Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Volunteer Event Part II

Part I

I have to get off the bus... truck back to the garage, climb 3 flights of stairs, get my badge.. head back to the bus... and yep, sure enough.. I lost my seat... oh well.....

Our driver chose to drive the loooong way to the highway, which was our main route... we started from 51st and Lamar, for those familiar with Austin.. and drove to Burnet Rd... which didn't make much sense.. since IH35 was the opposite direction.. I figured he was going to take Burnet to 183, then take a right, then hit the Highway... nope.. he turned left on 2222, and headed West.. taking a right on Mopac... ok, cool, he is going to take Mopac all the way up thru RoundRock, then get on IH35.. nope.. he takes a right on 183.... ugh... now he has to go all the way back east to IH 35... which he does, then finally gets on the highway... it was 20 minutes or so wasted... and as soon as we got on the road.. it started raining... poor lady couple seats in front of me had a leak above her... I didn't know this till way latre, otherwise I would of offered her to share my lil spot...

Traffic got bad after about an hour of driving... not sure what the deal was but, we were in bumper to bumper traffic for most of the trip, at least, the part I was awake...

There was a point where I had to pee.. I didn't want to be the first one to use the bathroom bus. I had never used a bathroom bus before, and I didn't know what to expect... I didn't have to go to bad.. so, I wasn't too worried about it... sooner than latre tho... I was going to need to grow some balls and use the john.... course, I was already wet, so, it prolly didn't matter too terribly much... finally someone got up to use it.... I figured if they came out, then it would be safe... they came out a couple minutes later, and in I went... it was still early in the morning.. and the sun had yet to rise... it was dark in this mobile outhouse.. and I could not find any light switch... anywhere... luckily.. my eyes adjusted to the dark well enuff for me to see a hole in front of me... I didn't know if there was a seat or not, so, I stuck my hand down there, cautiously, and discovered there was indeed a seat, and it was up... so, I carefully did my thing.. which was not easy, on a moving bus.. specially in stop and go traffic... I was glad my shorts were already soaked..... I finished, and shaked... and wondered if there was a flusher mechanism of any kind.... I couldn't see.. I did notice an glob of something above to my left.. in the gloomy darkness..I could tell there was some sort of sign attached to the wall, just under the glob thingy.. it was at this time I remembered I have a lighter in my pocket... so, I pull it out.. hope the sign does not say, "Highly Flamable", and lite up.... put the flame close to the glob thingy, and discover it is the flusher.. the sign says... "Push and Flush to Hold".. I thought that was pretty funny.... Later, I thought I might have read it wrong, so, I went back in and double checked... it did say what I thought it did...it was a very silent flusher also...

( I am at work, and I have to go to work now.. )

volunteering for worker
describe what I did
talk about different people encountered.. the kids.. the old folks. the assholes
sulpher springs
finally leaving
grabbing more lunch sacks
sleeping on bus
paying to much for cola at conv. store
being late to work


MrGoss said...

Noticed you are at "one in a row" on the $1M challenge. Good luck. I think it's interesting that the rake is 20% on those and they are being played like crazy. Funny what the lure of $1M will do to you. Hey, you're up though. I was hoping you could give a bit of insight on how the players are playing in these SNGs as opposed to previously played SNGs you have played there. I don't have an account there yet, but am considering it with that much money at stake. I think I might could beat 63 people. =)

Slayre said...

I am very angry with Noble and at the moment would not recommend them.

I am trying not to post about the problem just yet, giving them every opportunity to correct it.

Doesn't look good for them tho.