Friday, March 24, 2006


I've been in class all this week, learning.. 'The Fast Track to J2EE Developers Workshop'. We are using JBoss4 for a server, and the tool is Eclipse. pretty neat stuff.. but, since I work for the State, I'll never get to use it...

Also started playing again... 2 to 4 SnG's a night, but, just play money on Absolute.. I'm still not able to log on to Titan and they aren't giving me my money.. so, not sure what to do there...only 8 bucks.. but,.. its the principal of the thing... I suppose I could actually dig into the registry and find any Titan reference, kill it, same with cookies... delete all the client files... then try to dl it again and reinstall... I'm no fan of jerking around with the registry tho... problem is the autologin is hanging me up.. and it thinks it being sent a "", which is prolly a null character..... I've communicated this to them several times.. they tell me there is nothing they can do..... I'm no tech junkie, I'm just a good guesser...

Anyway.. I've been winning the shit out of these SNG's... and its the 25K entry one's.... players tend to be a bit more skilled than they are back on down in the 300 buyin tourneys ( free money )... So, I want to try with real money again... and was hoping to do it at Titan... now, I think I will just have to figure sumtin else out..

Texas won their basketball game last night... I don't really care, but, figured I would blog it like the rest of the Austin bloggers more than like will.... I did see the final shot on the news.. that was cool..