Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Taylor Ware rocks!!!

ok, last post described a little bit how I've been trying to claim 50 bucks from Absolute Poker by accumulating 10mil in play chips... I was at 9.999 +- a few chips.. and managed to get down to 7.999 +- a few chips... and back up to 9.8

talk about frustrating.... I just keep reminding myself...

1) took awhile to break the 10k milestone
2) took awhile to break the 100k milestone
3) took awhile to break the 1mil milestone..
4) etc.. for 2 mil, 5 mil, 8mil, 9mil..

I was stuck at 6 or 7 mil for a long time... then jumped up to 9 mil rather quickly and now am back in the lose more than I win phase of this free 50 dollar attempt..

I seem to do better playing the 25k or 10k sng's than I do the 100k sng's, which is how I inched my way back up over the 9mil mark... so, i think i will continue with those until i get enuff so that even a 3rd place finish in a 100k sng will put me over... since I'm math challenged tho.. this might not be that easy..

kk.. 3rd pays 180k sng costs 100k plus 10k entry.. what do i need to have before I buy-in, to ensure passing 10mil with a 3rd place finish...

9.30 me thinks...
8.20 plus 1.8, gives 10 woo hoo i'm so good at math!!!!

well, i got 9.8 right now... so, after work today then...

Saw Pirates of the C. yesterday... jack not as quirky, will turner not as swashbuckly, lizabeeth not as innocent.... still, not too bad... I enjoyed it...