Thursday, March 03, 2005

Suckout story I forgot to share..

This guy, Sound of a Suckout, share a story similiar to the one I am about to share.. his account just reminded me of mine, which I was happy to have forgotten, oh well.. :)

I'm on the button.. dealt QJs...everyone folds to me... I think the blinds are 10/20.. maybe 15/30.. certainly early in the tourney tho, as I am the first one out... anway.. I raise to dbl the BB... SB folds, BB calls.. two players...

Flop is QJ7 rainbow.

BB Checks.
I bet the pot.
BB Calls.

Turn is 6.

BB min bets...

I am pretty confident with my Top Two pair.. I bet the pot again, he goes all in..

Now, I should have just folded and been happy to still have half my chips.. but, I was sure I had him beat.. I just knew I had him beat and he was trying to push me out... its one of those poker things, 'you just know'.. know what I mean?

I call...

River is a 7... giving him a FH, and the pot...knocking me out..

Now, I got very angry... and I typed into chat.. "WTF are you in the hand for in the first place, Stupid People around the world rejoice". I know I should have just typed, "nh", or nothing at all... but, I was P O pissed....

I reevalueated that hand a lil latre.. and concluded that dbling the BB was not enuff to keep him from protecting his blind... he put me on one Q or one J but not both and prolly would have got out had the turn not improved him, which it did with 2 pair, altho bottom, he still thinks I prolly have AQ or AJ or the like, not putting me on two, yeah, he was testing me with his two pair, a good hand heads up.. and he got his FH... he had 4 outs, after all.....

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