Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Shame is the pathway to grace...

So sayeth Jonas Blane, from The Unit.

Back from Vegas, and the Winter Classic... and nothing to report..

Just kidding.. just not much in a mood for writing... but, if I don't start, it will never get done, not to mention me forgetting the highlights, as mundane as they may be to most folks..

I would like to preface with stating that I went with much less funds than anticipated.... I was expecting a check from the insurance company of the truck that hit me back in late july..., and ofcourse, it did not arrive in time for the trip.. so, I had much less money to gamble with, that I had hoped for...( not enough for bowling dear April.. )

The tournament found me cold deck, to the extreme... in the first two rounds, the best hand I got, was QJs.... facing a raise, a reraise, and out of position, I reluctantly folded, only to see the 9 and and T of my suit show up on the flop... never saw the turn or river.. (which is prolly a good thing. ) Seriously for the first two rounds.. I never got any better than that, and it was mostly any semblance of 92 offsuit... I was trying not to show my frustration, but, I doubt I was hiding it well...

After the break, and early into the 3rd round... I found ATs, and raised Fallstaff's raise, but only did a min raise.. the idea was to isolate him, cuz, I was pretty sure I had him beat or at least could bet him out of the flop.. ( he may not know it, but, I was paying attention to his play ), unfortunately, a lovely young lady, whom I had previously not noticed.. called my raise, putting her all in me thinks, for 2/3 of my stack, and I had to call the couple hundred extra.. Falstaff folded... my ATs did not hold up agaisnt the lady's nines.. I'm shortstacked at about T800 at this point.. with the average stacking, prolly up over 5 or 6k....

next hand I believe I am in the bigblind, and I sorely tempted to just put all my chips out there before before the cards are even dealt, but, I figured this would look like 'too' much of a desparate move, and get more action than I would actually want, so, I left it up to the table to decide what I 'might' do.. In my mind tho, I was all in.. I wasn't even going to look at the cards..... I believe everyone folded to falstaff, who raised ofcourse, and I knew he would.. Ryan, to my left.. folded the SB, which suprised me, but, hey I was happy to be HU with my last 800 chips...

I flipped A2o, and Falstaff annouces I am ahead to his KJo... the flop was nice to me, but, around the turn is a Jack, with no river Ace... I am out of the tourney, prolly around the high 60's or so... maybe a tad lower.. I tried counting the remaining players.... but, getting out of there seemed to be more of a priority.

I would, and will do it all again, in a heartbeat!

The remainder of my trip involved
1) another hold em tourney, at the Imperial, which at first seemed that it might be my saving grace
2) some texas hold em bonus
3) slots
4) flirting with the most beautiful cocktail waitress in the world ( who got more and more beautiful with each drink she brought me
5) somewhat rotound young lady sporting two of the extra large hugh yard glasses they use for the daquiris.. like the bandeleros you would find on a mexican bandito...
6) guy describing, in detail, his idea of a very undesirable female body part, due to bad hygiene and what not, to his friend, who is leaning over the sink... dry heaving
7) guy walking out of harrahs, right in front of me, to the street and just heaves ho..
8) actually winning slots at the airport, yeah.. 45 bucks to the good ( teflon ) for the hour I was there...
9) chatting with derek and pauly
10) star trek encounter
11) monorails
12) casino impressions
13) atlantis show
14) mirage volcano ( that was it!?!?! your freaking kidding me )
15) auto show
16) eats
17) how much bourbon did I drink ( see #4 )
18) lost comb
19) stolen money
20) things I saw that made me wish I had brought my camera ( see #5 )

Well, now that I have a list, I can come back and put down my thoughts, but, I am at work, and hence, must try to catch up for the last two days.... I arrived home at about 5pm yesterday, and prolly should have started this then.. but, instead, I booted up Absolute and played some SNG's.. 3 of them... won every damn one of them too...

So for now, peace to you both. ;)

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