Sunday, September 27, 2009

more drivel

i been playing some low stakes ring games online at absolute last few wekks snd actually winning fer da most part.

today, just a few minutes ago i noticed my brain/mind was recalling tried and true 'methods' from a time afore the stroke, that allowed me to celebrate a farly nice profitable cash out. some months ago.

i will share those recollections shortly, as best as i can remember and also, as i remembered them, which may be humorous.

1 - luck favors the stupid. this really doesnt help me or anyone win more pots but for me it eased the sting of a bad beat.

2. why did that fool bet here? alot of times find myself not understanding why a person would bet at a certain street and i call or raise, usually call, then scoop the pot then chuckle and debate answering the almost always 'how do you make that call?'

3. dont play mediocre cards in poor position. no humorous ancedote here. this just happened dis morning and made me think about posting here.hmmm

basically it went like this

i'd call that raise fooker if i wasnt in such a crappy positon.

im sure there were/are more but my ass hurts.

sng play has been a poor showing.

im breaking evev with my play money. but have horribly lost the last 4 real money sng's i bought into.

and i know the problem too, which is why there have only been 4 sng's.

i get bored by the 3rd or 4th hand of the first orbit. its pretty sad.

i've got a live tourney coming up in about a month. its a charty event and no cash prizes. but my goal is only to see how i fare with getting around and card/chip handling. i hope they have deallers. i cant shuffle 1 handed.


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