Monday, October 17, 2005

Boink on the head

I don't know how to spell ephiphiny so, boink on the head seemed appropiate.

It oocurred to me, while playing poker on Absolute the other night.. I never get lucky... or at least, only rarely..  It is always the 'other guy'.  At first, I figured I am just an unlucky sob that prolly should just start sitting around the house in my boxers, wearing black socks and flip-flops...  

Then I remembered sumtin Sklansky wrote about in, The Theory of Poker, about suckouts, and I am paraphrasing here:

'I don't get lucky because I don't put myself in a position where my decisions will require me to be lucky'

Sure, I do suck out on people... but, 9 times out of 10, I was ahead preflop, or it was a coin flop.. and it is not very often that I do suckout on people.. and I know the reason.. it is because:

1) I don't play very many hands..
2) I'll usually only stick around after the flop, if I have some sort of nuts.

I don't like drawing hands, and will generally not chase unless I happen to have the chips to fuel the virtual suckout mobile...

So, in summary, my luck is prolly and most likely no different than anyone else's....  I can simply get 'more lucky' by playing more hands....  which is much more promising than decreasing the suckouts by playing less hands...  certainly seems it will be more profitable in the long run..

Got 12 bucks on absolute, from winning a couple bucks from their frequent freerolls, and playing micro limits and low buy in SNG's

Got 8 bucks on pokerchamps, from winning just 1 dollar from one of their frequent freerolls.. playing micro limit no limit. ( its a hoot, buying in with a dollar, and tripling up to 3 dollars in one hand... )

Checked out PokerStars micro limits last night.. they really are not micro limits..    

So, here is to getting more 'lucky'!


Edit:  Testing thru Word with the Blogger word extenstion.


Slayre said...

The MS:Word extenstion is pretty slick.... I'll never misspell a word now.. ;)

mscmike said...

lol - not even "extenstion"??? Me thinks somebody likes some sarcasm....

Anyway, good to hear you're still fighting the good fight. I 've busted out for me third time ($50-75 deposits), and although I like the game, I can't see making a deposit any time soon unless somebody hands me some free money and I don't have anything else to do with it.

SirFWALGMan said...

So what your saying is that I am just damn good at Poker.. and the other guys have to get lucky..

Slayre said...

I'd have to reread my post to figure out what I was saying..

No, I am saying I am going to start playing more hands...

Which I did... with mixed results.