Friday, December 23, 2005

Merry Christmas to ALL...

... and to all a good FLOP!!!!!

Ok, Wednesday evening, after a particulary grueling day at work.... keep in mind, I am a software type, Systems Analyst..... I decipher code written by other people, usually years and years ago.. to determine why it don't work, or how to make it work bettre... occasionally... I get to write new code... for new systems... and before I left for vegas.... I made sure the 4 programs I wrote for the new system were all hunky dory.. I would not have been able to go, had they not been hunky dory... anyway... doing some final testing on wednesday, come to find out.. someone overwrote my code.. not only in our project library.. but also on my pc.. so, after a particualry grueling day on Wednesday..

..I boot up Absolute and proceed to invest $3.60 into SNG's. That would be six at $.50 + $.10 each.. and after 2 hours, or so, I finish the session at $3.90.

I started with $3, so, 90 cents up... I had:

1 first
1 second
1 third
2 bubbles
1 stupid call on first hand with 64soooted cuz 5 people were all in before me...

Now, I should never have even played, the mood I was in.. I was, and I am embarrassed to say... ANGRY.... All I could think about, while playing, and I use the term, 'playing', loosely.. is -->

How on earth am I ever going to be able to take a vacation again.. if I can not trust the people I leave behind to NOT write over good code, that I or someone else spent months writing.. and more months testing...

<-- the more I called min raises with weak paint and 2 gap connectors.. the angrier I got... I wanted to play more, after the 6th game, which was my 1st place.. and put me back to even plus a lil more.. but, my friend called and she knew I was angry... so.. I shut down my computer... and went to bed. Wednesday night could have been a very bad night for the Slayre Poker Bankroll... had it not been for the timely phone call of the non poker playing friend..

Last night, which was Thursday night, today being Friday and all.. hey, don't blame me, blame the Romans... I went to see King Kong ( not impressed ).. and then to dinner at a favorite restaurant, Rockfish... got home late, and booted up Absolute again, except this time, I was in a much more jovial mood.. but, it was late and I was tired, so I just played a few fun money SNG's...

And I played any two cards, as long as it was not raised more than the current min raise.... and I went from 5500 in play money to 26000..... imagine that..

I can safely say, that playing any two cards, from any position, no matter how much money in the pot, is much more exciting than playing... that other way..

peace and joy

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Dr. Pauly said...

Great to see you Slayre. Merry Christmas to you!