Friday, December 08, 2006

Less than 24 hours

i know I know most of all of the rest are already there... or are on there way there.. me, Im not leaving til tomorrow am... thats right.. I am missing the pre tourney fun.... wish I wasn't, but, I am a cheapskate, in my old age... not a problem tho.. cuz Pauly promised to have a couple drinks for me each night I am not there, so, I should be feeling pretty uninhibited(did I spell that right?)

Still have laundry to do before I pack.... and I suppose I should shave my head, and my face along with it..... try to look somewhat respectable for the 3 days I will be there...

Anyway, I am here sticking out the last few minutes of work.... driving me crazy.. knowing how much I need to get done before leaving tomorrow, and not having any of it done... I guess that is what I get for putting it off.. heh..

See ya'll soon!!


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