Monday, August 08, 2005

Well, I'll be

I didn't know til just a few minutes ago, that I could upload images to blogspot, without using some 3rd party gizmo... course, I am at work right now, and don't have any decent pics...

Not much poker since my last drunken fiasco... so, haven't won my fortune yet... but, didn't lose any eithre...

Going outta town tomorrow to volunteer for a State City wide emergency exercise.. I am going to be a patient... be going to Sulphur Springs.. they let me leave work for the day, and in addition, give me 2 days worth of annual leave... so, it equates to a triple pay day off... lounging in the sun, hoping my nurse is cute.. and friendly...

have to get up extra early tho, to catch the bus leaving at 4am. Shouldn't be a problem...

Well, bettre get to work.. I really didn't have any intention of writing anything, until I saw the post pics thingy...


Watched Employee of the Month over the weekend.. Matt Dillion, Steve Zahn... pretty good.. I got a kick out of most of it... the dialogue was usually pretty funny.


Whisper: Do you want a blowjob or something?
David Walsh: No, I'm good. Thanks.
Whisper: Do you wanna fuck?
David Walsh: You know, that's really sweet, but, uh... I don't think it's a good idea.
Whisper: You can jerk off on my tits if you want.
David Walsh: You know, as much as I'd love to, I think I'm gonna pass.
[stops to open a beer]
David Walsh: Whisper, do you have a boyfriend?
Whisper: Yeah.
David Walsh: What would you do if he was having sex with another girl?
Whisper: Play with her tits?


MrGoss said...

Damn, wish I had read this Monday. Sorry for getting behind. My thought is that you should have power-napped that evening early and then got into an online game later and played til 4 am. Just my 2 c worth.

Slayre said...

No worries.. I sorta did that.. am going to make a long post all about my volunteer day.. leading up to it, it, and after it...

once i catch up on some sleep.. heh

it was fun... despite my car being flooded.