Friday, January 20, 2006


So, JetBlue recently starting flying out of Austin, but, currently only to and from New York or Boston.. so... me being me... sent this to thier custom service:

thanks for setting up shop in Austin Texas...

now if you can get a rt flight to/from vegas for like 100 bucks... you'll
have me flying once a month... more depending on my poker skills.. :)

to which they replied:

Dear Mr. Vowell,

Thanks for your interest in JetBlue Airways and contacting us in regards to suggesting a new route for Austin, TX.

As a growing airline, JetBlue is continuously evaluating new cities to serve where our low fares and high quality service will be well received.

Although Austin, TX to Las Vegas, NV is not currently a JetBlue route, we will let the right people know of your interest. Please check our website often for announcements of new flights, new planes, and new cities!

We'd love to see you on one of our upcoming JetBlue flights, and wish you the best of luck at the tables!



I found it quite satifying that he would personally wish me luck at the tables... that tells me he actually read my email, and that perhaps, he is a poker player himself..


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TripJax said...

i'm a big fan of stellar customer service...that is a good example...