BB+3 calls BB
Button calls BB
SB calls BB
BB(you) raises 400, 600 to play.

BB+2 calls
BB+3 folds
Button calls
SB folds

Flop is K 8 2

SB checks
BB(you) bets 600
BB+2 calls
Button calls

Turn is ( K 8 2 ) 10

SB checks
BB(you) check
BB+2 bets 1000
Button calls

** What would you do? **

I'll wait for any comments, then post how it played out and my thought process thru the whole thing...


SirFWALGMan said...

I think once he called your first bet on the flop you have to fold. More often than not SOMEONE is going to have at least a weak K. What do you beat then?

SirFWALGMan said...

Oh.. btw - Party Poker has Party Points, and you can use those for the "freerolls". I played about 4 days of Poker and earned enough to play 2 freerolls. So I guess you accumulate these pretty quickly.

Slayre said...

doh! I redeemed 2000 of those points for a shirt... which i have not yet received... still have 1000 or so points... guess I can use those for a few freerolls....

thanks for the info...

MrGoss said...

I agree with sirwalgman. The only thing I can think of counter to this is that your BB+2 is on an OE str8 draw or has 2 pair. Lay 'em down.

mscmike said...

I don't think I coulda bet on the flop, unless I'm trying to show strong like I have a King. When BB+2 BETS strong, he might not have a King, but he's probably got you beat with either a set or two pair. Either way, I'd fold.

Slayre said...

I did lay those ladys down, very reluctantly....

River was a rag and BB+2 won with A8, button had A high is all...

Sucked.... I put one of them on and A and the other on a K. I should, SHOULD, have known bettre from the watching the way they played... the point of paying attention is to use what you learn from observation, right? Shame on me....still, I'm not upset about the loss of the huge pot... I feel I did the right think, based on the information I had...

2 callers to my raise preflop, I figured for a pair or 2 paint cards... calling my flop bet and not raising.. this should have been a clue... the big bet on the turn told me she had a King... I put her on K10, with her turn bet..

thing is, I thought they knew better.. hence, the title of the post...

Course, as we all know, sometimes, playing smart, just does not pay off.. heh..

Very next hand, I got dealt AA and lost to a straight... leaving me with 1100 in Tchips....enough for one more hand... AJs, all in, lost to AKs....same suit.... no jack showed.. ended in 12th place...outta bout 40 peeps...

Slayre said...

"Same Suit"? Eh? yeah, Cept for the Ace part... not sure what I was thinking when I typed that.