Monday, March 07, 2005

Thank God for Weekend Trips

I went outta town this last weekend, left friday afternoon and got back late Sunday, last night... good thing too, cuz Poker was not being very good to me Thursday...

Thursday night.. I finished out of the money in so many SNG's it is just too horrible to recollect... I was actually down to a mere $25 dollars... I had $47... put $22 into a 20+2 sng and put the rest at a .25/.50 NL ring game...I took second in the SNG, +$60, and doubled up on the ring game, +$25.. giving me $110... did this finally around noon on Friday... and then i quit.... mainly cuz I had to get ready for my trip....Played a 5+.50 last night when I got back, lost that... leaving me at about $105... still up over all... but, its painful to be so far ahead, and then take such a huge step back..... I managed to get alot of it back, so, that is a good, the weekend kept me away from poker.. so, my mind is refreshed, or whatever...

Also starting playing Video Poker at Starluck..... they give you 100% bonus... and since I was up over 100 on UB, I figured what the hell.. I'm pretty good at Video have to wager 8X ur deposit+bonus, ie, 8X200, or 1600 dollars, in order to cash out the bonus.. but, you get to play with the bonus money.. so, if you get in dire straights, you can just cash out and forfeit the bonus... which is what I thought I was gonna do.. as I was following a guide I found, and it suggested playing nothing but Blackjack, betting only 1 dollar no matter what.... didn't take long to get down to $120, from $200, with only $123 wagered.... simple math tells you(me), that ain't gonna work... so, I switched to VP.... now, I am at $165 with $800 wagered.... much better....half way there with a good amount of cash to play with... I will still bow out before I bet any of my own money..

I want my money back on UB... I want it back bad... this is enuff to tell me I shouldn't play for a day or two... accept the setback, become agreeable with it... then push on, forward..... :)

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